RAW Results – 5/5/14

Here are tonight’s Raw results via Matt Boone of Sescoops.com

WWE United States Championship

(20-Man Battle Royal)

The post-Extreme Rules edition of WWE  kicks off with The Shield’s theme music hitting. All three members of the group come through the crowd to get to the ring, with Dean Ambrose — the man who is defending his WWE U.S. title in a 20-man battle royal — leading the pack. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns remain on the outside of the ring. Justin Roberts does the introduction and then the  theme music hits as his 19 opponents all come to the ring at the same time.
The bell rings and all of the guys immediately start brawling. Zack Ryder is the first to get eliminated. Out next is R-Truth. Big Show eliminates Titus O’Neil. Xavier Woods was eliminated, but the announcers never acknowledged it. Big Show just press-slammed Sin Cara out of the ring, eliminating him. Damien Sandow is eliminated as we head to a mid-match commercial.
When we return from commercial, the action is still in full effect inside the ring. Everyone teams up to try and eliminate Big Show and Mark Henry but the break free and lay everyone out. The two stare each other down and then the two big boys collide. Big Show ends up chokeslamming him. We’re told that Heath Slater was eliminated during the break. Everyone teams up and eliminates Big Show and then Mark Henry.
Kofi Kingston does a cool one-handed handstand on the apron outside the ropes to avoid elimination, but then Ambrose eliminates him anyways. Goldust is knocked off the top rope and out to the floor, so he is eliminated. Cody Rhodes is eliminated seconds later. Santino Marella pulls out the Cobra and nails Dolph Ziggler with it to eliminate him. Ryback and Curtis Axel team up and eliminate Santino. The Albany fans begin loud “Goldberg” chants directed towards Ryback.
The only guys left are Dean Ambrose, Ryback, Curtis Axel, Jack Swagger and Sheamus. Ryback and Axel try and eliminate Ambrose. Some scattered “CM Punk” chants break out. Axel is eliminated. Ambrose eliminates Ryback. We’re down to the final three, which are Ambrose, Sheamus and Swagger. Ambrose eliminates Swagger and then turns around right into a Brogue Kick from Sheamus. Sheamus picks Ambrose up and simply throws him over the top. Sheamus wins.
Winner and NEW WWE United States Champion: Sheamus
Triple H Announces Tonight’s Main Event
After the match, Ambrose is pissed and Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins are standing by him. Triple H’s “King of Kings” music hits and he makes his way out to the top of the stage. He says The Shield and Evolution had a great battle last night. He informs The Shield that they’ll be competing in a six-man tag-team match later tonight against The Wyatt Family and then tells them that they’re luck is about to run out. After this segment, we head to another commercial break.
Renee Young Interviews Sheamus
When we return from commercial, Renee Young is backstage with Sheamus. She asks him how it feels to have just won the U.S. Championship. He talks about how he hasn’t had much luck since returning, but now he’s set to go on a roll. He tells Dean Ambrose, “no hard feelings, fella” and leaves.
Backstage: Daniel Bryan, Brie Bella & Stephanie McMahon
Backstage we see Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella chatting. Stephanie McMahon enters the room. She says all she did was anger Kane last night. She says the only way she can guarantee Bryan’s safety tonight is to stay in his locker room until his match later tonight. She leaves. After she leaves, Brie says, “look.” The camera pans over and we see Kane’s mask hanging on their dressing room door.
Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro
Back in the arena, Rob Van Dam’s music hits. RVD makes his way to the ring as the announcers inform us he’ll be competing next against “The King of Swing” Cesaro. We head to a commercial break.
When we return from commercial, Paul Heyman comes out to no music. He reminds us that his client Brock Lesnar broke The Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania. He then introduces Cesaro. Cesaro and Heyman make their way to the ring.
