Bully Ray

TNA Impact – 3/21/13


Austin Aries & Bobby Roode (c) def.  Chavo & Hernandez
Kenny King (c) def. Zema Ion and Sonjay Dutt
Matt Morgan def. Joesph Parks
Jeff Hardy def. Samoa Joe, Magnus, and Kurt Angle to become the #1 contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Title

The show starts of with sort of a vignette explaining Bully Ray’s 9 month involvement in Aces and Eights. He talks about betraying friends and most importantly destroying the Hogan family. Hogan comes out and says he’s never had the wool pulled over his eyes like the way Aces and Eights did. Hogan calls out the guys who lead the charge against Aces and Eights: Samoa Joe, Magnus, Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy. The reason he brought those 4 men out is because he needs them to take out Aces and Eights and bring back the TNA World Heavyweight Title. So he sets up a fatal four way match between the 4 men in the ring.

Another Bully Ray video is shown, this one mapping out How A&8 used Bobby Roode and James Storm to keep all heat off Bully and make it seem like James Storm was behind the Aces and Eights attacks.

Back from commercial with Chavo and Hernandez comng down to the ring for their match against the Tag Team Champions Austin Aries and Bobby Roode. This is a rematch from last week since Aces and Eights interfered in the match. Very good tag match. Hernandez was excellent in the match as well. After the match Kazarian and Chris Daniels attack the world champs from behind. Might be setting up an angle which looks like a good idea if thats the case.

Tonight begins a new X Division. 230 lb weight limit and all matches will be contested in a triple threat match. If you are pinned you are eliminated from title contention and must “earn your way back”. Our first look at this new style is with Champion Kenny King vs. Zema Ion vs. Sonjay Dutt. Really good match and I was stoked to see Sonjay back in there. His spots were amazing. The finish came when Dutt hit a moonsault ghetto stomp but King hit a spring board block buster once Dutt recovered.

After the match cameras caught up with the VP of the Knockouts division who says she’s here strickly on business and not to discuss Bully Ray or her father.

Another Aces and Eights video tells the story of how Bully Ray used Sting in the plot and also how he knew Hogan would take issue with Bully Ray marrying Hulk’s daughter Brooke.

Sting again tries to talk to Hulk about getting his hands on Bully Ray. He says he isn’t upset about not being involved in the 4 way match or the TNA World Heavyweight Title, he just wants revenge. Hogan tells Sting he should do what he does best when things get heavy, hang in the rafters and lurk in the shadows.

TNA continues their story between Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell. Brooke Hogan fires Taryn as an official but hires her to the Knockouts Division which means she can get physical with whomever she wants. Terrell spears Kim and she falls to the outside and books it. As that’s going on Bully Ray slides through the ring and up the ramp. When Brooke turns around she’s face to face with her “husband”. Bully Ray points to his wedding band and says till death do us part. Brooke runs away repeating I hate you in Bully’s direction.

The next Bully Ray video explains everyone else’s role in Aces and Eights. He says everyone first went to Hogan looking for help and Hogan tossing them aside. Honestly the way TNA laid out this angle as far as Bully Ray’s involvement in beautifully done.

The Joesph Park Matt Morgan match wasn’t anything special. I truly don’t get the Joesph Park character at all. Like is he supposed to look like he’s going to job to everyone he faces or…?

AJ Styles comes out for an interview with Mike Tenay. Before AJ answers any questions Taz interrupts and offers him a prospect cut. For those who don’t know what that is it’s basically you’re the bitch boy for the club until they feel you’re worthy of being a member. Before he answers James Storm comes out and says this isn’t the AJ he knows. The AJ he knows would’ve told someone to their face if he had an issue with them so if he has an issue with Storm to tell him to his face. AJ leaves without saying a word.

The final Bully Ray explains how he plotted his way to winning the World Heavyweight title. He talks about how he took some shots from his Aces and Eights brothers but it was for the good of the the club. He goes on to say no one will take his World Title from him.

The 4-way match was pretty good. Samoa Joe will always be one of my favorites but so is Magnus. Great look that doesn’t look overproduced and he puts together spots very well. I like this match because every man gets his high spots in the match. I would’ve wanted someone besides Hardy winning but it doesn’t take away how could the match was. And that’s the end of the show!

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