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Raw Results – 12/23/13

Here are the results to tonight’s Monday Night Raw. It was a recorded episode due to the coming holidays. Results provided by

Welcome everyone to tonight’s (almost) live Christmas edition of Monday Night Raw. The show starts with The Authority coming down to the ring. They are all sporting Santa hats and handing out candy canes to the crowd. Triple H welcomes everyone to the show. Stephanie says they wouldn’t want to be anywhere but here with the WWE Universe. They announce the “Bad Santa vs Good Santa” match between Damien Sandow and Mark Henry. Also, The Brotherhood will team with Daniel Bryan against The Wyatt Family. The main event will be The Shield vs. Big E Langston, John Cena, and CM Punk. Randy Orton now makes his way to the ring.
Randy Orton wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday. He thanks The Authority for their support they had in him becoming The WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Orton wants to give The Authority a Christmas present. His gift to them, is himself. He thanks them for giving him the night off. They all embrace in the ring. Kane then wishes everyone a good night and sets off his pyro.

-Commercial Break-

Back on Raw, the cast of Total Divas make their way to the ring. They will be in 12 divas tag team action against Kaitlyn, Tamina, Alicia Fox, Summer Rae, Vickie Guerrero, and Aksana.
The Total Divas vs. Kaitlyn, Tamina, Alicia Fox, Summer Rae, Vickie Guerrero, and Aksana
Tamina and Nikki Bella start the match off. Nikki with a headscissor and Tamina flys over and tags in Kaitlyn. Eva Marie tags in and so does Summer Rae for her team. Naomi tags in andso does Alicia Fox. Naomi with a head scissor of her own and tags in Cameron. Double team move by the Funkadactyls and now they tag in Brie Bella. Brie with a northern lights suplex for a 2 count. Alicia tags in Aksana and Brie rolls her up for a 2 count. Brie now tags in Natalya and she gets a quick 2 count. Aksana connects with a ddt/elbow combo for a 2 count. All the divas now jump in the ring, but clear out. All the total divas join arms in the ring and hit clotheslines on all the other divas. Natalya and Aksana now in the ring, and Natalya locks in the sharpshooter for the submission victory.

Winners by Submission – The Total Divas

-Commercial Break-

Back on Raw, Curtis Axel is in the ring. He will go one on one with Sin Cara.

Curtis Axel vs. Sin Cara

Axel starts off with a head lock and a take down. Axel with a slap to the back and now both men are up. Sin Cara returns the favor and hits an arm drag. Sin Cara connects with a head scissor and Axel bails to the floor. Both men back in the ring and Axel knocks Sin Cara to the floor. Axel gives chase and slams Sin Cara back first into the ring post. Both men back in the ring and Axel connects with big shots to the face. Axel locks in a front face lock and scoots behind into a body lock. Both men back to their feet and Axel eats a boot in the corner. Sin Cara with a quick roll up for 2 and Axel comes back with a standing drop kick. Axel goes back to another body lock. Sin Cara fights back to his feet and tosses to the outside. Sin Cara flies over the top on to Axel on the outside. Axel back in the ring, and Sin Cara with a spring board cross body for a 2 count. Sin Cara with another head scissor followed by a back elbow to the jaw of Axel for a 2 count. Axel counters a lift with a club to the back of the head for a 2 count. Both men on the feet and Sin Cara connects with a modified samoan drop. He follows that with a swanton bomb for the 3 count.

Winner by Pinfall – Sin Cara

In the back, we see the video from last week where “Santa” Sandow tells a little girl that the elves will bring her a toothbrush for Christmas. He sees her when she is sleeping, and knows when she is awake. 
And no child deserves presents. He is canceling Christmas this year.

-Commercial Break-

Back on Raw, Bad News Barrett is outside taking donations. Back in the arena, the announcers hype the 6 man tag match between The Brotherhood and Daniel Bryan vs. The Wyatt Family. We see an awesome video hyping the history between The Wyatt Family and Daniel Bryan. Cody Rhodes and Goldust make their way to the ring first, followed by their tag team partner Daniel Bryan.

