Raw Results and Thoughts – 6/2/14

Here are the results for the 6/2/14 edition of Monday Night Raw. Results done by Matt Boone via SEScoops.com

Batista Quits
The post-WWE Payback edition of RAW opens up with video highlights of The Shield and Evolution main event from last night’s pay-per-view. From there, we shoot live into the arena in Indianapolis, Indiana, where Evolution’s theme music plays. Out walks a banged up and bruised Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista.
Triple H, who is sporting a black eye, looks around while the fans break out in their first “Boo-tista” chant of the evening. HHH says “they say it’s always darkest just before the dawn.” He says the funny thing is The Shield, and all of the fans, think that they’ve won. They think it’s over. He says none of us get it — he doesn’t lose. He wins. Always.
HHH hands the mic off to Batista, and the fans break out into a loud “CM Punk” chant. Batista angrily tells HHH that he doesn’t want another match with The Shield. He says he wants the one-on-one WWE World Heavyweight Championship match that he promised him. HHH tells Batista that there’s a reason he’s the leader of Evolution and why he’s the boss. He says he has the ability to see the bigger picture. He says he has a plan, but Batista interrupts him and tells him he doesn’t care about his plan.
“The Animal” goes on to talk about how he won the Royal Rumble and earned a one-on-one title match, and he’s demanding that he get it tonight. HHH tells Batista that Daniel Bryan is injured and can’t compete, so even if he wanted to, he can’t give him a title shot tonight. He says if he did, he’d probably choke anyways. Batista gets pissed. HHH says he’s sorry but things are stressful right now. He gets worked up when talking about how he never loses a fight. He says when this thing with The Shield is over, he promises Batista he’ll get everything he wants. He looks at Orton and says until that time no one is getting anything they want. Batista says, “I understand, and I quit.” He drops the mic, sarcastically waves to the fans and leaves.
As Batista storms off to the back, HHH freaks out on the mic. He demands Batista come back. He says his movies are going to flop and to run back to Hollywood. He freaks out some more and then drops the mic in anger.
Sheamus & Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro & Bad News Barrett
As we head to our first commercial break of the evening, we are informed that coming up next is a tag-team match featuring Sheamus and Rob Van Dam battling the duo of Cesaro and Bad News Barrett. On that note, we head to break.
When we return from commercial, we see a quick backstage interview during the commercial via the WWE App where Batista is exiting the building and is stopped by one of the no-name WWE “reporters.” He informs him that “he’s done.” He spoke about empty promises, getting lied to since returning and kept repeating that “he’s done.” He walked off.
From there we go back to the ring, where Cesaro is introduced. Out next is the WWE Intercontinental Champion, Bad News Barrett. Already in the ring are their opponents for tonight, Rob Van Dam and Sheamus.
The bell rings and here we go. Paul Heyman joins Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry Lawler on commentary for this match. Cesaro and Sheamus start things off for their respective teams, with Sheamus getting the early advantage over “The King of Swing.”
The two battle back-and-forth for a bit until each guy makes the tag. Barrett and Van Dam are going at it now, with Barrett getting the better. Van Dam goes to the top for a high-spot, but is met by a huge shot from Bad News Barrett on the way down. On that note, we head to a mid-match commercial.
When we return from commercial, Cesaro and Van Dam are battling it out, with Cesaro getting the better of the two. After a bunch of tags from both teams, and a lot of intense back-and-forth action, the finish comes when Cesaro and Paul Heyman walk out on the match, leaving Barrett hanging, as Barrett turns around into a Brogue Kick from Sheamus and a Five Star Frogsplash from Van Dam. 1-2-3. Sheamus and Rob Van Dam win. After the match, we head to commercial.
Winners: Sheamus & Rob Van Dam
Damien “Lance Stephenson” Sandow & Big Show
When we return from commercial, Damien Sandow comes out as Indiana Pacers player Lance Stephenson. We see a shot of some real Pacers in the crowd. Sandow is wearing the jersey, carrying a basketball, etc. He says, as Lance Stephenson, he wants to make it clear that LeBron James is the best player in history and that the Indiana Pacers are a losing team from a losing city. There’s a basketball rim and he says he’s going to show a demonstration. He dicks around with the ball like a jerk off for a little while — far too long actually — until finally Big Show comes out.
