RAW Results – 3/18/13


John Cena def. Darren Young
Ryback def. David Otunga
R-Truth def. Damien Sandow via count out
Team Hell No def. Primo & Epico
Randy Orton and Sheamus def. 3MB
Dolph Ziggler def. Kofi Kingston
Wade Barrett def. Chris Jericho & The Miz

The show begins with John Cena coming down and gives a message to The Rock. “Your time is up, my time is now.” He says for those who are on his side he says he won’t make the same mistake twice and predict a victory before the time comes to battle. He is ready and he is and focused. He gets interrupted by The Prime Time Players. Titus O’Neill is dressed is some ridiculous get-up. I honestly have no idea why they are out there but it leads to a match between John Cena and Darren Young. Pretty quick match with Cena getting the win with the Attitude Adjustment.

Ryback faced David Otunga in basically a squash match. After the match Ryback hypes his Wrestlemania match alongside Randy Orton and Sheamus. He says his a Mark Henry’s path will cross before then. Mark Henry comes down to the ring but is stopped by Teddy Long and Vickie Guerrero. Vickie tells Ryback she is taking him out of the 6 man tag match and putting him in a match against Mark Henry.

Could it be? Are we actually going to see Fandango wrestle a match?! He made it down to the ring and even had an elaborate little light thing in the ring for him. The Great Khali comes down to the ring and before the match gets underway he asks Natalya to pronounce his name. “FAAAAN-DANG-Go get him Khali!” Before Khali gould get his hands on Fandango he books it out of the ring. Again Fandango says he’s not wrestling tonight. He exits to the sound of the crowd chanting, “You can’t wrestle!”

The R-Truth Damien Sandow match ended in a count out. Thankfully because that match was super boring.

The Undertaker came down to the ring and said CM Punk sealed his own fate at Wrestlemania and he is going to be beat him and beat him bad. He can save his soul if he gives Taker back the urn. On the big screen is Punk mocking Paul Bearer and using the urn as a puppet. CM Punk says there’s no disrespect intended all the while doing tricks with the urn ala Harlem Globetrotters. He says there’s no denying that when it comes to Wrestlemania Taker is the best in the world. However CM Punk is the best in the world 365 days a year. Punk does some more juggling before dropping the urn and letting out an “oh shit”. He says luckily the lid was on so no ashes spilled out, again no disrespect.

Team Hell No vs. Primo and Epico wasn’t really exciting. AJ came skipping down to the ring apparently looking to distract Kane but he ends up picking up the win with a Chokeslam.

Backstage Josh Matthews is with Chris Jericho who hypes his match later that night. Fandango jumps into the conversation and wonders if Jericho can pronounce his name. Jericho goes through a ton of different variations which just enrages Fandango. He leaves but Jericho wants to know if he can get two tickets to Dead Man Down, he’s trying to take his grandmother.

The Cody Rhodes Alberto Del Rio match is slightly more interesting. Lots of back and forth which makes Cody look good. Del Rio working an injury angle caused this past Wednesday by Jack Swagger which adds an extra element to the match. Some pretty cools spots in the match as well, a modified fac e buster from the top rope and Cody hit a really nice moonsault as well. After the match Jack Swagger jumped Del Rio. Alberto fought back and almost got his hands on Zeb Colter but Swagger stopped the momentum. After throwing Del Rio over the announcer’s table Swagger takes out Ricardo Rodriguez with a clothesline and locks in the Patriot Act and practically breaks Rodriguez’s ankle.

WWE announces that Booker T. will be the next inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame. They air a very nice video package looking back at the great career Booker T. has had. Congrats Booker it’s well deserved.

I was pretty much expecting the 3MB to be a squash match and it wasn’t. Wasn’t balanced but 3MB didn’t get squashed. At the end of the match the Shield come through the crowd and surround the ring. The music of the Big Show hits and he joins Orton and Sheamus in the ring. The 3 wait or the Shield to  enter but they retreat instead. Make sure you check out the most recent podcast for my scenarios for the Big Show’s involvement.

Dolph Ziggler had an a pretty good match. After the match Team Hell No came out and challenged Dolph and Big E. Langston to a match. AJ accepts the challenge for the men solely if it’s at Wrestlemania and they put the tag titles on the line. They gladly accept the challenge.

The triple threat match was really really good. I would’ve gone a different route as far as the winner but I’ll talk about that on the podcast Sunday.

Triple H comes down to the ring for the contract signing followed by Paul Heyman minus Brock Lesnar. Heyman says Hunter has 2 options. A) walk away from the match and B) fight the match not knowing the stipulation against Brock who has already signed the agreement. Before the stipulation can be revealed Triple H has to sign the contract first. Heyman tells Hunter that he and Brock have spent hours re-watching the footage from three weeks ago where Triple H returned and busted him open. Heyman goes over possible scenarios like a blindfold match or a handcuff and shackles match but even Heyman knows that isn’t good enough. He throws a stiff jab and says the winner could get Triple H’s wife Stephanie. He asks would that be more fitting for the loser which makes Triple H flip you know what. He decimates Heyman’s private security and holds Heyman captive as his own personal beating toy before he signs the contract. He disposes of Heyman and Brock comes out wielding a steel chair. Triple H goes for his weapon of choice and Heyman makes Brock retreat. Heyman says the beating was worth it because the stipulation is No Holds Barred….with Triple H’s career on the line! And that’s tonight’s show folks!

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