IMPACT! Wrestling Results – 4/11/13

Here is a recap of the latest edition of TNA’s IMPACT! Wrestling


Chavo and Hernandez def. Dirty Heels [Chavo and Hernandez are the New TNA Tag Team Champions]
Taryn Terrell def. Gail Kim
Rob Terry def. Joey Ryan
Bully Ray def. Jeff Hardy in a Full Metal Mayhem Match

The show kicks off with a 2 out of 3 falls match between the Dirty Heels Austin Aries and Bobby Roode versus Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. The match starts off quick with Dirty Heels attacking Chavo and Hernandez from behind. They quickly get the first fall. Dirty Heels obviously trying to close this one out early. Aries goes to the top rope and mocks Eddie Guerrero and attempts the Frog Splash. He takes too long and Chavo moves out of the way and rolls Aries up to get the 3 count. Now that both teams are all even the match gets going. Pretty solid work all around, nice to give the belts to Chavo and Hernandez in front of their home crowd.

Back from commercial with Joseph Park who has a beef with Aces and Eights and their leader Bully Ray. He says he can’t wait for Bully Ray to lose tonight and Jeff Hardy to bring back the TNA World Title back to TNA. He also says he has a divorce contract drafted for Brooke Hogan and Bully Ray. D-Von comes out and warns Park to stay out of family business. He rips up the divorce papers and throws them in Joseph Park’s face. As Park picks up the pieces of paper D-Von wraps a chain around his fist and when Park turns around he gets a stiff shot right in the gut from D-Von.

After commercial break Gail Kim heads down to the ring for her match agains Taryn Terrell with special guest referee ODB. Pretty standard match. Taryn gets the W on a roll up.

Next up is the winner of the recent Gut Check Challenge. I didn’t see last week’s episode but I do know Magno botched a couple moves. Either way he moves on and Adam Pearce is eliminated.

We get sort of an update on AJ Styles and his possible involvement with Aces and Eights. I say sort of because again he doesn’t say whether he’s with them or not. Hogan comes down to the ring and tells Styles he needs to make a choice, Aces and Eights or TNA. Cowboy James Storm comes out and says he doesn’t care what side AJ is on, he just wants a fight. Daniels and Kazarian interrupt those two and say AJ should join forces with them. After the shenanigans are over AJ leaves the ring once again without letting Hogan know where his allegiances lie. A pissed off Hogan makes a match between AJ Styles and James Storm for next week. Are we actually going to see AJ in action.

Back to the ring for Joey Ryan’s match against surprise opponent Rob Terry. Pretty bummed this wasn’t the super scientific wrestling match I was hoping for but what can you do. Terry is the aggressor of the match that’s for sure. Joey Ryan did not get in one sequence of offense, a true squash match.

Magno was not offered a contract by TNA. I am shocked. SHOCKED!

Now its time for tonight’s main event, a Full Mayhem Match, which is just TNA’s legal way of calling it a TLC match. Obviously due to time the match starts off hot with a back body drop on Hardy to the outside and a superplex off the ladder. I will say the one really cool spot of the night was Hardy hitting the Swanton Bomb from the ring to the outside through a table. When Bully recovers Taz slides him a hmmer. He re-enters the ring and both men climb the ladder toward the World Heavyweight Championship title. Hardy reaches for the belt and Bully Ray whacks him with the hammer sending him crashing through a table. Bully Ray celebrates with his Aces and Eights pals to close the show.

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