-Commercial Break-

Their opponents, The Wyatt Family, now make their way to the ring for this 6 man tag team match.
The Brotherhood and Daniel Bryan vs. The Wyatt Family
Cody Rhodes and Eric Rowan will start this match off. Rowan on the attack quickly to start this match. Cody fights back with a drop kick to the knee. Goldust now tags in and covers for a 2 count. Rowan backs Goldust into the corner and connects with some shots. Goldust fights back and tags in Daniel Bryan. Bryan with big kicks as the crowd chants Yes with every one. Rowan shoves Bryan away and Bryan tags in Cody. Cody with some shots and tags in Goldust. Double team move by The Brotherhood. Rowan backs Goldust into their corner and tags in Luke Harper. Harper with shots in the corner to Goldust. Harper charges in the corner but misses and Goldust lands some big shots. Goldust now tags in Cody Rhodes. Cody with a big drop kick to the chin of Harper and tags in Bryan. Bryan with big kicks to Harper but Harper lands 2 huge right hands. Harper goes for the big boot but gets caught in the corner. He hangs upside down and Bryan lands a sliding drop kick. Bryan tells Bray Wyatt to tag in as we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

Back on Raw, Eric Rowan is in control of Cody Rhodes. Cody tries fighting to his corner, but Rowan keeps that from happening. Luke Harper now tags in and hits a big elbow on Cody. Harper locks in a front face lock and does his gator roll. Harper switches over to a reverse chin lock. Cody fights back to his feet but eats a headbutt. Cody hits the ropes and connects with a big clothesline. Cody gets the tag to Goldust. Goldust is on fire in the ring attacking Harper. Big atomic drop followed by a boot to the face. Goldust with corner mounted punches to Harper. Goldust off the top with a hurricarana. Goldust knocks Rowan off the apron and eats a right hand from Harper. Bray Wyatt now tags in and he is all over Goldust. Bray with a big running splash in the corner to Goldust. Harper now tags back in and connects with an elbow to the back of the head of Goldust. Harper goes for another elbow and misses. He’s back to his feet though and catches Goldust before he can make a tag. Eric Rowan now tags in and knocks Goldust to the mat. Rowan with a big splash for a close 2 count. Rowans locks in a neck crank. Goldust tries to fight out but eats a knee. Goldust tries to make a tag but Rowan catches him with big shots. Rowan with the giant claw and a cover for a 2 count. Harper now tags back in. He charges in but Goldust fights back. Goldust with a flip over powerbomb to get separation. Goldust gets to Bryan and he starts to clean house. Big kicks to the leg of Eric Rowan. Bryan lands 2 drop kicks to the face of Eric Rowan in the corner. Bryan with a drop kick to the knees to get Rowan down. Big kicks to the chest of Rowan, then a kick to the head. Bryan goes up top and connects with the flying headbutt. Bryan gives chase to Bray Wyatt on the outside but he is caught with a shoulder block by Eric Rowan. The Brotherhood and The Wyatts have a standoff as we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

Back on Raw, Luke Harper is in control of Daniel Bryan. Harper hangs Bryan up on the bottom rope. Harper now tags in Bray Wyatt. Bryan fights back but eats a big elbow from Wyatt. Wyatt drags Bryan to his corner and tags in Harper. Harper covers for a 2 count and tags in Rowan. Rowan lifts Bryan up and hits a scoop slam and follows with a forearm to the back. Rowan with another neck crank on Bryan. Bryan fights back to his feet and connects with a tornado DDT. Both men are down. Bryan gets to Cody. Cody with a springboard drop kick to Harper. Cody with a roll up for a 2 count. Cody hits the ropes and connects with a disaster kick to Rowan on the apron. Cody hits a moonsault on Harper that is broken up by Bray Wyatt. Bryan comes off with a missile drop kick and dive to the outside onto Bray Wyatt. Goldust flies off to apron onto Rowan. Bray Wyatt back up and tags in. He connects with Sister Abigail on Cody Rhodes for the 3 count.

