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Random Post Saturday

It’s Saturday afternoon and I figured the site itself needed more content so here I am just filling you in on my thoughts and findings in the world of pro wrestling. I don’t know if you would find this piece to be a common thing, I guess it all depends on your response. If you like it, I’ll continue to do it. If you don’t or I just see not enough people care to view it, I’ll stop. This is your site! Maybe I’ll have contributions from other writers as well. Stay tuned…

Bummed about the news of Kassius Ohno no longer being employed by the WWE. On the other hand it’s like we won’t see him on the Independent scene and really he’ll have no restrictions on his in ring work. He’ll just be focusing on having good matches. Down the road who knows if WWE might reconsider and bring him back. Never say never.
Check out this dope promo from The Nature Boy Ric Flair right before Starrcade ’87. This was Ric Flair at his best. You can see the exact moment when he had the crowd right where he wanted them. Again, amazing stuff:
If you want to see great tag team wrestling check out this video from just days ago in Japan. The Young Bucks take on Forever Hooligans in an amazing match. I know very very little about the happenings going on in Japan when it comes to wrestling. What I do know is the current culture seems so fascinating to me. And Bullet Club is f*cking cool. They just seem like the cool dudes you wanted to hang out with in high school. Of course I am familiar with the work of both teams and it is why I was intrigued by this match. When you’re a wrestler one of the biggest honors is a chance to wrestle in Japan. They take wrestling very seriously and it is looked at by most as a serious art form. I do intent to learn as much about what’s currently going on so if you want to help tweet me some links on Twitter. Check out The Young Bucks vs. Forever Hooligans:

The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson… by JAHMAL1111
Well that about wraps up this post. Some fun stuff in there for you to watch if you’re bored. Check out our Facebook, we could really use some likes on there. If you want to look at some cool wrestling photos and maybe learn some stuff check out our Tumblr. It basically covers every single aspect of professional wrestling mostly through photos and GIFs so it’s perfect for the nostalgic. Have a great weekend.

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