When Big Show enters the ring and his music cuts, Sandow says “how dare you interrupts my mad skills.” He asks Big Show if he thinks he’s “got game.” Sandow gives Big Show the ball and then moves around like a jerk off some more, pretending to “cover” him. Big Show throws the ball at his stomach real hard and then hits him with the Knockout Punch. He grabs the ball and dunks it in the rim, bending the rim down in the process. After all of this nonsense we head to another commercial.
Kofi Kingston vs. Bo Dallas
We’re back from the break and we see Kofi Kingston in the ring. We see clips from Payback of Kane attacking Kingston during his scheduled match with Bo Dallas. Next, Justin Roberts introduced “The Inspirational” Bo Dallas. Dallas makes his way to the ring as the announcers drive home his character for the audience at home.
Prior to the match, five minutes after a full Indiana Pacers segment with Damien Sandow, Dallas centers his entire promo around the Pacers to draw pre-match heat. The bell rings and here we go. Dallas avoids a move from Kingston and rolls out to the floor. He proudly yells out, “did you see that?! I’m winning!” That was pretty funny.
Back in the ring, Kingston and Dallas lock up again and each bounce off the ropes a bunch until Kingston hits him with a spinning back-elbow. He follows it up with a dropkick and Dallas again rolls out to the floor.
When Dallas comes back in the ring, Kingston extends his hand to Dallas for a handshake. The two shake hands, but then Dallas tries hitting a cheap-shot kick to the stomach. Kingston caught the kick and countered with a spinning kick of his own that drops the leader of the “Bo-Lieve Movement.”
Bo Dallas is taking over the offense in the match now, and he’s letting the fans know it every step of the way. People are chanting “boring,” and the announcers try and acknowledge it, but claim they’re chanting for “Bo” and not “boring,” by saying “Bo-Lieve.” They weren’t, however, and one of the other announcers pointed out how people were actually chanting “boring.” That’s a nice thing to point out when trying to get over a new Superstar, eh?
The two trade some more back-and-forth offense, with the finish ultimately coming when Dallas hits Kingston with the running “Bo-Dog,” which he semi-botches, by the way, for the 1-2-3. After the match, Dallas does his trademark victory lap around the ring.
Winner: Bo Dallas
Renee Young Interviews Stephanie McMahon
When we return from commercial, we see highlights of Batista quitting earlier tonight. From there, we go backstage where Renee Young is outside Triple H’s office or dressing room or whatever. When she goes to knock on the door, Stephanie McMahon walks out. Stephanie tells Young if she’s looking for a scoop, to stay tuned because she’s going to the ring right now to make an announcement regarding the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. On that note, we head to another commercial break.
Stephanie McMahon’s Announcement
We’re back from another break and immediately Stephanie McMahon is introduced and she makes her way to the ring. The announcers remind us that Brie Bella slapped Stephanie in the face last night and then highlights are shown of that happening.
Stephanie talks about Daniel Bryan doing the wrong thing at Payback. She talks about Brie putting her hands on her a few weeks ago and then again last night when she slapped her in the face. The fans all cheer and chant “Yes!” after she says that. Stephanie gets to her announcement, which is that in four weeks at the Money In The Bank PPV, if Daniel Bryan can compete, he’ll be defending the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in a stretcher match against Kane. If he can’t compete, then for the first time ever, the Money In The Bank ladder match will be for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.
In-Ring Segment: Stephanie McMahon & John Cena
Stephanie continues to talk, but is interrupted by John Cena. The fans in Indiana actually seem to be giving Cena a pretty loud positive response tonight. They eventually, however, turn to boo’s.
Steph tells Cena that these people seem to like him about as much as they like her. She tells Cena that she was impressed, however, with Cena’s match against Bray Wyatt at Payback. The fans break out into a “CM Punk” chant.
Cena talks about loving the sounds of the WWE Universe and then switches his attention back to Stephanie. A very loud “let’s go Cena” and “Cena sucks” dueling chant breaks out. Cena says he loves the reaction from the crowd and then gets down to business.
Cena tells Stephanie he doesn’t like the situation surrounding the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He says he too had an injury once and it forced him to give away the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, so he can relate to Daniel Bryan. Cena says the WWE Universe deserves a fighting champion.
Cena tells Steph to face facts, and that is that Daniel Bryan is just plain good. He’s very good, says Cena. He says every time Bryan steps foot in the ring he proves he’s championship material. He says Bryan beat him for the title at SummerSlam and they took it from him. He tells Steph that Bryan’s afraid to give up the title because he knows they’ll never give him another shot at it.
