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Pro Wrestling Spotlight: Kyle O’Reilly

Credit: rohworld.com

Hands down he is my favorite pro wrestler on the planet. Many who follow the independent wrestling scene can agree as well, Kyle O’ Reilly is one talented wrestler. In a world with the likes of Daniel Bryan, Kazuchika Okada, and Ricochet just to name a few, how does Kyle O’Reilly constantly top my list of best wrestlers on the planet?

He’s my ‘Create a Wrestler’ in human form. Despite what mainstream professional wrestling thinks, I’m not a fan of the Batista-esque physique of muscles on top of muscles. Don’t get me wrong, I have tremendous respect for those who show that amount of dedication and discipline but in all my years as a wrestling fan I find that most performers in that category are all show and little skill. O’Reilly is one lean wrestling machine.This allows for a deadly combination of speed, stamina, and deceptive strength. If he were wrestling a 30 minute Iron Match for example, you’re going to get the same level of intensity in minute 30 that you got in minute 1.
You’re never going to be bored watching him wrestle. His move set can be described in one word, impressive. Reason being is it’s almost endless. Not only is it endless but it covers such a wide range of fighting styles and techniques. He has an amazing technical skill that would solidify a match between he and Kurt Angle to be classified as a dream match. He masterfully intertwines this technical skill with his knowledge of Jiu-jitsu and kickboxing. Although I am not a big fan of MMA like a majority of wrestling fans, watching O’Reilly throw a combo of quick strikes and then finish his opponent with a lightning fan leg sweep always gets a “Wow” out of me. Nothing like seeing him hit a series of rolling butterfly DDTs into a brainbuster or counter an opponent’s finisher with a guillotine choke hold. It is truly limitless in terms of what he can do in the ring. 

There’s no doubt in my mind that O’Reilly will one day grace the TV screen of wrestling fans around the world. With the look of a throwback wrestler meets today’s MMA fighter and the repertoire to back it up, sky’s the limit for this former rugby player turned wrestler. 
I was lucky enough to get in contact with someone who helped train Kyle O’Reilly and guide him on the path he is on today. From day one Tony Kozina knew there was something special about Kyle. He was nice enough to email me his thoughts on O’Reilly and why he is as good as everyone is making him out to be. He also talks about the struggle which proved Kyle’s determination. Here is the entire email unedited:

Hey Erik, I’d be glad to join in the discussion. Right off the top of my head, Kyle surpasses 90 percent of the guys out there because he’s willing to prove himself and go where there is opportunity. In my view, independent wrestling scene has changed, and not for the better.. It’s become a haven for fans who can pretend to be something they arent.. now all these guys will tell you they train, morning noon and night brother..and it’s all fluff. Kyle moved himself from across the country, and in fact a different country, to take a huge gamble moving out here and living in a place where he can’t even find work legally. But he believed in what Davey and I told him. so in my estimation that showed me his desire, right from the start. From there he trained with us, every day.. Start to finish. And it’s really that simple.. he has two people to learn from, one who in fact has gone on to greater greater and greater heights, and continues to, so that is ablessing like no other. We were justo discussing that the other day. I had to find my way around in the dark, trying to figure out how to better myself.. Davey has been fortunate to learn, first from other top independent wrestlers, then from Noah.. Then, his eyes really opened up when he went to New Japan Pro Wrestling.. And that’s when he came back and started teaching us! Isn’t that magnificent? So you want to know why Kyle is blazing a trail, it’s because he has knowledge and teachings, from guys that have actually been there, and at least in my case while ive never achieved what Davey has, I’ve worked enough with many top names, and get enough places to know right from wrong.. So there’s your winning combination.. Along with his genetics and a lean, muscular frame.. He has desire, and he’s found the right people that can give him the proper knowledge, and perhaps most importantly, steer him in the right direction. The other, and probably most important factor, is your mindset.. Your mindset will determine how far you go.
Hope that helps you my friend!

Below I posted a match between O’Reilly (with Tony Kozina in his corner) and the man Kozina mentions above, Davey Richards. It’s a great contest that shows off how good O’Reilly is and if you look at his body of work in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla for 2013 he has actually gotten better.
2X Ring of Honor Tag Team Champion (w/ Bobby Fish as reDRagon)*3X NWA Canadian Junior Heavyweight Champion*2013 Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Battle of Los Angeles Winner
Favorite Matches
vs. TJ Perkins PWG Ten (2013)**vs.  Adam Cole PWG Matt Rushmore (2013)**vs. ACH PWG Battle of Los Angeles (2013)**vs. Davey Richards PWG Is Your Body Ready? (2013)** 

*Source: here**You can purchase these events via HighSpots.com


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