Raw Results – 4/8/13: A New Beginning

Here are the results from the 4/8/13 edition of Raw, one night removed from Wrestlemania 29.


Big E. Langston def. Daniel Bryan
Wade Barrett def. The Miz to become the new Intercontinental Champion
Alberto Del Rio def. Jack Swagger & Zeb Colter
Dolph Ziggler Cashed the MITB Briefcase and def. Alberto Del Rio to become New World Heavyweight Champion
Santno Marella, R-Truth, and Zack Ryder def. 3MB
Tons of Funk & The Funkadactyls def. Rhodes Scholars & The Bella Twins
John Cena def. Mark Henry via count out
The show kicks off with new WWE Champion John Cena. He gets showered with boos from the crowd in the Izod Center but he doesn’t let it affect him. He has fun with crowd doing a little dance and even “turning heel” which even got a huge pop from the fiesty crowd. Cena says he’s not looking for a celebration, he’s looking to fight. He wonders who’s the next #1 contender for the WWE Title which brings out Mark Henry. Mark feels he should be the next man to get a shot at the title. Smackdown GM Booker T. says he appreciates Cena’s will to be a fighting champion but he can’t just make matches on the fly. He tells him that The Rock is allowed to have a rematch however he’s injured so that won’t be happening. Booker T. tells both men the will face each other tonight and if Mark Henry is victorious he will have a title shot against John Cena.
Back from commercial with Daniel Bryan coming down to the ring for his match against Big E. Langston who is making his Raw debut. The match was brief but it translated well on TV thanks to the hot crowd. Big E. Langston picked up the win thanks to a distraction from AJ Lee and Dolph.
Backstage Sheamus talks Vickie Guerrero into giving a match with the Big Show later on tonight.
Next up is a rematch from last night’s Wrestlemania Pre-Show between Wade Barrett and new Intercontinental Champion The Miz. This was a really good match. Lots of back and forth action. This match definitely out did the pre-show match from the night before. I must say however giving The Miz the IC Title only for him to lose it tonight made no sense to me.
Backstage Randy Orton runs into Smackdown GM Booker T. Orton asks Booker to put him in a match against the Big Show. Booker informs Randy that Vickie Guerrero has already made a match between Big Show and Sheamus. Orton plants in Booker’s head that he is the GM of Smackdown and WWE Hall of Famer, Vickie is not above him. Booker agrees and gives Orton a match against Big Show. Looks like we have a little conundrum folks.
Back to the stage where Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter asks for the support of the crowd by chanting USA. The following match is a 2 on 1 handicap match. The hot crowd chants “We want Ziggler!” throughout the match seemingly upset with a rematch basically. Even though it’s a 2 on 1 handicap match Zeb can only enter on a tag. Funny thing is he never entered the match. Del Rio hits the rolling crossarm breaker to pick up the victory. Apparently Del Rio’s ankle got pretty banged up during the match as trainers and officials tend to him in the ring. Suddenly Ziggler’s music hits and the roof of the Izod Center looks like it may come off! Walking with purpose Ziggler asks everyone to exit and he is in fact cashing in his MITB title shot. He immediately targets the injured ankle of Del Rio. What’s great about this was it wasn’t cut and dry. Del Rio kicked out of a few spots and made it look as if he could beat Ziggler. At one time Del Rio has the crossarm breaker locked in but Ziggler twists Alberto’s ankle which causes him to break the hold. Ziggler hits Zig Zag and picks up the 3 count. Congratulations to Dolph Ziggler, your new World Heavyweight Champion.
The Undertaker comes to the ring and he says he dedicated last night’s match to the memory of Paul Bearer. The music of The Shield hits and they make their way through the crowd. Taker doesn’t look like he’s backing down from the fight as he stands his ground. The Shield surround the ringwaiting for the right moment to pounce when Team Hell No charges the ring as calvary for Taker and The Shield retreat. Could it be the reunion of The Brothers of Destruction…..with a flying goat?
There was a 6 man tag match between 3MB and R-Truth, Santino Marella, and Zack Ryder. Fascinating stuff.
Sheamus comes to the ring with a gripe against Big Show for knocking him out last night but Randy Orton has the same gripe. Vickie and Booker both make a match between the two and the winner faces Big Show. The crowd is 10 times better than this match could ever be. They chant everything from JBL to RVD, it’s absolutely bananas. The match ends in a no contest because Big Show comes out and destroys both men.
Fandango comes down to the ring for his match against Kofi Kingston. At this point the live crowd is going down in history. They are humming Fandango’s entrance, doing dances, folks I don’t know what’s going on but IT. IS. AWESOME.
The Tons of Funk/Rhodes Scholars match was somewhat entertaining. But again, it could be due to the hot crowd.
The John Cena/Mark Henry match didn’t last very long. Cena won via count out. Mark Henry re-enters the ring and squashes Cena. Ryback’s music and he comes out and disposes of Henry. He helps Cena up and the two get into a stare down. Cena does the “Feed Me More” march with Ryback. After a while Ryback turns and Meathooks John Cena. He hoists him on his shoulders and hits Shellshock. Raw ends with Ryback holding the title over his head while the crowd goes bonkers.
What are your thoughts on tonight’s Raw? What are your thoughts on the crowd tonight? Leave your comments below, on Facebook, or send a tweet!

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