Davey Richards

Wrestling Classics Episode 7: Davey Richards vs Tyler Black at ROH Death Before Dishonor VIII [2010]

Now that the hoopla of Wrestlemania is now over we can resume our weekly scheduled programming of Wrestling Classics.

This week I chose another Ring of Honor match, this one a 45 minute classic between then ROH champion Tyler Black and Davey Richards. For those not familiar with ROH you may recognize Tyler Black who now performs for the WWE as Seth Rollins, 1/3 of The Shield. Davey Richards has cemented a great legacy for himself in the independent wrestling world still wrestling for ROH but also makes appearances for PWG, DGUSA, NOAH, and worked with NJPW up until 2012. This match features tons of back and forth action between both men, some scientific wrestling skill thrown in, and a very intense moment as Richards suffers an injury during the match but still fights on. The crowd for some reason turned on Black from the start of this match which didn’t make sense because ROH fans were once very vocal about Black deserving to be in that top spot. Either way sit back and enjoy some great wrestling between two phenomenal talents.


So what did you think of this week’s Wrestling Classics episode? Is there a chance we see Davey Richards in the WWE? Can Seth Rollins be a top guy for WWE like Tyler Black was for ROH? Leave a comment below, on Facebook, or send a tweet on Twitter!

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