Raw Results For 3/11/13

Big Show def. Seth Rollins via DQ
Dolph Ziggler def. Daniel Bryan
New Age Outlaws vs. Team Rhodes Scholars ended in DQ
Ryback def. Heath Slater
Alberto Del Rio def. Antonio Cesaro
Sheamus & Randy Orton def. Team Rhodes Scholars
Chris Jericho vs. The Miz ended in a DQ
Jack Swagger def. Sin Cara
Kane def. CM Punk

The show kicks off with a video tribute to William Moody better known to fans as Paul Bearer. Mr. Moody sadly passed away last week. Immediately following the tribute the Undertaker comes out. When he gets to the ring there is an urn placed in the center of the ring. Taker does the vintage salute as a picture of Moody is flashed on the screen. Not even a second later CM Punk comes out to some of the hottest heat I’ve ever seen/heard in my 20+ years of being a wrestling fan. Punk didn’t defame Moody’s name or anything it was just a classic heel promo. Punk came out to pay his respects to the Undertaker and he’s sad for his loss….at Wrestlemania. I’m telling you kids, this was amazing. During the commercial an enraged Kane comes out and almost chokeslams Punk off the stage. He escapes and goes on the run. Kane heads backstage looking for him.
The match between the Big Show and Seth Rollins ended in a DQ in about 5 minutes after the Shield got involved. Show tried to fight back but even he fell victim to a triple power-bomb.
Backstage Punk walks into Vickie Guerrero’s office demanding something be done about Kane. So Vickie puts Punk in a no DQ match.
Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan had a very very entertaining match. Big E. Langston decimated Daniel Bryan after the match.
Fandango came out for his match against Tensai. Fandango didn’t wrestle though.
I was stoked to see the New Age Outlaws back in action but that really didn’t happen thanks to Brock Lesnar. He came out and gave an F-5 to both Road Dogg and Billy Gunn. Brock Lesnar has accepted Triple H’s challenge. Only on if Brock picks the stipulation for their match at Wrestlemania.
The Bella Twins have returned to the WWE. Vickie Guerrero interrupted their welcoming party with team Rhodes Scholars to inform TRS they will have a match with Sheamus and Randy Orton to make up for their first match.
Mark  Henry vs. Kofi Kingston wasn’t exactly a squad match. The Ryback vs. Heath Slater however definitely was. After Ryback’s match, Mark Henry came back out and both men took turns hitting their finishers on Drew McIntyre. Kind of made me interested in their match for Wrestlemania.
Josh Matthews is backstage with Kane who is carrying the symbolic urn of Paul Bearer. He tries to muster some words but just walks off camera.
The Team Rhodes Scholars vs. Randy Orton and Sheamus was a great tag match. I don’t understand why or who thought it was a good idea to break up TRS knowing the depth of the tag division is weak. During the commercial break The Shield attacked Sheamus and Randy Orton.
We get a special Highlight Reel from Chris Jericho with special guests Wade Barrett and The Miz. The two spat over who’s the better actor. Jericho gets involved in the argument much to the dislike of Wade Barrett. Jericho reminds Barrett that he is a 9 time IC Champion and he can make it 10. Vickie Guerrero’s assistant Brad Maddox interrupts the segment and sets up a match between Jericho and Miz, the winner will ace Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship. During the match Wade Barrett gets involved which means yet another DQ for the night. Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale then Jericho hits the Code Breaker. Who the hell is facing Barrett next week?
I found the Swagger/Sin Cara match albeit quick, to be entertaining. And thankfully Sin Cara didn’t botch anything.
The no DQ was pretty good. Not the most hardcore of no DQ matches but the flow of the match was good. Just as Punk was going to hit the GTS and Undertaker gong goes off. This spooks Punk and when he turns around he gets chokeslammed. At the conclusion Undertaker comes out and salutes his step brother from the entrance ramp as Bearer’s photo is displayed on the screen. As the 2 salute each other Punk grabs the urn and attacks Kane from behind. He high tails it out of the before Taker can get to the ring. Punk escapes with the urn and does the Taker salute mocking him as Taker looks on in disgust. That closes out tonight’s show.
What did you think of tonight’s RAW? Did WWE go to far having Punk interrupt the tribute to Paul Bearer? Comment below, send TWC a tweet on Twitter, or comment on the TWC Facebook!

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