Stephanie goes on to say that he hasn’t defended the title in over 30 days and as a boss, whether it’s popular or not popular, she has to do the right thing for business. Cena makes some bad boob jokes at Stephanie and then says she’s letting personal hatred for Bryan affect business and tarnish the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He says she’s made an embarrassment of herself. He tells Stephanie she sucks. The fans chant “you suck, you suck” at her.
Stephanie says Cena doesn’t think she’s a good leader, so she’s going to give him a chance to prove himself tonight. Cena is going to face Kane. She says his match is right now. She says “Payback’s a bitch, John, but then, so am I.” Her music hits and she exits the ring.
John Cena vs. Kane
As Stephanie is making her way to the back, Kane’s music and fire pyro hit and “The Demon” makes his way to the ring. We head to a commercial break.
When we return from commercial, Kane is brutalizing Cena in the middle of the ring. Kane continues to make this a one-sided beat down as the match goes longer and longer.
Kane continues to punish Cena until out of nowhere, Cena hit a beautiful standing dropkick. That’s about all of the offense he’s going to enjoy for now, as Kane immediately jumps back on top of him and regains control.
A loud “let’s go Cena” and “Cena sucks” dueling chant breaks out as Cena tries firing punches at Kane to fight his way back into this match. It works as he eventually clotheslines the big man down over and over again. He hits a side-suplex on him now and he’s firing up.
Cena hits Kane with the Five Knuckle Shuffle. He hoists him up for an Attitude Adjustment, but Kane elbows his way out of it and is now taking over control of the match again as he punches away at Cena in the corner of the ring.
Kane continues to punch Cena in the corner as the referee yells at him. The ref does his count, Kane ignores it, the ref’s count makes it to five so he calls for the bell. Kane has been disqualified.
Winner via Disqualification: John Cena
After The Match: The Attack Continues
After the match, Kane beats Cena up and the fight spills out to the floor. Kane whips Cena into the steps and then takes the top half off of the steps. Kane goes to apparently Tombstone Piledrive Cena onto the steps like he did to Daniel Bryan, but Cena avoided it and threw Kane into the ring post. Kane turns around and Cena literally throws the entire top-half of the ring steps at him. His music plays and he leaves as Kane is shown sitting-up in the background. Kane gets up and he’s pissed. He freaks out, Alicia Fox style, only with more damage. He throws a bunch of equipment and takes apart the announce table, etc. He storms off to the back.
Renee Young Interviews Randy Orton
After all of this, we see highlights again of Batista quitting earlier. Renee Young catches up with Randy Orton backstage. Orton says he spoke to Triple H and they agree that Batista simply took his ball and went home and that Orton is still the face of WWE. He says because of that, Triple H gave him a match tonight with Roman Reigns. He walks off as we head to another commercial break.
Drew McIntyre & Heath Slater (with Jinder Mahal & Hornswoggle) vs. Los Matadores (with El Torito)
When we return from commercial, highlights are shown of the Mask vs. Hair match from the WWE Payback Kickoff Show. When we return live in the arena, 3MB comes out. Heath Slater reveals that Hornswoggle isn’t actually bald, and thanks to miracle grow, here’s the new and improved Horny. Hornswoggle comes out with a big afro wig on. The foursome make their way to the ring for tag-team action.
Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre will be taking on Los Matadores in a traditional tag-team match. At ringside for Slater and McIntyre is Jinder Mahal and Hornswoggle. In Los Matadores’ corner is El Torito. Early in the match, Horny’s wig is taken off and we see his semi-shaven head revealed. It’s just how it was left on TV, with half of it shaved bald, and some of it still long in spots, etc. He covers his head and runs to the back.
Meanwhile, after all of that happens, everyone is distracted. So when 3MB turns around, Matadores pins them. 1-2-3. Los Matadores win. After the win, a Money In The Bank qualifying match between Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio scheduled for later tonight is revealed. We then head to another commercial.
Winners: Los Matadores
Nikki Bella vs. Alicia Fox & Aksana
When we return from the break, we are treated to our Divas match of the evening, as Nikki Bella takes on the team of Alicia Fox and Aksana in a handicap match. The bell rings and here we go.
Nikki and Aksana start things off. They two double-team her quickly into the match, and in a one-sided beatdown, ultimately win when Fox hits her scissors kick for the 1-2-3.
Winners: Alicia Fox & Aksana
After The Match: Alicia Fox Meltdown
In Alicia Fox’s latest meltdown, this time she freaks out after the match as usual, but it gets violent as she attacks Bella some more, throwing her around and slamming her into the barricade, etc. at ringside.