Winners by Pinfall – The Wyatt Family

After the match, Bryan is thrown into the stairs by Eric Rowan. Rowan tosses Bryan into the ring and all the members of The Wyatt Family attack Bryan. Rowan and Harper drag Bryan to the middle of the ring. Bray tells Bryan it doesn’t have to be this way. He could have given him it all. The Wyatt’s appear back on the ramp with Bryan looking on as we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

Back on Raw, we go back to Bad News Barrett. He is still trying to get donations, saying they are for a good cause. He says all proceeds go to charity. Back in the arena, we are going to have the Christmas carol singing contest. Xavier Woods and R-Truth go first. The sing Oh Holy Night. Up next will be Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre. They sing Jingle Bells very badly and are booed out of the building by the crowd. Up next will be Santino Marella and The Great Khali. The sing Tis’ the Season. Khali was actually pretty funny here. They take a fan vote based on applause. Santino Marella and Great Khali are declared the winners. All men start to fight. Woods and Trust celebrate with Khali and Santino. Santino says they should take it home they way they know how to. They all sing We Wish You a Merry Christmas.

-Commercial Break-

Back on Raw, Fandango and Summer Rae are in the ring. Fandango’s opponent, Dolph Ziggler makes his way to the ring. This will be a Christmas present on a pole match.

Fandango vs. Dolph Ziggler

The match starts with both men trying to get to the present. Fandango starts off on offense with a few right hands. Ziggler comes back with a drop kick to the face of Fandango. Ziggler tries climbing the turnbuckle to get to the present but Fandango catches him with a shot to the back. Ziggler is hung up on the top rope as Fandango lands some shots. Ziggler hits the ropes and eats an elbow. Fandango now goes up after the present. Ziggler grabs his leg and pulls him back to the mat. Ziggler connects with a couple of right hands, but Fandango fights back. Fandango gets whipped hard into the corner as Ziggler goes for the present. Fandango catches him, but Ziggler connects with the fameasser. Ziggler crawls toward the corner with the present. Ziggler starts to climb up but Fandango catches him in the back of the head and knocks him all the way to the floor. Fandango falls to the floor as well. Both men climb up the corner from the outside. They fight on the top rope. Fandango with a big kick to Ziggler and he is hung up again on the top rope. Fandango steps on top of Ziggler, but Ziggler fights him off and hangs him on the top rope. Ziggler attempts to grab the present, but Fandango catches him with shots. Fandango throws Ziggler head first into the pole and Ziggler falls off face first into the steel steps. Fandango grabs the present and is now the #1 contender for the Intercontinental Championship.
Winner by Grabbing the Present – Fandango

-Commercial Break-

Back on Raw, The Prime Time Players are in the ring. Darren Young calls Austin, Houston. Titus O’neal then calls them Austin. Titus O’neal says he wants 3 things for Christmas. He wants everyone to have a good Christmas, a WWE Tag Team Title shot, and for “Millions of Dollars.” Their opponents, The Usos, now make their way to the ring.

The Prime Time Players vs. The Usos

Titus O’neal and Jimmy Uso start the match off. Titus with a big shoulder block to start things off. They lock back up and Titus catches Jimmy and tosses him to the mat. Darren Young now tags in and PTP hits a double team move for a 2 count. Both men up and Jimmy connects with an arm drag. Jey now tags in and hits an arm drag himself. He now locks in a shoulder lock. Darren Young fights out and hits a running shoulder block for a 2 count. Another big arm drag by Jey Uso into a shoulder lock. Jey now tags in Jimmy. Jimmy comes off the top and connects on Darren. Jimmy covers for a 2 count. Jimmy locks in a shoulder lock. Jey now tags back in the match and The Usos with a double elbow drop for a 2 count. Another arm drag and shoulder lock by Jey Uso. Jey with a big chop, but a northern light suplex connects for Darren Young. Young with a big clothesline and a forearm to the face. He now connects with a belly to belly suplex but Jimmy Uso tags in. Jimmy connects with a big samoan drop. Jimmy covers but its broken up by Titus O’neal. Titus gets tossed to the outside and Darren eats a supper kick by Jimmy Uso. Jey now tags in and hits the big splash for a 3 count.

Winners by Pinfall – The Usos

After the match, The Usos and The Prime Time Players do the “Millions of Dollars” dance with the crowd.

