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Has WWE Forgotten How to be Creative?

CM Punk walks out of the WWE. Randy Orton is still the WWE Champion despite having a massively underwhelming title reign so far. Batista wins the Royal Rumble despite being out of a WWE ring for four years and receives a title shot a Wrestlemania. Daniel Bryan wasn’t even in the Royal Rumble and despite being the most popular performer on the roster he has only had two title reigns that lasted technically less than 24 hours. Much of this can be attributed to backstage politics but why would the WWE sabotage their own product and alienate their fan base for their own personal satisfaction? Could it be they have run out of ideas to keep things interesting?
Even though it was almost certain to happen, no one wanted Batista to win the Royal Rumble. As much as WWE wants to place the blame on location a very large number of wrestling fans didn’t even want to see him return then, and maybe ever. To wrestling fans Batista epitomizes everything WWE thinks their fans want when in actuality it’s the complete opposite. Furthermore Batista returning seemed to have backed the people on the creative team into a wall. With Batista returning, the powers that be figured the only logical thing to do is thrust him into the main event picture because again, that’s what they assume every WWE fan wants to see. Assuming Batista’s deal is in fact a multi year one there definitely is plenty of time for him to have one decent if not good title run. Why be so quick to plug him into the main event? He hadn’t performed in a WWE ring for four years, shows up, and automatically gets a shot not only for the title but on the biggest stage in pro wrestling? What happened to the days where you earned not only your shot to be there but a shot to show and prove you are the best? We all know he wants to be champ but so does someone like Brock Lesnar. Not only that but the similarities as well as the differences paint a picture with a story worth telling. Two giant colossal beings, both similar in size and intensity have never faced off in a WWE ring. Not to mention one had a pretty successful career in MMA and the other….well didn’t. Now I’m not saying this match has to happen at Wrestlemania but beforehand probably would’ve sat better with fans rather than giving him an undeserved shot. It’s all about letting fans invest in a character. If a character leaves for four years no matter how popular he or she was, that investment fades away. Remind fans why this person was so popular. Again, assuming he has a multi year deal there’s plenty of time for a Batista title reign, does it have to be now?
Speaking of fans investing in someone, how about that Daniel Bryan guy huh? I’m not going to go into a rant about why WWE isn’t using him right or why he isn’t the WWE Champion and all the other things that have been questioned and analyzed about his situation. I simply do not know. I thought I did. I thought WWE was milking the whole Daniel Bryan being an underdog idea but the underdog always comes out on top in the end right? So when does it end? Again, I don’t know. Bryan is as popular as Austin was at the height of the Attitude Era and when it became apparent Austin was going to be the next big thing WWE wasted no time in making him the face of the company. Daniel Bryan’s rise to popularity took shape during the beginning stages of the buildup to Summer Slam. Ah yes, Summer Slam. I don’t want you to focus on what transpired at the event but rather when the event happened. August 18, 2013. We are now in February of 2014. We’re approaching six months since Summer Slam and Daniel Bryan has held the title on two separate occasions except he lost it the night he won it at Summer Slam due to Orton cashing in his Money in the Bank contract and then on Raw after Night of Champions after Triple H held the title up for vacancy due to a deliberate fast count, which we got no explanation as to why that happen. All in all Daniel Bryan has held the title twice, however both reigns don’t even add up to 24 hours. Does the WWE hate Daniel Bryan? To paraphrase Mick Foley who is equally perplexed, does the WWE hate it’s own fans? The guy wasn’t even in the Royal Rumble match Batista won! He OPENED the entire event and had not only the best match on the card but easily an early choice for best match of 2014. I can’t even come up with scenarios creatively that would make sense without Bryan being the champion right now. Bottom line, just give this guy the belt already. He can work 100 times better than anyone on that roster and he can make his opponents look legit. Win or lose his opponents look legit because they faced, without a doubt, the best wrestler on the planet. They faced the champion.
Speaking of the best remember this guy?! Again the current CM Punk situation, much like the Daniel Bryan one, has been analyzed from every angle from wrestling writers and fans and me doing so now would just be beating a dead horse. You’ve simply got two things to look at here: Either CM Punk really does not want to be apart of the WWE right now or WWE is really investing time and commitment to this whole thing by single-handedly wiping out Punk from recent memory just to fool the fans. If that’s the case then I guess the question and purpose to this article is pointless so I’m just going to go with he’s really gone and not coming back for the time being. My personal opinion is I don’t care. I don’t mean that in some “I’m too cool” jaded fan sort of way but rather it isn’t my life or body and I’m not the millionaire in this situation so how can I comment on what a man personally does with his life? I’ll miss Punk for however long he’ll be on this vacation. There’s no denying when he was in a good place he was on his A game both in the ring and on the mic. Since his return after Wrestlemania in my opinion he wasn’t putting together the best string of matches so having Punk at anything less than 100% both mentally and physically does no good for himself, WWE, and the fans who pay to see him. Personally I would have love to seen a Triple H/CM Punk match at Wrestlemania. On paper it’s a great if not awesome match especially on a stage like Wrestlemania. My only gripe is that Punk chose to leave at a time when fans needed him the most. Right now WWE isn’t putting out the most captivating product from a creative standpoint. Punk always had the vibe attached to him that when he walked out to the ring whether to cut a promo or wrestle, you were going to see something cool. If anyone was going to defy “The Authority” with absolutely no fear of the ramifications and actually voice what fans were saying it was Punk. Maybe one day….
Then there’s the WWE Champion Randy Orton. To be honest Orton doesn’t have much fault in all of this. His blame, at least in my eyes, is he’s just boring. I had high hopes for him after Summer Slam because he’s just a natural heel, a role he himself says he’s more comfortable in. My hopes faded over time and I feel the blame rests on Creative. Big Show? Really? From October to November Big Show becomes the biggest threat to Randy Orton? You know Creative had to no idea what to do or how to progress if someone goes from Pay Per View Main Event to completely absent in one month. Let us not forget we got two months of John Cena vs. Randy Orton to add to their gazillion match catalog. The whole purpose of the title unification match is to find who is the one true champion? Why book the rematch as the one to find the one true champion? Orton’s behavior at the Rumble didn’t come off as everyone perceived it to be. To me it came off as someone who has no clue what the hell is happening around him. Why should he? He’s the WWE Champion! Champion means you’re the #1 guy and if you’re the #1 guy everything is good right?
You didn’t think I’d forget about John Cena did you?! Truth be told, he has no reason to be mentioned in this mass pile of creative garbage we’ve been fed. In fact, if he does need a mention at all it’s for once, the reason fans are so upset with WWE has nothing to do with Cena. Mind blowing. The guy just wants to work. If fans are into what he’s apart of he’s not going to moan backstage, he’s going to try and change the fans reception right there. Keep being you Cena!
All in all it’s safe to say WWE creatively is in a bit of a funk. With all the recent drama it seems as though they’re just throwing  bunch of things at the wall and whatever sticks they run with. All of this couldn’t have come at a worse time as we’re on the road to Wrestlemania and close to the launch of the WWE Network. Wrestlemania will tell stories both in the ring and behind the scenes. It will tell us what happens when the McMahon Family has their backs to the wall. Do they dig in and come through in the clutch to deliver a stellar event or do they show what they, more importantly Vince, have always feared they’d have to admit: They don’t know what their fans want.

