Daniel Bryan

The YES Movement Comes to WrestleMania

Music much like wrestling is subjective. With various styles, genres, sub-genres, and artists, music is as universal as speaking a language. One of the great things about music is that it can become a parallel to everyday life. An artist or band can write a song about a particular situation that happened to them personally and a someone else can listen to that same song and apply it to a completely different personal situation. With this video, I feel I found a parallel between the song and wrestling.

The song “To A Friend” by Alexisonfire to me is about watching someone struggle with something and although you want to see them come out on top you wonder if this battle is worth it in the first place. Obviously the big story this weekend is the potential for Daniel Bryan to live out his WrestleMania moment and become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. It’s what he and almost all of the WWE Universe have been asking for since Bryan was chosen by Cena to challenge him for the title this past August at SummerSlam. Since then we’ve sat through highs and lows of Daniel Bryan beat downs, screw jobs, and general shenanigans which prevented his championship glory and fans getting what they want. It’s gotten to the point where you wonder if he’s ever going to get his time to shine.

Well, that time may come this Sunday. With the decked stacked against him Daniel Bryan has to defeat Triple H JUST to get a shot at the title. Even then to win he must beat Champion Randy Orton and Batista. No matter the outcome I’m excited for the matches and the event in general. It’s pro wrestling’s SuperBowl. It’s WrestleMania.

*All video rights belong to World Wrestling Entertainment and Ring of Honor Wrestling. Music rights belong to Alexisonfire and Vagrant/Hassle/Shock Records and Distort Entertainment.

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