SuperBowl Sunday!

I’m just a casual football fan, I have no real team to root for. I’m a baseball guy. Anyway, I’ve spent most of my day watching DX: New and Improved DVD on Netflix. The biggest story to come out of the wrestling world recently is Bret Hart saying HHH never really contributed anything to the sport of professional wrestling, not even in the top 1000 wrestlers of all time, and his match with The Undertaker at last year’s Wrestlemania “…was a 4 at best.” Now I know Trips isn’t the most liked guy in the wrestling business but I wouldn’t absolutely bury him in that way. Obviously Mr. Hart is entitled to his opinion and he is one of the best to speak on the matter but it does come across as a tad bit bitter.

Anyway for anyone who says HHH never has had an entertaining match, I ask you to give this a look perhaps during the Halftime Show, if BeyoncĂ© isn’t your thing.
Happy SuperBowl everyone! May whichever team you are rooting for be the victor!

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