Erick Rowan

The Wyatt Family Has Arrived

It was dark, ominous, and down right creepy. It was like a well structured horror movie and the villain was set to make his on camera debut. Those who attended Raw last night in Baltimore became one with die hard fans watching at home as we all sat on pins and needles waiting for our first live look at the group known as The Wyatt Family. After months of telling us to run because they were coming there were were no more warnings, because The Wyatt Family is here.

I was excited for their debut obviously as I constantly gravitate toward the new and exciting when it comes to pro wrestling. There’s just something about a brand new character where the possibilities of what you can do with this new character become endless. I admit, I was not AS excited as everyone else for the Wyatt Family, nothing to do with there in ring skill or Bray’s genius abilities on the microphone. I’m just a realist who always has it in the back of my mind that there are such things as, “too good to be true” and there’s is always a chance WWE Creative or the heads in charge could screw this up royally. That thankfully remains to be seen however as we only got a small glimpse of what these three men are capable of.
The one thing that has made me such a fan of The Wyatt Family is the gimmick. If you know me personally you’d know I’m a huge fan of horror movies and stories of people who have tried to convert others who they deem lost souls ala Charles Manson or David Koresh. The Wyatt Family is a take on these things and sure, the gimmick is not real but the beauty of it is it doesn’t feel like a gimmick. The videos were amazingly put together and the climatic final video during last night’s broadcast could not have been scripted or shot any better. You truly felt as if you were watching a horror movie play out.
After Bray lit the lantern and announced their arrival the camera cuts to the arena crowd which is covered in darkness except for little specks of light popping up throughout. They come through the curtain with the light of the lantern only shinning on Bray. I was expecting silence from the crowd or maybe even some booing but to my surprise as they mad their way down to the ring the crowd gave them quite a cheery reception. I’m not saying it was a reception along the lines of Punk, Rock or Austin, but it was a reception that made you believe true die hard fans of the WWE were satisfying their appetites for something new. As the fans cheered and The Wyatt Family methodically paced their way down to the ring I could feel the hairs on my neck stand up. I was excited because the crowd has taken to them, excited because they were finally on my TV, and excited because pro wrestling was able to conjure up a feeling I haven’t felt since The Undertaker debuted, I was down right scared.
The Wyatt Family has been keeping wrestling fans talking for months. All three men possess the abilities to be major players in the WWE. Bray Wyatt has all the makings to be a star for the company no doubt. I am just thankful WWE has done something new and fresh as well as showing fans you don’t need big men in costumes to be scary. Sometimes scary can be big men in lamb masks with beards and floral pattern shirts. Are you scared?

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