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Random Post Wednesday Because I’m Sick

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Okay so I was hoping to feel well enough to record a podcast episode and while I’m not as sick as I was, doing a show solo wouldn’t be pleasant for your ears. However, this week in wrestling has been too huge ignore. So I wanted to take this time to discuss some stuff and share my opinion on things going on in the wrestling world. Always remember, the more YOU are apart of the discussion the better (and easier) my job is.

So lets talk wrestling shall we?

Looks like the Monday after the Elimination Chamber Pay Per View is taking shape to become the most watched and most important Raw in WWE history. Reports are Hulk Hogan, Jimmy Hart, and The Undertaker are penciled in to make appearances on the show. Not to mention the only build up that will be happening will be geared toward Wrestlemania 30. Now for the most part creatively WWE hasn’t hasn’t delivered the best product.
But this Raw was different…

It wasn’t the best show but I thought Monday’s edition of Raw was very very good. It was sort of basic and not overdone. It had a ton of great action.
It started with a pretty good 6 man tag match between The Wyatt Family vs. The Rhodes Brothers and Rey Mysterio. It had a lot of good back and forth action at a nice pace to start the show. Cody Rhodes is really starting to develop into a hybrid wrestler with both technical and aerial skill combined with a great throwback look. I think if Cody goes the singles competitor route soon, the rest of 2014 could be a huge year for him. Bray Wyatt provided a definite holy sh*t moment of the night when during the final moments of the contest he caught Mysterio in stride as Mysterio was about to deliver the 619 to Harper and hit him with Sister Abigail. The beauty of it was the complication to deliver the move in a fluid motion and Bray nailed it. Check out the highlights:
Another can’t miss match from Monday was the tag match between The Real Americans vs. Sheamus and Christian. It was one of those matches that reminded you why tag team wrestling is so great. Every week The Real Americans climb the ranks as one of my favorite teams in wrestling. I’m sure a breakup of the team is impending so I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. Cesaro is truly and expert when it comes to tag team wrestling. I don’t know how much more I can beg wrestling fans to check out the work of the Kings of Wrestling. (Cesaro aka Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero aka Kassius Ohno) KOW had tag team wrestling down like a science.
Congratulations goes out to Lita who will be inducted into the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame. I can’t think of a more well deserving female wrestler to receive the honor. At a time where females in WWE were look at mostly like eye candy, Lita made female wrestlers cool again. She proved that she could have great match with both male and female competitors and it was her skill that made it possible, not an overdone physique. Her rivalry with Trish Stratus will always serve as a bright spot in the history of WWE and women’s professional wrestling.
Not to be outdone in terms of great tag matches, The Usos earned a great victory against RybAxel capped off by a cool blind tag from Jey Uso as he was in mid air for an over the top rope suicide dive. Jimmy Uso hits a Superfly Splash from the top rope with the tag team champions New Age Outlaws looking on from commentary. Now I know a lot fans think the nostalgia with NAO has worn out it’s welcome and I’m not disagreeing but it would be cool to see the legendary and arguably the most entertaining tag team of the Attitude Era take on a team that has been a major part in the revival of tag team wrestling in the WWE. The Usos are way overdue for a shot at the titles. No one has worked harder just off pure talent and skill, going from Superstars to now a weekly fixture on Raw.
Dean Ambrose actually defended his US Title! Holy crap.
The highlight of the match came during commercial break when Seth Rollins grabbed the mic to control the unruly LA crowd and their CM Punk chants. He yelled CM who? and proceeded to put Ambrose over as the man who every man wants to be and every woman wants to be with. How nice of Seth to be such a good wing man! This was actually the first time a WWE personality has acknowledged the absence of Punk on live TV. Strange but funny. Man, if that was the best a crowd in a major market could muster to show support for Punk seems like fans may not care for the Punk drama and the ones that do get gassed out quicker than Batista in the Royal Rumble.
Kane, the Director of Operations, was placed on administrative leave after he attacked Daniel Bryan on both Raw the previous week and Friday on Smackdown. Bryan, who was given the night off due to his “agitated state”, came down to the ring to hand Kane a beating and send him retreating into the LA audience. Now normally I’d be all for a Kane/Daniel Bryan feud due to the two having a history but on the “Road to Wrestlemania” where we’re all hoping to see Bryan capture some moment of glory no one would want to see Daniel Bryan take on Kane. Why? Because there is nothing on the line for Bryan other than putting on a great wrestling match which he does on a weekly basis on TV. And so the saga continues….
And so this leaves us with the main event of the evening. A match we’ve seen countless number of times was chronicled throughout the night. I had a feeling this match was going to be as good as it was. Their match at Royal Rumble wasn’t the best of matches due to the fact that fans basically overtook the focus and turned on Cena and Orton. This match was headed down that same dark path but both men really dug down deep to have a great match and in the process the crowd started paying attention to the match rather than someone who isn’t even there to begin with. Even though the match ultimately had the same LOLCENAWINS format, it was an enjoyable match nonetheless.

