Impact Wrestling

TNA IMPACT! Wrestling Results – 4/18/13

Below is a recap of the 4/18/13 edition of TNA IMPACT! Wrestling.


Garrett Bischoff & Wes Brisco def. Kurt Angle
Kenny King def. Zema Ion & Petey Williams
Mickie James def. Miss Tessmacher
D-Von def. Samoa Joe
AJ Styles def. Cowboy James Storm

The show kicks off with D-Von telling fellow Aces and Eights member Garrett and Wes that they need to handle business and take care of Kurt Angle. A cocky Wes and Garrett make a few wise cracks and D-Von quickly gets them back in line telling them not to Angle lightly.

Kurt Angle will be taking on Garrett and Wes in a 2 on 1 handicap match. Despite it being 2 on 1 Kurt has things well in hand. He had control of the match until Wes Brisco gives him a low blow when the referee was distracted. Kurt regains control of the match and delivers a a German suplex to Brisco. Wes tries to fight out of another German and grabs Garrett in the process forcing Angle to deliver I guess what you would call a double German suplex. D-Lo Brown and Anderson rush the ring. Anderson distracts the ref as D-Lo throws a chain to Garrett and he drops Angle with one punch. He covers Angle to pick up the win.

Next up is a Triple Threat X-Division Title match between Champion Kenny King, Zema Ion, and Petey Williams. The match starts off very fast paced and we even get a Canadian Destroyer early in the match. The Destroyer actually knocks Kenny King out of the match for it’s majority. Williams has a Sharpshooter locked in on Ion when King finally reenters, delivers a running knee to Williams and covers Zema Ion and picks up the win. An odd finish to me. Cover Ion who couldn’t kick out….because he was in a Sharpshooter?

There was supposed to a TV Title match between Aces and Eights member D-Von and Magnus but as Magnus makes his way to the ring he is attack from behind by Doc and Knox. Magnus does his best to fight off the two men but gets double choke-slammed on the stage ramp. Samoa Joe comes out to make sure no more damage is done to his former partner.

Next is a match between Mickie James and Miss Tessmacher, winner is the number one contender for the Knockouts Title. The match overall was pretty good, definitely better than a Divas match. James gets the win on a roll up and is the new number one contender.

Backstage Joseph Park is confronted by D-Von who wonders why Park didn’t heed his warning. Park gets dropped from behind by the TNA World Heavyweight Champ Bully Ray who lets Park know he knows what’s best for Brooke because he is Brooke’s husband.

Bad Influence comes out promoting their new shirts and talking about how they deserve a shot at the tag titles. This brings out the Dirty Heels Bobby Roode and Austin Aries. The two trade insults ranging from questioning sexuality to why does Aries wear sunglasses inside. The Tag Champions Hernandez and Chavo sneak into the ring which causes Bad Influence to retreat. The champs lay waste to the Dirty Heels and hold up the tag titles showing both teams why they are better.

Back from commercial break and we get an actual TV Title defense between Champion D-Von and challenger Samoa Joe. There really isn’t much to report on the match because once it picked up steam we get a run in from Aces and Eights members. With the ref distracted Joe gets dropped by an Aces and Eights member using brass knuckles. D-Von goes for the cover and picks up the win. After the match Anderson hits Joe again with the brass knuckles and Joe looks to be in intense pain.

Time for our main event Cowboy James Storm versus AJ Styles. Now I’m expecting another sort of TNA swerve where AJ decides not to wrestle and it almost looks like that is about to the case. However Storm lays some shots in and we are underway. Now I don’t know if this is a new AJ Styles but he seems to be more methodical in the ring more so then fast paced. AJ is more aggressive. The match itself wasn’t flashy, it was more of a brawl based fight. The finish was pretty neat I thought seeing Styles use a submission move to get the win.

After the match Aces and Eights jump the ring and lay waste to James Storm and Bad Influence. Bully Ray gets on the mic and tells fans to look around because all their heroes have become more victims. And that’s how tonight’s show ends.

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