Brock Lesnar


The show kicks off with a calmer CM Punk coming to the ring. He instructs ring announcer Justin Roberts to introduce him as “The People’s Champion”. He says he doesn’t understand why people are pointing the finger at him saying he was involved with The Shield and Brad Maddox when he wasn’t even in the video Vince showed last week. Punk really steps his game up every single week cutting a classic old school heel promo. Expertly done. Booker T makes his way to the stage and after stuttering over a few words says tonight CM Punk will participate in a Raw Active match. The WWE Universe will decide if Punk will take on Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, or Chris Jericho.

After the segment Ryback makes his way to the ring for his match against Antonio Cesaro. I’m becoming a huge fan of Cesaro and his ability to adapt to who he faces in the ring. There weren’t many big spots to report, it was basically a brawl even spilling to the outside with some heavy offense from Cesaro. He rams Ryback into the ring steps and he barely makes it back into the ring. Another flurry of offense only results in a 2 count. Ryback goes back on offense as he hits the Meathook clothesline. He tries to escape through the crowd but to no avail. Ryback hits another Meathook then lands Shellshock to get the 3 count.

We get a recap of last Monday when John Cena was interrupted by The Shield.

We come back from commercial break and we get a look back at The Shield’s impact so far. We then cut to backstage to John Cena in Vickie Guerrero’s office and John said he’s going to call out The Shield.

We get a replay of the awesome vignette for Hall of Famer Trish Stratus. A look back on a great career. She truly deserves the honor.

Back from break with Santino Marella making his way to the ring for his match against Jack Swagger. Swagger is all business in this match. He hits The Swagger Bomb then locks in the ankle lock which he now calls The Patriot Act. I like that.

After the break World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio minus Ricardo for a match with Cody Rhodes. A great match with a lot of back and forth action that didn’t make Cody look like a slouch. ADR cuts a face promo saying he’s a champion for the people who stand up to bullies like The Big Show. Show pops up on the big screen saying he’s at a hotel away from the arena. He says he’s not scared of ADR and he was doing him a favor because he could easily tear him apart. He asks for a rematch at the Elimination Chamber and if he goes looking for Show he’ll do worse to him than what he did to Ricardo.

Jerry Lawler announces Chris Jericho won the Raw Active poll getting 57% of the vote.

Next up is Rey Mysterio vs. Daniel Bryan. Pretty awesome match. If Bryan ever gets back into singles action a program with Mysterio should be considered. Crowd was hot the whole match. To my surprise, Daniel Bryan picks up the win via submission. Next thing you know Mark Henry’s music hits and out comes The World’s Strongest Man! He absolutely destroys Bryan, Sin Cara, and Mysterio.

We get another look at the return of Brock Lesnar and what he did to Mr. McMahon.

After a brief (and somewhat pointless) check in with The Big Show, Sheamus makes his way to the ring for a match against Kane. Sheamus picks up the win after Daniel Bryan came down and distracted Kane and cost him the match.

We come back from commercial break in time for Miz TV with special guest Paul Heyman. As the two were going back and forth Vickie Guerrero reveals it was her who signed Brock Lesnar and neither her or Paul knew he would F5 Vince. After Miz insults Vickie and Paul some more Brock’s music hits. As he gets to the ring Miz stands his ground. Bad idea. Brock DESTROYS him with an F5.

Randy Orton takes on Wade Barrett. It’s pretty easy to recap something people have seen a billion times in the past month. Orton gets the 3 count with the RKO.

Next up is Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk. A back and forth matchup and Jericho looks better than he ever has, virtually no ring rust. A lot of CM Punk patented moves are countered by Jericho which hurts the balance of the match but this match a beauty. The last 5 minutes is probably the best wrestling you’ll see in a while.

As reported earlier, Bruno Sammartino will be inducted into the Hall Of Fame. Well deserved is an understatement. Congratulations.

We get back from commercial to The Big Show waiting for the contract to arrive. It does and so does Alberto Del Rio. Big Show beats down ADR but ADR gets a fire extinguisher in his hand and decks Show and knocks him out.

We cut back to the ring with none other than Brad Maddox in the ring. He says he wants to dish out his own justice against The Shield. Didn’t quite work out like that as The Shield just decimates him in the ring. Afterward John Cena’s music hits but instead of coming from the stage he came from the crowd. Ryback and Sheamus follow suit. Just as The Shield go to retreat, the rest of the locker room spills out to block them into the ring. Cena, Sheamus, and Ryback hit the ring and a brawl ensues. It’s quick but The Shield retreats through the crowd leaving the 3 faces victorious in the brawl.

That’s all for tonight’s show. Have a goodnight folks.

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