The highlight of the night for me was no doubt the stare down between The Wyatt Family and The Shield. Everything about it was old school. Tension built with no words spoken or fists thrown. Both teams standing their ground. At the height of the tension one team backs down. But was it in cowardice or did The Wyatt Family do the smart thing and wait till Elimination Chamber? Throughout all the drama in the WWE right now it was refreshing to see something done a majority of the fans want to see and done creatively this way. The moment sold the Pay Per View for me and I’m sure it did for a lot of fans. I can’t wait to see what happens next week on the go home edition of Raw for the Elimination Chamber.
Again this was a great edition of Raw. It proves you don’t need over complicated scenarios to make a good show. Hopefully they continue the trend for this coming Monday.Keeping with the WWE a great question was tweeted to me by Tony Warner aka King Bingus. Check out his wrestling blog by clicking here. Really cool stuff. He asks:Do you think the rugged travel, performing, media and extra curricular schedules of main eventers in WWE are career shortening? Burn out being one thing but forced retirement is another I just help but think we won’t really ever see another 25 year career.”
This is a great question. For one I don’t think we won’t see another 25 year career but that necessarily isn’t a bad thing. WWE is always evolving. Sometimes it isn’t best to milk a performer till they’re dry because you run the risk of them not exiting on their own terms. With that said I believe Superstars are better equipped to deal with the tough schedule. Gone are the days of you hearing Wrestler A has been hopped up on illicit drugs to keep them going. Nowadays all the rage is fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Certain stars like Randy Orton have added years to his career by investing in a tour bus style RV where he can go and stretch his legs and rest comfortably after a hard day’s work. Big Show does the same seeing as airplane seats are cramped, especially for a person who’s 7ft. The downside to the tour bus lifestyle is they’re incredibly expensive to purchase and maintain. To make the investment you’d definitely have to have a nice contract and a secured spot in the company’s long term plans. I wonder what CM Punk plans to do with his bus? All in all I think Superstars are doing what it takes to add more years to their career whether it be just traveling wiser or maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I don’t think a 25+ year career will be seen but it’s due to the new nature of this evolving business.
If you’re a fan of the independent wrestling scene then I highly suggest checking out Indy Power Rankings. The top 10 independent wrestlers and top 5 tag teams are ranked weekly and it’s a great way to stay on top of who’s the talk of the scene and maybe one day you can see those stars in the WWE or TNA. Check out Indy Power Rankings by clicking here.
Speaking of indy wrestling I highly suggest everyone go check out CZW’s 15th Anniversary iPPV. It was another stellar show attended by a packed crowd of over 1000+. No matter the type of wrestling fan you are there was something for you on this card. My favorite match of the night was definitely the 4 way match between AR Fox, Drake Younger, BLK Jeez, and Chris Dickinson. Great fast paced action. Drew Gulak vs. AJ Styles is also on the card for the CZW World Title as well as appearances from Joey Ryan, Candace LeRae, and CZW Tag Team Champions The Beaver Boys. Order the replay by visiting
Stay tuned for a special podcast from 4 Corners Radio’s Billy Carpenter featuring yours truly. Billy and I will be doing a retrospect episode talking about Wrestlemania IV. Billy will be chronicling every Wrestlemania event leading up to last year’s with various podcasters and wrestling bloggers just in time for Wrestlemania XXX. It is truly an honor to be apart of such a project and to even be considered in the first place. I’m looking forward to it.
Well this concludes this random post. Thank you all for working with me while I get better. I’m pretty sure I’ll be good to go by next week. In the mean time please share your thoughts by commenting below, posting on our Facebook page, or sending us a tweet on Twitter. Your input is vital! Take care.


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