-Commercial Break-

Back on Raw, Mark Henry makes his way to the ring. His opponent “The Bad Santa” Damien Sandow now makes his way to the ring for “The Battle for Christmas.”

“The Good Santa” Mark Henry vs. “The Bad Santa” Damien Sandow

Henry starts out with kicks to the gut of Sandow. Henry lifts up a present to show a toilet. Henry grabs Sandows head and puts it in the toilet. Sandow bails to the floor. Sandow grabs a fire extinguisher but can’t get it to shoot. Henry grabs it from him and shoots it in his eyes. Henry chases Sandow up to the stage. Sandow grabs a big candy cane and hits Henry in the back with it. Sandow tries to hit Henry again, but Henry catches it and breaks it over his knee. Henry grabs a present and hits Sandow over the head with it. Both men now back in the ring. Sandow all over Henry. Sandow now grabs the extinguisher but can’t use it again. Henry grabs it again and shoots it in the eyes of Sandow again. Henry lifts up Sandow and connects with the worlds strongest slam for the 3 count.

Winner by Pinfall – “The Good Santa” Mark Henry

After the match, Henry grabs a box of cupcakes and throws them into the face of Damien Sandow. Henry high fives the fans up the ramp as Sandow writhes in disgust.
We go to the back where Renee Young introduces CM Punk. Punk says he has a plan for tonight against The Shield. He said he had to ask for help tonight. Santa answered his requests and gave him Big E Langston and John Cena. Cena and Big E show up with Punk. Cena says he found The Shield Christmas list. He says Reigns wants Big E to knock his teeth in. Dean Ambrose wants an attitude adjustment, and Seth Rollins wants to go to sleep. Big E tells The Shield to believe in that.

-Commercial Break-

Back on Raw, The Real Americans are in the ring. Zeb Coulter wants everyone to remember something. Santa Claus are an illegal immigrant, just like most of the people in the arena. The difference between Santa and them though, is that he only comes across the border for one night, and goes home. Zeb tells everyone to say “We the People.” Los Matadores now make their way to the ring for this tag team match.

The Real Americans vs. Los Matadores

Diego and Cesaro start the match off. Cesaro charges in and gets caught with a head scissor. Diego connects with a back elbow then goes up top. He leaps off but is caught by Cesaro. Cesaro now with a giant swing. Diego bails to the outside. Diego and Fernando switch places on the outside. Both men now back inside and Fernando rolls up Cesaro for a 2 count. Swagger now tags in. Fernando flies to the outside onto Cesaro. Diego now in and hits a flying head scissor on Swagger. Diego goes up top and connects with a cross body on Swagger for the 3 count.

Winners by Pinfall – Los Matadores

Kofi Kingston now makes his way to the ring for the next match up. He will go one on one with Ryback after the commercial break.

-Commercial Break-

Back on Raw, Kofi Kingston is in the ring. His opponent, Ryback, now makes his way to the ring for this one on one match.

Kofi Kingston vs. Ryback

Both men lock up and Ryback hits a quick arm drag. Kingston fights back with kicks and punches to Ryback. Kofi runs into a shoulder block by Ryback. Kofi comes back with a drop kick. He charges and hits a lariat in the corner to Ryback. Ryback bails to the floor. Ryback gets back on the apron and Kofi drop kicks him off. Kofi dives over the top onto Ryback on the outside. Both men back in the ring, but Ryback clotheslines Kofi back to the outside. Ryback gives chase and throws Kofi face first into the mat. Both men now back in the ring. Kofi gets thrown very hard into the corner. Ryback all over him with stomps to the back. Ryback with a big chop to Kofi in the corner. They switch corners and Ryback gives another chop. Ryback lifts up Kofi into a bear hug. Kofi fights out with elbows to the head. Ryback catches Kofi and hits a stalling suplex. Ryback covers for a 2 count. Ryback comes off the top but eats a boot to the face. Ryback charges and eats an elbow. Kofi connects with a spring board drop kick for a 2 count. Kofi with a couple big kicks to the chest of Ryback. Kofi hits the ropes and connects with the boom drop. Kofi calls for Trouble in Paradise. Kofi goes to the outside and hits a big cross body for a close 2 count. Ryback catches Kofi in the corner and hits him with snake eyes. Ryback hits the ropes and connects with the meathook clothesline. Ryback lifts up Kofi and connects with the shell shock. He covers and gets the 3 count.