Van Dam starts things off by taking the offensive lead. He hits all of his typical moves as the crowd gets fired up. The fans chant “Ce-Sar-O” to try and rally behind him. The fans chant “Walrus” at Heyman on the outside. Cesaro starts making a comeback as we head to a mid-match commercial.
When we return from commercial, Cesaro has Van Dam in a headlock as the fans chant “RVD” to try and rally behind Van Dam. RVD gets out and starts fighting back with an assortment of kicks. Cesaro ends up cutting RVD’s comeback short and is back in control of the offense.
Cesaro does his power-up gut-wrench suplex on Van Dam, holds on and rolls through, and then does it two more times. Van Dam ends up getting his leg tied up in the ropes and is now hanging upside down. Cesaro kicks the crap out of Van Dam, then goes outside the ring and punches away at him. He refuses to stop despite demands to do so from the referee, so the ref calls for the bell. Cesaro is disqualified.
Winner via DQ: Rob Van Dam
In-Ring Segment: The Wyatt Family
The Wyatt Family cut-in happens. We see Bray Wyatt with the latern on the big screen, with Erick Rowan and Luke Harper standing next to him. “Albany, we’re here.” He blows out the latern and we cut to commercial.
When we return from commercial, The Wyatt Family is shown already standing in the ring. Bray is seated in his rocking chair in the center of the ring. Wyatt talks about how Abigail always told him he was destined to be a leader. He says all his life he was told he was a nobody, but by beating John Cena last night, he became a somebody. He talks about “Little Johnny” scaring Cena at Extreme Rules and then highlights of that are shown.
Wyatt stands up out of his chair and talks about how he’s a monster and that he can be oh so cruel. He says people won’t remember him as a monster. Instead they will remember him from what he is — which is a god. He kneels down and sings “he’s got the whole world in his hands” to end the segment. We head to another commercial.
Ryback vs. Cody Rhodes
When we return from commercial, Ryback and Curtis Axel are already in the ring. Out next is Goldust and Cody Rhodes. The bell rings and Goldust and Curtis Axel step out of the ring. Rhodes knocks Ryback out to the outside early on. Ryback slides back in the ring. Ryback tries to attack Rhodes, but Rhodes moves. Rhodes gets caught on the shoulder of Ryback and Ryback connects with snake eyes. Ryback now lands a big right hand. Rhodes hits the ropes but eats a big elbow by Ryback. Ryback covers for a two count.
Rhodes connects with a shoulder block from the apron. He tries a sunset flip, but Ryback catches him and slams Rhodes’ head on the mat. Ryback hits a few quick suplexes. Ryback lifts Rhodes up and hits a long stalling suplex. Because he held him up so long in that position, the fans thought of the Jackhammer and started chanting “Goldberg” at him.
The finish saw Rhodes go to the top rope while Goldust runs over and stops Axel from interfering, however he’s bumped into the ring post from the floor and it causes Rhodes to lose his balance. Ryback catches Rhodes coming off the top and hits him with the Shellshock for the win.
Winner: Ryback
Backstage: Brie Bella, Daniel Bryan & Stephanie McMahon
Backstage, we see a worried Brie Bella with Daniel Bryan. The lights end up going out so the two run out of the room. We see Kane’s mask lit up hanging on the wall still. They bump into Stephanie in the hallway. She says she thought she told them to stay put. Bryan says Stephanie knows what’s going on. She says she’ll have their car brought around and to just stay put. We head to commercial.
When we return from commercial, we see a bunch of Mexican stuff in the ring to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Pinatas, Mexican flags, etc. Los Matadores and El Torito are in the ring. Los Matadores says they want to have a very special Cinco de Mayo celebration. Torito has a bunch of candy. He keeps running through the Matadores bull rags, or whatever those are called, and throws the candy out to the crowd.