Luke Harper & Erick Rowan Backstage Promo
After that, The Wyatt Family cut-in happens. We see the sheep mask up close on the big screen after seeing the empty rocking chair. Luke Harper cuts a promo, speaking in Wyatt-fashion where it’s hard to tell what the hell he’s talking about, but ultimately gets around to telling The Usos that they are going to pay. After Harper finishes his promo we go closeup on the sheep mask again, where Erick Rowan says, “Follow the Buzzards.” We head to a commercial break.
Jack Swagger (with Zeb Colter) vs. Adam Rose (with The Rosebuds)
When we return from commercial, Zeb Colter is in the ring cutting a promo. He dresses down Adam Rose and then out comes the leader of the Rosebuds. He parties his way to the ring for a one-on-one match against Jack Swagger. The bell rings and here we go. The two battle back-and-forth, with each guy having their moments, but Rose getting more shine throughout.
In the end, with Rose winning the majority of the match, he finishes off Swagger with his Party Foul finisher for the 1-2-3.
Winner: Adam Rose
Byron Saxton Interviews The Usos
Backstage, Byron Saxton is with the WWE Tag-Team Champions, The Usos. They speak about having John Cena’s back last night at Payback and tonight they’re gonna have their own backs against Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. They say they’ll do whatever it takes to show them two that The Usos ain’t going anywhere. They get themselves worked up some more and then we head to commercial break.
Luke Harper & Erick Rowan vs. The Usos
When we return from commercial, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan — without Bray Wyatt — appear in the ring. Out next are their opponents, the WWE Tag-Team Champions The Usos. The Usos knock over the empty rocking chair on their way to the ring.
The bell rings and here we go. One of the Usos has their ribs all taped up. That one starts the match off with Luke Harper. Uso gets in a lot of offense early, but Harper ends up focusing his attack on Uso’s ribs. He tags in Rowan and now Rowan is in control.
The action continues, with both Usos in the ring now and they are fighting off the bigger challengers. Harper and Rowan end up bailing out to the floor to recover for a second. The Usos stare them down in the ring as we head to a mid-match commercial break.
When we return from commercial, The Wyatt members are beating on the Uso with the taped up ribs on the outside of the ring. Back inside the ring, Harper continues to punish one-half of the WWE Tag-Team Champions.
The two continue to dominate the Uso with the taped up ribs, taking turns on him, until he finally makes the hot-tag to the other Uso. That Uso takes the hot tag and goes crazy-berzerker mode on Harper and Rowan, knocking both of the big men on their ass repeatedly with fast-paced, high-impact offense.
Eventually, Harper is able to slow down Uso and re-gain control of the offense in the match. Uso fights back with a big missile dropkick and Samoan Drop. He goes to the top and does a huge splash on Rowan on the floor. Harper sees this and hits the ropes and does a big dive through the ropes onto Uso. The other Uso sees that and does a big dive over the top rope onto Harper and Rowan on the floor.
Back in the ring, Uso goes for the big splash off of the top-rope, but Harper got his knees up to counter him. He goes for the Clothesline From Hell but Uso avoids it and counters with a super-kick for a close near fall. Rowan ends up finishing Uso off with a huge side-slam type of move for the 1-2-3. After the match, we head to commercial break.
Winners: Luke Harper & Erick Rowan
WWE Money In The Bank Qualifying Match
– Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio
When we return from commercial, a WWE Main Event match featuring Rob Van Dam vs. Bad News Barrett for the WWE Intercontinental Title in a rematch from the WWE Payback pay-per-view is announced. After that, Dolph Ziggler comes out to a huge pop. Real huge. His opponent is Alberto Del Rio in what will be a qualifying match for the WWE Money In The Bank ladder match.
The bell rings and here we go. Ziggler takes control early on, using his speed and skill to control and dominate Del Rio here at the start of the match. It’s not long, however, before Del Rio turns the tide and takes over the bout.
Del Rio dominates for several minutes until Ziggler makes his comeback. Ziggler gets in his share of offense, but again, it wasn’t long before Del Rio switched things around. Del Rio eventually locks Ziggler in his Cross Armbreaker and Ziggler has no choice but to tap out. Del Rio wins and qualifies for the Money In The Bank ladder match this year. After the match, we head to another commercial break.
