World Wrestling Entertainment

Smackdown Results – 3/22/13

The following is a recap from Friday’s Smackdown episode.


Mark Henry def. Zack Ryder
Dolph Ziggler def. Kofi Kingston
Jack Swagger def. Chris Jericho
Big Show Sheamus and Randy Orton def. 3MB

The show starts off with a Miz TV segment and the Miz is already in the ring joined by Randy Orton and Sheamus. Both Orton and Sheamus are a little hesitant although Orton is the one pushing for Show to be on the team. Sheamus, a man who’s had his run ins with the Big Show recently is the one who needs convincing. The Miz calls out the Big Show who tells both men their opinion of his doesn’t matter. Show and Sheamus get into a stare down when Booker T. comes out to break the tension. Booker set up a 6 man tag match involving the three men and opponents to be named later.
Mark Henry beat Zack Ryder. Poor Zack Ryder. He was about to get slammed again by Henry but thankfully for him Ryback came out. The two get into a stare down then Henry charges Ryback but gets clotheslined for his troubles.
Backstage Teddy Long informs Booker T. that he talked to Vickie Guerrero and the both set up the match for Wrestlemania. While Booker does love the match idea he doesn’t like the fact that Teddy set it up behind his back.
Kofi and Ziggler faced each other for the billionth time. Thankfully they always have great matches and AJ. Just…AJ.
Before Jack Swagger’s match with Jericho Zeb and Swagger cut a promo saying that if bones need to be broken for Jack Swagger’s American then bones will be broken. As for the match even though it was a rematch it was still pretty good. Fandango interrupted the match and when Jericho went for the Lionsault Fandango kicks him. Swagger hits the corner splash and picks up the win. After the match Fandango lays a beating into Jericho and hits a picture perfect leg drop off the top rope.
The match between Team Rhodes Scholars and Brodus and Tensai was stopped quickly. The Bellas and The Funkadactyls got into a scrap and both team tried to break it up but ended up in the chaos themselves.

The Cesaro Miz match was a quick one. Miz got the victory using the figure four. Again having Cesaro lose as the US Champion on a consistent basis makes no sense but what can you do. If Cesaro wins it totally kills any momentum for the Miz. After the match Miz and Wade Barrett get into a stare down and Miz locks in the figure four while staring at Barrett. He looks on raising his IC belt. Could we have an IC title?
The 6 man tag was pretty good. I particularly enjoyed the part where Big Show and Sheamus copied each other’s moves. Show looked awesome coming off the tag. Show basically had the match won but Sheamus blind tagged himself in and got the pin for himself. This pissed of Show who gets into a shoving match with Sheamus. Orton tries to break it up but get shoved himself. The the Shield’s music hits and they make their way down to the ring. The three men squash their issues and wait for a brawl to break out. An intense stare down closes the show.

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