Team Rhodes Scholars

Smackdown Results 3/15/13


Randy Orton & Sheamus def. Team Rhodes Scholars
Kaitlyn & Layla def. Aksana & Tamina Snuka
Dolph Ziggler def. Kane
Jack Swagger def. Chris Jericho

The show wastes no time getting underway with Sheamus coming to the ring. He’s in a tag match with Randy Orton and they will be facing Team Rhodes Scholars. Apparently fans want to see Sheamus and Orton as a tag team and they’ve even coined them as “The Celtic Vipers”. I kinda dig it. Good match too. The Shield interrupt Sheamus and Orton while they were celebrating their win. The Shield challenges Orton and Sheamus to find a partner and face them, at Wrestlemania! I am stoked.

Backstage Orton and Sheamus are discussing their upcoming match at Wrestlemania when the Big Show tells them they should choose him as their third partner. Sheamus and Orton both agree with Show that they need someone who’s merciless and will stop at nothing to beat The Shield. That is precisely why they chose Ryback.

Backstage The Funkadactyls look on as Kaitlyn and Layla celebrate their when they are confronted by the Bella Twins. The Funkadactyls politely welcome back Nikki and Bri and they even say they looked up to them when they were younger. (How old are The Funkadactyls?!) The Bella Twins say they’re honor to know they influenced two “hoochie mamas”. Needless to say The Funkadactyls weren’t too happy with this but the Bellas retract and offer a fair handshake. Not too fast as the twins lay out The Funkadactyls.

Kane and Dolph Ziggler had a really good match. I could’ve done without seeing Big E. Langston rolling around in that outfit though.

Ricardo Rodriguez and Alberto Del Rio have another parody for Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter. Tonight’s odd topic: Borders. Backstage R-Truth and Chris Jericho share a laugh over the parody much to the chagrin of Jack and Zeb. Looks like tonight were going to see Jack Swagger vs. Chris Jericho.

The Great Khali is in the ring for his match against Fandango. As you guessed it Fandango won’t wrestle unless Khali can correctly pronounce his name. He gives it a valiant try but he is unsuccessful and we must wait another day to see Fandango.

Backstage Matt Striker asks Sheamus and Randy Orton if the odds are in their favor with Ryback as a teammate. As they explain what Ryback is capable of They get ambushed by the Shield who absolutely destroys them backstage.

Ryback and Mark Henry never finished their bout. The Shield interrupted the match and thanks to a Mark Henry distraction hit a triple power bomb after laying a beat down. Mark Henry re-enters the ring and hits the World’s Strongest Slam 2 times on Ryback. Henry exits the ring after inducting Ryback into the Hall of Pain.

Jericho and Swagger had an excellent match. I feel like I’ve been saying that a lot about Jericho. It was also nice to see Swagger get the win clean, with a gut-wrench powerbomb no less. And that’s how tonight’s show ended.

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