Raw Results – 4/1/13: The Final Raw Before Wrestlemania

Below is a recap of tonight’s Monday Night Raw. It’s an extra important night, it is the final Raw before Wrestlemania, the most important night in the wrestling industry.


Randy Orton, Sheamus, and Big Show def. 3MB
Dolph Ziggler def. Daniel Bryan
Wade Barrett def. Zack Ryder
Mark Henry def. Santino Marella
Alberto Del Rio def. Zeb Colter [DQ]
Chris Jericho def. Antonio Cesaro
Bella Twins def. The Funkadactyls

Tonight WWE is advertising this Raw as in fact, the biggest Raw of the year. The show begins with John Cena who says that the city of Washington DC is divided much like Democrats and Republicans between Rock fans and Cena fans. Cena gives credit to The Rock for being the WWE Champion. Cena goes as far as to say that Rock is the greatest WWE Champion of all time. “The Rock’s time is up and my time is now!” he says. He talks about how he had to sit for a whole year and deal with his loss to The Rock last year and watch The Rock usher in a new era. A very passionate promo hyping up their match is given by Cena which I felt was lacking. However Cena acknowledges the distain a majority of the WWE Universe has for him by letting a “boring” chant ring through the arena. I’m sure those chants were brought on from illogical haters, in my eyes it was a great way to hype up the match, hope Rock brings an equal intensity.
The first match of the night is 3MB versus Randy Orton, Sheamus, and Big Show. The three faces walk down to the ring together as a showing of solidarity between them. It was pretty much a one sided match obviously. The faces pick up the win and The Shield come out from the crowd but don’t hit the ring. Ambrose tells the three men to continue celebrating because this Sunday when they lose their match they’ll just be wondering what happened. Reigns says truthfully that the team is not a real team like The Shield and when they go down everyone will believe in The Shield.

Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter recorded a video outside the Nation’s Capital. They give us a little history lesson on why great nations have fallen. “In 6 days, [at] Wrestlemania, real change is coming.” says Swagger.

Backstage Matt Striker is with World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio who says Swagger can say whatever he wants under the freedom of speech but in return Del Rio can do whatever he wants to Swagger. Apparently Del Rio is facing Zeb Colter in a match tonight.

Back to the ring and one half of the Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan makes his entrance for his match tonight against Dolph Ziggler. I was expecting this match to start off fast paced with some technical back and forth spots but actually it’s a bit slow but still good. Kane and Big E. Langston got into it on the outside. This causes Daniel Bryan to become distracted and Dolph gets the win on a roll-up and a hand full of tights. After the match Kane re-enters the ring and disposes of Dolph. He goes to chokeslam Langston but Langston uses his strength to counter and hoist Kane on his shoulders. He drops Kane after an impressive display of power and he and Dolph celebrate with the Tag Team belts.

Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels comes to the ring. He hypes up the Wrestlemania Pay Per View as a whole but admits the match he is looking forward to the most was Brock Lesnar versus his best friend Triple H. Shawn expresses some doubt as to whether Triple H can defeat Brock Lesnar. Triple H’s music hits and he comes to the ring. He tells Shawn he knows what he’s doing. Shawn says this isn’t the same situation as his but to Shawn its not. Shawn says his match was heartbreaking but he knew his opponent The Undertaker was equally heartbroken and never gloated about ending his career out of respect. To Shawn Brock does this for money and has no respect for anyone or anything. At Wrestlemania Triple H didn’t put his career on the line, he but his life on the line. Michaels says he’s trying to talk Triple h out of the match but he’d better go kick his ass. Michaels even tells Triple H he will be in his corner at Wrestlemania. Before a mini DX reunion can happen Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman come down to the ring. Heyman takes a couple jabs at Triple H and questions whether Shawn would want to be in attendance for the beating Brock will give Triple H. Heyman says Hunter should’ve walked away but it’s too late now. It was a solid segment but the ending kind of fell flat.