Cinco de Mayo Celebration With Los Matadores & 3MB
3MB’s music hits to interupt the fan. Heath Slater is on the mic and talks about how you can’t have a party without Tres-MB. He informs us that that’s three in Spanish. When they enter the ring, they reveal that they legitimately came out here to call for a truce.
They yell at Los Matadores to speak English, which prompts a “U.S.A.” chant from the Albany fans. Torito offers some candy to Hornswoggle as a peace-offering. Horny spits the candy out and cheap-shots Torito, leading to a brawl. Matadores end up clearing all of the 3MB guys and Horny out of the ring to end this god-awful segment. We head to commercial.
Alexander Rusev vs. Kofi Kingston
Lana comes out and cuts one of her typical promos, putting over Russia and Alexander Rusev. She then introduces him and he comes down to the ring. Already in the ring is his opponent for tonight, Kofi Kingston.
The bell rings and here we go. Kingston throws a bunch of kicks but Rusev ends up taking over almost immediately. Rusev dominates for a while until Kingston gets in a tiny bit of offense, including taking him off his feet once with a flying cross-body splash off the top. Rusev turns the tables immediately and finishes Kingston off within a minute or two with his “Accolade” submission finisher.
Winner: Alexander Rusev
Backstage: Daniel Bryan, Brie Bella & Stephanie McMahon
Backstage we see Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella walking to their car. They get in and go to leave, but Stephanie walks up and tells Bryan he can’t leave until he has his match, which is next. If he doesn’t compete, she’ll have to consider it a breach of his contract and strip him of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Bryan says, “come on Brie, let’s go.” They get out of the car and head back into the building. We head to commercial.
Alberto Del Rio vs. Daniel Bryan
When we return from commercial, Alberto Del Rio is already in the ring. Daniel Bryan’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring with Brie Bella.
The bell rings and here we go. Bryan looks around with a concerned look on his face, likely making sure Kane isn’t anywhere in sight. He goes to work on Del Rio, gaining the upper-hand offensively early on.
Del Rio starts taking control of the offense now, leading the fans to rally behind their man, as they break out in a loud “Daniel Bryan” chant. They start chanting “U.S.A” immediately after that. Bryan starts fighting back with “Yes!” kicks. Del Rio slows him down by hitting him with the back-stabber. He throws Bryan out to the floor and goes out after him. Del Rio slams Bryan into the barricade as we head to a mid-match commercial.
When we return from commercial, Del Rio is still taking it to Bryan. The action spills out to the floor again where Del Rio continues to deliver punishment to the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
Back in the ring, Del Rio is still in control now as the fans fire up with “Daniel Bryan” chants again. Bryan starts making his comeback. He’s blasting Del Rio with all kinds of “Yes!” kicks. He locks Del Rio in the “Yes! Lock” and Del Rio taps out.
Winner: Daniel Bryan
After The Match: Kane Strikes
After the match, Bella enters the ring to celebrate with Bryan. Kane’s pyro and music hits. He’s nowhere to be found, but Bryan and Bella aren’t taking any chances, as they run off. They run to their car but the car won’t start. He looks under the hood and notices someone unplugged a wire. We see Kane pop up in the back seat and grab Brie. Bryan goes in after him, but Kane knocks him down. Kane gets out of the car and beats up Bryan some more. Kane gets up on the roof of the car. Bryan gets back in the car and drives off, throwing Kane off in the process. Bryan sees Kane flat on his back and exits the car looking worried. He walks near Kane, but Kane sits up. Bryan runs back into the car and he and Bella drive off. We head to commercial.
WWE Intercontinental Championship

