WRESTLING CLASSICS Episode 3: Kota Ibushi vs. El Generico vs. Nick Jackson vs. Jigsaw

This week’s episode features a four way dance between Kota Ibushi, El Generico, Nick Jackson, and Jigsaw from the 2nd night of of Chikara’s 2009 King of Trios event. This match is definitely shorter than what our previous matches have been however what makes this match such a classic is the fact that these 4 men were able to do everything they did in a span of 14 minutes which is insane. So much high flying action and so much to see from all 4 of these men your eyes are going to be glued to your screen the entire time. The creative spots all the men used in the match reminded me when we got a glimpse of the luchador style wrestling from WCW however these men amped it up to 1000. Enjoy!
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