Bryan Danielson

WRESTLING CLASSICS Episode 2: KENTA vs. Bryan Danielson for the ROH World Championship

Episode 2 of Wrestling Classics features Bryan Danielson now known to WWE fans as Daniel Bryan and KENTA, a legend in his homeland Japan. The reason in choosing this match is not only to show the technical genius that Daniel Bryan really is, but also to show you the influence KENTA has had on wrestlers of today such as CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and Samoa Joe. A former kick boxer, KENTA uses strong, powerful, almost blistering strikes to daze his opponents before setting them up for the Go To Sleep, a move popularized by CM Punk.
My reasoning for choosing this match is because not only is it a phenomenal match from a wrestling standpoint but it also tells a story through the action. Bryan Danielson had previously suffered an injury while wrestling Colt Cabana that left him with an almost useless right arm. However instead having surgery he wanted to defend the ROH World Title, a title if he beat KENTA he would have held for a year. KENTA is so well known from wrestling in the Japanese promotion NOAH that wrestlers in ROH were lining up just to have a match with him when he decided to work for ROH. This match is simply a beauty from back and forth action, Danielson fighting basically with one arm, KENTA fighting out of the first Cattle Mutilation….it’s basically what you look for in a wrestling classic. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to embed the video onto the site but seriously click the link and watch the match, if you love wrestling you’ll be glued to it.

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