Survivor Series

2013 Survivor Series Predictions

Here are my predictions for tonight’s Survivor Series Pay Per View. This year’s extravaganza will held in the TD Garden in Boston. The Kick Off show will begin at 7:30pm which can be viewed on the WWE YouTube Channel, the WWE App, and all of their social media links.

Survivor Series Kick Off Match: Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz

In typical WWE fashion this match was quickly sprung together with no real back story aside from a vey odd heel turn from The Miz. He and Kofi had a tag match this past week on Raw and when Kofi went to tag his partner The Miz into the match Miz hopped off the apron and put his hands up as if he was a child getting caught with his hands in the cookie jar. Now I know we’ve all been waiting for this Miz heel turn as his run as a good guy has fallen flat. It simply could have executed better. Have Miz leave Kofi high and dry with no expression, it leaves fans wondering why and gives the Miz to turn into a cunning, deceiving heel. Not to mention on commentary Wednesday night during Main Event Miz was singing the praises of Kingston during his match. That’s your opponent! You’re not supposed to like him! *Sigh* I’m not expecting much, just hoping for a good contest.
Prediction: The Miz def. Kofi Kingston
Singles Match for the Intercontinental Championship: Big E. Langston (c) vs. Curtis Axel

In a rematch to Monday’s title match former champion Curtis Axel looks to reclaim the title he held since June. Surprisingly since Axel split from Paul Heyman his last two matches have been pretty good. Having Langston winning the title this past Monday was a wise decision. Langston has a natural charisma about him which connects well with the WWE audience. Not to mention his larger than life presence and his ability to move around the ring quick as a cat with full force. Hoping Axel continues his streak of having good matches but with WWE looking to push larger size talent this one should be a no brainer.

Prediction: Big E. Langston def. Curtis Axel to retain the Intercontinental Championship

Traditional Divas Survivor Series Elimination Tag Match: The Bellas, The Funkadactyls, Jojo, Eva Marie, and Natalya vs. Aksana, Rosa Mendez, Kaitlyn, Tamina Snuka, Summer Rae, Alicia Fox, and Divas Champion AJ Lee

This ummmm….maybe will be good? No disrespect, but there’s only three maybe four solid wrestlers out of the 14 competitors. Either way, I doubt the outcome of this match will drastically change things for the WWE.
Prediction: The Total Divas Team def. AJ Lee’s Team

Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Match: The Usos, Rey Mysterio, and the Tag Team Champions The Rhodes Brothers vs. The Shield and The Real Americans

This match as fun written all over it. Every competitor in this match not named Rey Mysterio have all been apart of WWE’s best matches of 2013. This match hopefully is like all the others where you can’t blink because you might miss something crazy. Who will Cesaro swing? How will Seth Rollins kill himself? Will Mysterio’s knees survive this Survivor Series match?! This match could steal the show.
Prediction: The Usos, Rey Mysterio, The Rhodes Brothers def. The Shield and The Real Americans

Tag Team Match: CM Punk and Daniel Bryan vs. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan of the Wyatt Family

This match is probably the match I’m most excited for. For weeks I’d been raving about how awesome it would be to see a Daniel Bryan and CM Punk tag team. It’s like the second coming of the Mega Powers to me. What’s equally awesome about this match is how Luke Harper is sort of emerging as a breakout star. Someone who plays his character perfectly and is another larger man with great wrestling skills. Erick Rowan is somewhat of a wild card in all of this. Here’s hoping we see more of him. We all know Bray Wyatt’s presence at ringside could play a factor in the match. I hope this match lives up to its hype.
Prediction: CM Punk and Daniel Bryan def. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan

Singles Match for the World Heavyweight Championship: John Cena (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio

Strange sort of events here, despite WWE’s best efforts to make the build up to this match interesting it has done the complete opposite. For me personally this feud has put me to sleep. The only interesting factor is the risk of Cena having to wrestle the match with one arm. Del Rio is slowly becoming a master at boring people into a comatose state. His ring work is decent although known to be dangerous. It’s everything else that just makes him so detestable. Even if you hate John Cena you have to admit Del Rio as champion doesn’t improve things.
Prediction: John Cena def. Alberto Del Rio to retain the World Heavyweight Championship

Singles Match for the WWE Championship: Randy Orton (c) vs. Big Show

Unlike most I’m actually interested in this match. Sure I could be up in arms like most over the fact that Daniel Bryan is no longer in the main event picture but there’s no denying that Big Show is as popular with the WWE Universe as he’s ever been in his career. Not to mention this really has been his best work. This is the one match one the card I can’t really come up with a definitive prediction. Randy Orton has done really well so far as champ but I can also see WWE cashing in on Show’s popularity while again they look to push the larger sized talent. This has potential to be a good match at least.
Prediction: Randy Orton def. Big Show to retain the WWE Championship

All in all I have to be honest and say I think this card is a little on the weaker side. While every match has the potential to impress us more than it has on paper, the fact that the past three pay per views have finish so oddly have left many a little skeptical that this show can deliver. I’ll be tweeting the whole show so make sure you follow me on Twitter.
What are your predictions for tonight’s Survivor Series Pay Per View? Leave them below in the comments or post them up on our Facebook.

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