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  1. Great Observation, but got few questions
    J Cena is the true face without a doubt but who he will face in WMania this time last 2 times he main evented against ROCK who is this time IF its Taker I swear we got a rematch at WMania 31 or J Cena is too professional to go one on one against B wyatt or R Reigns
    I personnally feel the unification of the Titles gave us one less BIG match in Mania
    With Rumors like Sting coming back why not a a World title Reign by Sting or D Brayn instead for 6 months I am sure as u said he will give 100 times what u expect like Brayn vs Ziggler or Miz or Wyatt or Reign or even A Ceasro will give proper wrestling match in a PPV
    To CM punk,if he stay out of WWE till next R Rumble he is also following others like Batista
    He should return to Ring soon and go against Authority
    My WMania cards are here
    Opening Match
    1. Big E vs D Ambrose vs S Rollins vs R Reigns for IC and US titles
    2. WHC match D Brayn vs D Ziggler vs MIZ
    3. J Cena vs B Wyatt or Entire Wyatt family
    4. Undertaker vs B Lesnar (if Lesnar wins he can WWE champion ship match and WHC match at anytime he want 2 match 2 title)
    5. HHH vs CM Punk (if CM Punk wins HHH is not longer to run day to day operation if CM Punk loses he will leave WWE for good)
    6. R Orton vs D Batista for WWE Championship
    Kick Off shows 5 teams Tag team Elimination match
    DX vs USO's vs Rodhes bros vs R American vs X woods and R Truth
    @iamsathiish – Twitter


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