– Big E. vs. Bad News Barrett (c)

When we return from commercial, Big E. makes his way to the ring. Out next is the new WWE Intercontinental Champion, Bad News Barrett. He informs us of the latest “bad news” as he makes his way to the ring. The bell rings and here we go.
The fans immediately break out in “Bad News Barrett” chants as Big E. manhandles Barrett early on. The action spills out to the floor where Big E. throws Barrett into the ringside steps. He throws Barrett back into the ring as another “Bad News Barrett” chant breaks out in Albany.
The fight breaks out to the floor again and Barrett throws Big E. shoulder-first into the ring post. Barrett pays tribute to Mick Foley by running off the apron with a big elbow drop on Big E. on the floor, even saying “bang, bang” before jumping. Barrett gets back in the ring and lets the referee count. The ref makes it to eight before Big E. rolls into the ring. We head to a mid-match commercial.
When we return from commercial, Barrett is still battering the former I-C champ inside the ring. Barrett misses a running boot to the face of Big E. and now Big E. is firing up and making his comeback. Big E.’s offensive runs short as Barrett hits the Winds of Change to slow down his momentum. A random “CM Punk” chant breaks out. Barrett goes for Wasteland but Big E. escapes.
Barrett goes for the Bad News Bull Hammer Elbow but Big E. avoids it. Big E. goes for the Big Ending but Barrett avoids that. Seconds later, Barrett hits his Bull Hammer Elbow for the 1-2-3. After the match, we head to another commercial break.
Winner and STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion: Bad News Barrett
Adam Rose’s Debut
When we return from commercial, after a “special Mother’s Day message” from Mr. T, Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter make their way to the ring. Colter cuts a promo once in the ring, dressing down Cinco de Mayo. He then reads off his “deportation list.” As he continues to speak, he is interupted by Adam Rose and his party people. They all come out dancing and partying.
Rose and his friends party their way to the ring. Rose gets up on the apron, leans back and falls and they all catch him. They carry him around the ring and prop him back up on the apron. Rose stops in front of Zeb, who is looking at him like he’s crazy. Rose tells Colter not to be a lemon, but instead be a Rose-bud. Colter orders Swagger to attack Rose, but Rose catches him with a big boot and throws him out of the ring. Rose and his friends party around in the ring and that’s about it for this segment. We head to commercial.
The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family
When we return from commercial, The Wyatt Family make their way to the ring for tonight’s main event. Out next through the crowd are their opponents for tonight, The Shield. The bell rings and here we go.
All six guys brawl immediately to start the match off. When the smoke clears, we finally have two guys in the ring. Rowan and Ambrose kick things off for their respective teams. The fans are already chanting “this is awesome.”
The Wyatt Family end up isolating Rollins and keep him in the ring, making quick tags to keep fresh guys on him and keep him down so they can maintain control of the match. We head to a mid-match commercial.
When we return from commercial, The Wyatt Family are still firmly in control of the offense. The Shield finally makes a tag and now they are making their comeback. All the guys battle on the floor. Rollins and Harper are now the legal men in the ring and Rollins is flying all over the place.
Harper and Rollins end up outside the ring where Harper blasts Rollins over the announce table. Harper clears off the announce table but doesn’t do anything with it. He rolls Rollins back into the ring and continues his assault.
Bray tags in and picks up where Harper left off with Rollins. Bray beats on Rollins for just a few seconds and then tags Harper back in. Meanwhile, Bray and Rowan and beating up Ambrose on the floor. In the ring, Rollins lands a flying knee off the top rope on Harper and now both guys are down.
Reigns and Bray tag in and now Reigns is flying all over the place hitting anything that moves. Reigns calls for the Superman punch but the Wyatt Family smother him. Ambrose and Rollins enter the picture and now all hell is breaking loose. Ambrose and Rollins hit a double-dive onto Harper and Rowan on the floor.
Reigns hits the Superman punch on Bray inside the ring. Ambrose and Rollins re-join him in the ring. They are setting up for the triple-powerbomb but then Evolution’s theme music hits. Triple H, Batista and Randy Orton make their way to the ring. Rollins and Ambrose do another double-dive to the floor, taking out Harper and Rowan and Batista and Orton. Reigns hits a Superman punch on HHH, but when he turns around, Bray hits Sister Abigail on him and pins him.. 1-2-3. The Wyatt Family wins.
Winners: The Wyatt Family
After The Match: Evolution Attacks
After the match, all three members of Evolution attack all three members of The Shield. Orton hits his draping-DDT on Rollins. Batista hits a pitiful looking sidewalk slam on Ambrose onto the ringside steps. HHH goes for the Pedigree on Reigns, but Reigns breaks free. However, he turns right around into an RKO from Orton. HHH picks him back up and finally does hit him with his Pedigree. HHH and Orton hoist Reigns up and they feed him to Batista for a triple powerbomb. Evolution do the fist-bumb thing to mock The Shield.  ends with Evolution standing tall.

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