Winner and advancing to the WWE Money In The Bank ladder match: Alberto Del Rio
Ryback & Curtis Axel vs. Goldust & Sin Cara
When we return from commercial, the team of Ryback and Curtis Axel make their way to the ring. Out next, Goldust is introduced by himself. It is explained that Cody Rhodes, who told Goldust at Payback that he deserves a better partner, will be picking his brother’s partner for tonight. Goldust waits at ringside to see who it is, and out comes Sin Cara. Cara makes his way to the ring.
So it’s the team of Goldust and Sin Cara against Ryback and Curtis Axel in tag-team action here on RAW. The bell rings and here we go. Goldust and Curtis Axel start things off for their respective teams. Despite Axel being the guy to start the match for RybAxel, the fans still loudly chant “Goldberg, Goldberg” at Ryback.
Goldust gets control early and tags in Sin Cara. Cara hits some quick Lucha Libre style moves and then tags Goldust back in. Goldust picks up where Cara left off. Axel tags in Ryback. The fans erupt with very loud “Goldberg” chants at him. Meanwhile, RybAxel gets Goldust isolated on the floor and are double-teaming him. We see Cody Rhodes watching on from a television set backstage.
Back in the ring, the team of RybAxel continue to double-team “The Golden One.” Axel, now the legal man, continues to deliver the punishment to Goldust as he looks to make the tag to his new partner Sin Cara.

Finally, Goldust does indeed get the tag to Sin Cara. Cara takes the hot-tag and is flying all over the place, taking out Ryback and Axel one-at-a-time. Axel ends up hitting Cara with his finisher moments later for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Ryback & Curtis Axel

Hero Of The Russian Foundation Ceremony With Rusev & Lana
We are told that Rusev will be honored by the Russian Federation in a “Hero of the Russian Federation Ceremony” segment, which is up next when RAW returns. With that said, we head to another commercial break.
When we return from commercial, we see three dudes in suits standing in the ring, with red carpet laid out and other stuff. Justin Roberts introduces “The Ravishing Russian” Lana. She comes out to the top of the stage and does her usual thing. Ultimately, she introduces “The Bulgarian Brute” Rusev.
Rusev, in a suit waving the flag, along with Lana, make their way to the ring to be honored in this ceremony. Lana babbles to kick off the ceremony and then one of the dudes in suits talks about Rusev and how great he is and blah blah blah. A “this is awful” chant spreads out in the first few rows. Now a “boring” chant is spreading. Rusev himself cuts a promo in another language after he is given a medal. Lana says “long live Rusev” and tells everyone to rise and show respect to the Russian national anthem. It starts playing. And that’s it. It plays and we fade away. No interuptions. No run-ins. Nothing. That was absolutely and totally pointless. Completely and utterly pointless. That could rank on a list of the most unimportant segments in RAW history, right up there with Damien Sandow dressing up as Lance Stephenson to play basketball in the ring. Anyways, all of this is now over and we head to a commercial break.
Seth Rollins Turns On The Shield
When we return from commercial, The Shield make their way to the ring. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins take turns cutting a promo, talking about how Evolution was their toughest challenge, but they did exactly what they said they would do, which is beat them via clean sweep in the No Holds Barred Elimination Match at Payback. Roman Reigns finishes the promo by saying the difference between Evolution and The Shield is that The Shield are brothers, Evolution are just three strangers. Reigns tells Randy Orton to come out so he can break his jaw.
Randy Orton, “representing Evolution” is introduced. I guess Evolution is sticking around? Out comes Triple H, with a sledgehammer — and Randy Orton. Triple H gets on the mic and tells Reigns that there’s always a plan B, and here’s his. Seth Rollins shockingly blasts Reigns from behind with a chair. Ambrose looks shocked, but we eventually find out he’s not in on it as Rollins beats him down with the chair as well. HHH and Orton look on, smiling in approval. They end up joining Rollins and beat down Reigns and Ambrose as well. The show goes off the air with Rollins standing alongside HHH and Orton over a fallen Reigns and Ambrose.
Erik’s Thoughts: Well…wow. Talk about an ending I was not expecting! Overall it was a solid episode of Raw with a ton of solid in ring action. All there really needs to be discussed here is Seth Rollins turning his back on his brothers effectively ending The Shield being a 3 man faction. Color me surprised. We all thought Roman would be the man to break away but no, WWE swerves and goes with a shot of adrenaline in what could be the evolution…of Evolution. When Evolution debuted, Randy Orton was described as the coal that is going to be squeezed into a diamond. Can the same be said for Seth Rollins? Comment below, send us a Tweet, or post on our Facebook.

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