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Quick Recap of the 2013 Royal Rumble

Sorry for the late post, a lot of news worthy stuff came out directly after the Rumble and most people who pay attention to this stuff probably brought Royal Rumble on PPV last night. Including the Pre-show there were a total of 5 matches, a lower amount but considering the hype behind Rock/CM Punk and the Rumble match itself, it make sense.
The Pre-Show saw Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. The Miz. I wasn’t able to catch the show but I gathered it was a decent match but The Miz make have slightly injured his ankle during the match. Cesaro retained using The Neutralizer.
The show kicked off oddly enough with the World Heavyweight Championship match between the Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio in a Last Man Standing match. It was a solid match itself that kicked off pretty cool moment with Bret Hart, ADR, and Ricardo Rodriguez. I’ve been really enjoying Big Show’s work being that Superstars his size are limited to what they can do in the ring. Best moment of the match was Big Show and Del Rio climbing the stage lighting prop and Show choke slamming Del Rio from the prop to a table. Del Rio was able to make it to his feet before the count of ten and the action went back into the ring after Del Rio used the ring steps to apply the cross arm bar. After some brief action Del Rio slaps on the cross arm bar near the ropes and at the same time Ricardo Rodriguez begins to duct tape Big Show’s feet to the bottom rope subsequently leaving in trapped and costing him the match. Again, solid match on both fronts.
Next up we had Team Hell No (c) vs. Rhodes Scholars in another solid tag team contest. THN’s work in and out has been very solid since jump and they seem to have great chemistry as a tag team unit. Rhodes Scholars also have been putting in solid work as well and should be considered top in the new overhaul of the tag team division. The match its was pretty cut and dry put it was nice seeing Bryan use his missile drop kick and suicide dive to the outside. Team Hell No picked up the win with Bryan getting Sandow to tap to The No Lock.
Backstage Kane and Bryan had a little back and forth regarding the entries into Royal Rumble.
Next up was the 30-man Royal Rumble. Check out the recap here.
Final match of the night was CM Punk (c) vs. The Rock. Check out the recap here.

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