Brodus Clay


An angry Big Show starts the show off angry at Smackdown GM Booker T. For putting him in a match with Alberto Del Rio. Show calls out any Superstar who wants to laugh at him to his face. Out come The Usos for a 2 on 1 handicap match. Pretty decent match for handicap one with Big Show picking up the win with a double Choke Slam. As the bell rings signaling Big Show as the victor, Brodus Clay’s music hits and an impromptu match takes place.

This match is a little slower obviously. Clay has been using DDP Yoga and it really is showing, he’s slimmed down a bit. They didn’t have Brodus job to Show either. Very back and forth contest with the finish coming with Show hitting WMD.

Next to face Big Show in an apparent gauntlet match is The Great Khali. Surprisingly this match doesn’t in typical Khali fashion, 5 minutes and he even throws a clothesline that sends Show to the outside and to commercial.

Back from commercial and Big Show begins laying in heavy body blows to Khali. Khali fights back and hits a head chop to send Show back to the outside. Khali follows him outside and sends him flying into the ring steps. As both men get back into the ring Big Show throws the WMD and Khali goes flying to the outside. He doesn’t get back in the ring in time and gets counted out.

While everyone stands and wonder who is going to be next and challenge the Big Show The Miz stands up from his commentator position and says he’s going to make this show must see.

Miz hits the ring and instantly starts laying in shots on The Big Show. He’s ducking under every shot the Big Show throws and knocks him to his knees. After receiving a couple kicks to the face, a tired Big Show rolls to the outside quitting the match and heading backstage.

The Raw Rebound is a recap of The Rock’s celebration and unveiling of the new WWE Title. We also see the shot from behind CM Punk gave John Cena.

We also recap Vickie Guerrero’s choice to hire Brad Maddox. He’s backstage with Matt Striker discussing his plans for WWE. He makes a match for Raw, Paul Heyman vs. Vince McMahon, but that match was already set.

They recap Jack Swagger’s big win at Elimination Chamber and Zeb Colter’s strange YouTube video. Obviously this is pre-recorded before Swagger’s DUI incident took place.

Matt Striker is backstage with Justin Gabriel. Justin says he isn’t scared of Titus O’Neill. Titus interrupts the interview and questions Gabriel who replies he’s got 2 words for Titus, 450.

This is a solid match that really showcases Titus O’Neill’s raw power. The majority of the match is one-sided with Gabriel on defense however one slip up from O’Neill and he falls victim to a 450 splash from Gabriel and loses the match.

That’s all for tonight folks!

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