Kurt Angle

TNA IMPACT Results 3/14/13


Velvet Sky & Mickie James def. Gail Kim & Tara
Rob Terry def. Robbie E.
Cowboy James Storm def. Christopher Daniels
Sting vs. Austin Aries ended in a DQ

The show is live from Chicago. It was supposed to start off with a Tag Team Championship match between Austin Aries & Bobby Roode vs. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez. As Chavo and Hernandez entered the ring they get jumped by Aces and Eights who start the show introducing the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion, and President of Aces and Eights, Bully Ray. He says he’s the guy who fooled Hulk Hogan, Sting, the crowd, and he screwed Brooke Hogan. He says Aces and Eights is much bigger than the NWO. “When you ride with the Aces and Eights, you never ride alone.”
Backstage we see an enraged Sting looking on. He says he needs to talk to Hulk and figure out what to do.

The Knockouts tag match was highly entertaining.
After the match Bully Ray and the rest of Aces and Eights toast to Bully Ray seeing his vision come to fruition. He calls his estranged wife Brooke who sends his call to voicemail. He calls back and has the boys say hello via speakerphone.
The Robbie E. vs Rob Terry rematch was a squash match.
Back from commercial and Aces and Eights are mad because there isn’t any Aces and Eights merch. They open the TNA catalog and say the first page they open to is going to be the person who’s catching the beatdown for this.
Sting heads into Hogan’s office and the two have a heated exchange. Hogan says Sting was wrong about Bully Ray from jump and now everything is screwed up. A disgusted Hogan kicks Sting out of his office who was just asking Hulk not to fire Aces and Eights.
Back from commercial and Sting gets stopped by Bobby Roode and Austin Aries who rub it in his face that he’s the reason Aces and Eights has taken over the company. Sting says he’s tired of talking, he wants to fight. A wise Bobby Roode ducks out and it looks like it’s Austin Aries vs. Sting later tonight.
Tonight was supposed to be the return of AJ Styles to Impact but he never came out. Instead we get Bad Influence dressed as Chicago’s own Legion of Doom. What a tush. I didn’t say that, Daniels did. Cowboy James Storm interrupts the two and says he’ll let them decide which one wants to get their butt kicked tonight. Looks like tonight’s volunteer is Christopher Daniels. Storm picks up the win but gets jumped from behind by Daniels’ partner Kazarian. AJ Styles comes out and heads straight for Daniels. He high tails out of there before suffering a beat down. James Storm recovers and as he stands next to Styles, AJ turns around and cleans Storm’s clock. He exits.
Backstage Kurt Angle is baited by Wes Brisco. As he goes after Brisco the rest of Aces and Eights jump in and beat Angle down.
Joseph Park is in the ring and I honestly have no idea what the heck he is talking about. He gets a ton of cheap pops from his hometown crowd before getting interrupted by the Blueprint Matt Morgan. He still has a gripe with Hogan as he makes fun of all the mistakes he’s made since coming to TNA. Another mistake he made was signing Joseph Park. He threatens to beat him up if he doesn’t leave the ring. Park says in Chicago they never back down from so if he wants to fight they’re gonna fight. An amused Morgan says they don’t do things on their time, they do it on Morgan’s. He looks like he’s going to exit the ring but he boots Park in the face. He says next week is his time.
Back from commercial and Aces and Eights beg Hogan to fire them. He says if Hogan won’t come to them, they’ll do what they do best.
The Sting/Aries match was pretty good. As I said on Twitter, to me Sting is getting old. Aries worked his butt off in that match which ended in DQ thanks to Aces and Eights. Bully Ray calls out Hogan who hobbles his way out to the entrance ramp. Hogan tells him that he and Aces and Eights won’t be able to get out of this. He unloads a ton of TNA talent who after a valiant fight just ends up getting decimated by Aces and Eights. “That was your army, that was your calvary and your calvary is dead. What are you gonna do now?” And that’s how the show ends.
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