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The show kicks off with Bully Ray talking about Aces and Eights and how they’ve been ruining TNA and his life for a year. He vows to get his hands on Devon and make sure he never wrestles ina ring again. He then calls out his opponent Jeff Hardy and says to Jeff he doesn’t feel positive he’s the right guy to face Hardy and he says he feels he only got the job because he’s Hulk’s son in law. Jeff disagrees and he says he can’t wait for their match and may the best man win. Before the two men could shake hands they are interrupted by Kazarian and Christopher Daniels. They say the only reason Jeff and Ray are excited to face each other is because they’re afraid to face Bad Influence. Before Daniels could get another word Bully Ray snatches Daniels’ drink from his hand and downs it. He stares Daniels down then spits it back in the glass. “hey Baldy, real men don’t drink appletinis” he throws the drink in Daniels’ face and Bully Ray and Jeff clear the ring. Bully Ray proposes he and Jeff take on Bad Influence later tonight.
Back from commercial and Sting is backstage deliberating what names to pick for his team at Lockdown. Magnus pleads his case and says he’s not only Team Sting but he’s Team TNA.
Gail Kim is with the announcers to get a good look at who she may face at Lockdown. Tara makes her way down to the ring followed by Knockouts Champion Velvet Sky. Tara is on offense right off the bat. Velvet Sky hits a spear and goes for the pin but jesse breaks up the count from the outside which causes the official to eject Jesse from ringside. During the confusion Velvet hits the face buster and picks up the win.
Were backstage with Austin Aries on the phone wondering where his partner is for their photoshoot. He’s interrupted by Chavo and Hernandez and Chavo purposes since Aries thinks he can defeat both men why don’t they have a match. Chavo informs him his match won’t be against him however, Aries has to take on Hernandez.
Were back from commercial with Kenny King saying he’s the X Division and he’s better than Rob Van Dam. He goes to RVD and tells him he needs to admit Kenny is better than him. RVD says he’s already beaten Kenny but he’ll give Kenny one more shot. If he doesn’t get the job done he’s gone from the X Division.
To the ring for Austin Aries vs. Hernandez. the beginning of the match is pretty balanced with Aries using his high flying ability and Super Mex using his power to his advantage. Aries went for a frog splash but misses. Hernandez takes advantage of the miscue and goes on the offensive with more power moves. Aries tries to exit the ring but Hernandez brings him back in. As the ref wrestles Aries’ tag title away from him Aries sneaks a shot with a foreign object and gets the win.
Were backstage with Sting again trying to put together his team. He spots Matt Morgan and asks him to join Team TNA. Morgan asks if Hogan put him up to this and is guilty by association. Morgan denies Sting’s offer.
Back from commercial and Kenny King is set to take on the X Division Champion Rob Van Dam. Good start to the match with a lot catch and shoot counter holds. King goes for a corkscrew plancha to the outside but misses RVD. King lands on his feet but catches a roundhouse kick to the face. RVD drapes King over the guard rail and hits a spinning leg drop from the apron. RVD audibles the five star splash for 450 but King moves. He strikes and somehow a botched three count happens. King hits Royal Flush and is your new X Division Champ.
Sting runs into Kurt Angle who asks to see Sting’s Lockdown list.
Back from commercial and we recap Aces and Eights beatdown last week on Hulk Hogan. A&8 come down to the ring and Devon is skeptical Sting has a team that could defeat them. After some more insults Sting comes out and introduces his first team member Samoa Joe. Next teammate is Cowboy James Storm. Next up Magnus, and final team member Showtime Eric Young. Showtime is actually in the ring and starts cleaning house with his new teammates for Lockdown.
Back from commercial with Aces and Eights leaving the arena in anger. Kurt Angle is around the corner and asks the camera man to follw him as he follows A&8.
Back to the ring for the TNA Gut Check segment. Former WWE Tough Enough contestant Ivelisse Velez takes on 2nd generation wrestler Lady Tapa. This was really a great match. Lady Tapa is an amazon all the way with powerful strikes similar to her uncle The Barbarian. Velez is so good at using MMA submission holds it ultimately gets her the win. Both women put together an excellent match, hope to see more of them.
Back from commercial and a video is played with the wife of AJ Styles and a friend speaking about how AJ Styles has changed. The video ends with a scruffy AJ coming in and seeing the cameras and saying, “You guys just don’t get it.” and he exits and speeds off on his motorbike.
We recap the breakup of the bromance between Robbie E. and his bouncer Big Rob Terry. Robbie E. apologizes for their issues and asks Bigger Rob to participate in a Bro Off. Robbie E. does his thing and when he’s done says that he realizes Bigger Rob deserves the spotlight. He exits and its Bigger Rob’s turn to do his thing. As he’s dancing Robbie E. reenters the ring with his large VIP sign and he strikes and unsuspecting Rob Terry. He strikes him and temporarily dazes him. As he celebrates his small victory Big Rob furiously gets up with anger. Robbie E. turns around, freaks out and leaves the ring quickly.
Backstage Bully Ray is curling some weights when he is interrupted by Austin Aries. Aries says the same thing he said to Bully Ray’s partner, he’s pulling for them.
Back from commercial ready to go for our main event between Kazarian & Christopher Daniels vs. Bully Ray & TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy. Match starts off hot and Bully obliterates Daniels’ chest with some knife edge chops in the corner. We get some cool tag team spots with Ray and Hardy before they clear the ring of Bad Influence. Back from commercial break and Bully Ray and Hardy hit poetry in motion. After Hardy suffers a long beating he’s able to tag Bully Ray who cleans house. They set up for the Swanton but Kazarian interrupts the exchange. After fighting back to the offense Bully hits the electric chair which sets up the Swanton and Jeff and Bully Ray get the win.
We cut to Kurt Angle in the Aces & Eights clubhous and he’s looking for all the members. After dispersing of one member and Devon Angle confronts the large masked member. They brawl and Angle gets the upper hand by smashing a bottle over his head. He takes the mask off to reveal who the person is but we can’t see who it is. As angle stands there in shock the other members enter and beat Angle down.
That’s the end of the show, what did you think of tonight’s Impact? Who is the masked Aces and Eights member? comment below, Tweet us, or hit TWC up on Facebook.

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