Winner by Pinfall – Ryback

-Commercial Break-

Back on Raw, Bad News Barrett has joined us in the arena. Barrett says he has been out raising money from this city all day. He says he has raised over thousands of dollars. He says he has some bad news. He isn’t affiliated with a charity. He says the money is coming home with him. He says it will be a good Christmas at the Barrett household. We join The Shield in the back. Ambrose says Punk won the lottery at TLC, and now he has 3 thorns in his side. Rollins says Cena and Punk knows whats coming for them, they have been here before. Reigns says Big E has the target on his back. He is swimming with the sharks now. He needs to believe that, and believe in The Shield.

-Commercial Break-

Back on Raw, it’s main event time as CM Punk makes his way to the ring. The Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston now makes his way to the ring. Their partner, John Cena, joins them to complete the first team. Their opponents, The Shield, make their ways to the ring to get this main event started.

CM Punk, Big E Langston, and John Cena vs. The Shield

Dean Ambrose and John Cena will start the match off. They lock up in the middle of the ring. Cena with a big shoulder tackle to Ambrose. Rollins quickly tags into the match. Cena fires with shots and then hits his flying shoulder blocks. Cena with the spinning side slam. He goes for the 5 knuckle shuffle but Rollins rolls out of the ring to regroup. Rollins now back in the ring. Rollins tags in Roman Reigns. Cena starts with shots to the gut, but Reigns connects with a samoan drop. Reigns covers for a 2 count. Reigns tags in Rollins as we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

Back on Raw, Seth Rollins is all over John Cena. Rollins comes off the top with a blockbuster for a 2 count. Rollins tags in Ambrose. Ambrose with a short elbow and a cover for a 2 count. Ambrose lands some well placed right hands. Cena fights back with right hands of his own, but Ambrose locks in a sleeper hold. Cena fights back to his feets and tries to reach for a tag, but Ambrose locks it in deeper. Cena reaches Punk for the tag. Punk is on fire. Punk lands a calf kick and flies through the rope onto Ambrose. Both men back in the ring and Punk connects with a swinging neck breaker. Punk goes on the apron and is pushed to the floor by Ambrose. Ambrose gives chase and hits a suplex on the outside. Ambrose slides in to break the ref’s count. Ambrose tosses Punk back into the ring and covers or a 2 count. Rollins now tags back into the match. Rollins with some mounted punches to Punk on the mat. Punk whipped very hard into the turnbuckle. Rollins gets whipped Shawn Michaels style into the corner. Rollins rolls over and tags in Ambrose who cuts off Punk from making a tag. Ambrose backs Punk back into The Shield’s corner and tags in Reigns. Reigns pushes Punk and Punk fights back with forearms. Punk jumps at Reigns but gets caught in a bear hug. Punk goes for Reign’s bad eye, but Reigns slams him down to the mat for a 2 count. Reigns with a jumping elbow for another 2 count. Rollins tags back into the match. Rollins locks in a body scissor to Punk. Punk with a bunch of back elbows to break the hold. Punk connects with a belly to back suplex to get more separation. Ambrose charges in to attack Cena off of the apron. Reigns connects with a spear on the outside to Cena. Punk connects with a kick to the head of Ambrose. Punk almost gets to Big E but he is cut off. Reigns charges in and misses Punk in the corner. Big E gets the hot tag and starts cleaning house. Big E tosses Ambrose off the top rop on to Rollins. Big E connects with a double splash to Rollins and Ambrose. Ambrose tags in. Big E lifts Ambrose up for the big ending but Rollins catches him with a pele kick. Everything breaks down in the ring. Big E connects with the big ending on Ambrose but The Shield come in and attack to cause the DQ.

Winners by DQ – CM Punk, Big E Langston, and John Cena

After the match, The Shield goes for the triple powerbomb, but Cena and Punk hit the ring. Cena connects with the AA and Punk with the GTS as The Shield bails to the floor. The faces celebrate in the ring as The Shield retreats up the aisle way as we go off the air.

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