Piledriver Podcast Exclusive: Interview with Webmaster Jen Lee

I speak withe Jen Lee who runs the popular website

There’s no denying that in the year or so The Shield has been on the main roster of the WWE, they have made a significant impact on the world of professional wrestling. Like a well oiled machine this group has run through almost the entire locker room and have kept wrestling fans on the edge of their seat.

But how many fans know about the cult like following all three men, Especially Dean Ambrose, have on the internet? More specifically how Dean has drawn the attention of young casual female wrestling fans who melt at the sight of his dimples and don’t really care for what he does in the ring but rather what he looks like. Now this may seem like all good fun and it is, but what people don’t realize is often times these obsessed fandoms can get quite weird and down right shocking.
I had a chat with Jen Lee, a die hard wrestling fan based in England who is the webmaster for various wrestlers such as The Undertaker, Kaitlyn, and Devon Moore. Jen also is the webmaster for arguably the most popular fan based site, The site is the best place to stay up to date with everything Ambrose but also a place to learn about his work on the independent level. We talk about why she chose to run a site on Dean, her thoughts on the success of the Shield, some of her daily tasks running the site, and oh yes, we dive deep into the scary world of Shield fandom where everything from homo-erotic fan fiction to weird shocking sex fantasies she herself has received in hopes of it reaching Dean himself.
So sit back and enjoy.

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  1. I hope you know that the rachet earring post you read was a joke. She's known around tumblr for making fun of Dean's earring. She was kidding. Just saying.


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