Back from commercial with The Miz who is on commentary. His match versus Wade Barrett at Wrestlemania will be apart of the pre-show before the big show, no pun intended. Wade Barrett comes to the ring for his match against Zack Ryder. Pretty solid match, I’m sure Ryder is just ecstatic to be on Raw. Barrett controls most of the offense with Ryder having a couple chances to capitalize. Ultimately Barrett gets the win with the Bullhammer Elbow.

Santino Marella interrupts Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox in her office to inform them that Chairman of the WWE Vince McMahon is in attendance and he isn’t happy, specifically with Vickie and Brad. Santino lets them know that when Mr. McMahon isn’t happy it usually means he’s going to fire someone. Vickie tries telling herself she is safe because Mr. McMahon likes her. Just when there’s about to be a freak out Santino yells April Fools! An angry Guerrero puts Santino in a match against a mystery opponent.

Back from commercial with Santino in the ring awaiting who he would be facing that night. It just so happens to be The World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry. If you need a clear definition of a squash match, you won’t fnd a better one than this one. After the match Ryback interrupts Henry’s celebration. Now remember, these two have a no contact order until their match Sunday. Henry leaves the ring smiling but before he fully exits, Ryback uses Santino to bump him out. He then hoists Santino high above his head and launches him into Henry. Technically he never touched Mark Henry.

Backstage after commercial break is Matt Striker with CM Punk. He says he will do whatever it takes to win even if it means getting the win via DQ. He will do whatever it takes to end Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak.

Back to the ring and Zeb Colter comes down to the ring with Jack Swagger for his match against Alberto Del Rio. The match never really happened. Zeb snagged one of Ricardo’s crutches and used it on ADR. He and Jack use crutches and beat Del Rio down ruthlessly.

Next up The Rock comes down to the ring. He sort of pulls a Ventura and jokingly (I hope) says maybe he’ll make DC his permanent home and the people will go from President Barack to President The Rock. May God help us all if this would ever happen. Contrary to Cena’s very intense promo earlier in the night Rock’s was sort of generic Rock type promo. We did get a People’s Eyebrow though.

Next Chris Jericho comes down to the ring for his match with Antonio Cesaro who is already in the ring. I was excited for this match however the pace of it killed my attention. Cesaro is just kind of going through the motions which I’m not surprised by. The guy is currently the longest reigning champion in the company and he doesn’t even have a match at Mania, and he got the jobber entrance tonight. Anyway Fandango comes out like usual and dances at the top of the ramp. He rates each of Jericho’s moves kind of like they do on Dancing with the Stars. The match picks up a bit with some pretty nice spots from both men. Jericho picks up the win with the Walls of Jericho. After the match Fandango enters the ring and beats Jericho down. He hits one Ballroom Breaker leg drop then hits another this time with Jericho laying face down. Very nice way to get viewers invested in their match for Sunday.

Next up Naomi and Cameron better known as The Funkadactyls take on the Bella Twins. Funkadactyls accompanied by Brodus and Tensai and Bellas come to the ring with Rhodes Scholars. Now this wasn’t match of the year here but The Funkadactyls have a lot potential in the ring.

The Undertaker comes down to the ring and says it was Punk who decided to make this personal and for that he will be punished. He says that in his current state of mind the streak may come to an end Sunday but Punk will never live to talk about it. Suddenly Druids come down to the ring to Taker’s surprising. After a dramatic entrance Paul Bearer’s voice is heard. Someone comes out obviously dressed as Paul Bearer and you can tell it’s Paul Heyman. WWE knows not how to cross the line, they blow right pass it. Taker is infuriated as he pounds away at Druids looking for Punk. Suddenly Punk dressed as a Druid attacks Taker from behind and lays a beating into him good. After some trash talk Punk opens the urn and disrespectfully spreads them across an incapacitated Taker. And that’s how the final Raw before Wrestlemania ends.

What are your thoughts on tonight’s Raw? Was it good enough for the final Raw before Wrestlemania? Leave your thoughts below, on Facebook or send a tweet on Twitter.

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