Kurt Angle

How Would You Introduce Someone To Pro Wrestling?

Earlier today I asked a question on Twitter: If someone you knew wanted to get into pro wrestling as a fan, what is the first match you show them? I got a lot of great responses so I figured I share some of them with you.

This was a memorable match for many reasons. Not only was it the first World Title win in Mick Foley’s career but also exposed the competitive nature between the two top wrestling companies in the United States. WCW ran Monday Nitro not only live but also an hour earlier then WWE’s Monday Night Raw. On this night WCW thought it would take another jab at WWE and possibly wrangle some fans away from the rival product. See for yourself:
Except their expert plan backfired, hard. As soon as the main event on Raw began, WWE’s ratings shot through the roof while WCW’s obviously took a nose dive. The conclusion to the match was one of the most honest feel good moments in WWE as a man who put his body on the line finally had his chance to be called champion.
@WrestlingChron any of the Trish vs Lita matches. only because that’s how I first got into it.

This match marked the very first time a Women’s Title Match was the main event to close out Raw and what a contest it was. Who can forget that cringeworthy spot where Lita bent her neck back on that suicide dive.



WWF King of the Ring 2001 Kurt Angle vs Shane… by EmilMoellerNot much to say about this match except to wonder how Shane McMahon made it out alive. This wasn’t a wrestling match, this was a fight. Not to mention this match cemented the legacy of Shane McMahon being one of the most captivating stars in history.

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 I feel sorry for anyone who chooses not to get into the Indy wrestling scene. There are many many talented workers out there keeping the beautiful art of pro wrestling alive and it’s hard to argue that Johnny Gargano and Kyle O’Reilly are at the top of that list. This match was for fans of WRESTLING. I highly suggest you head over to Highspots and grab this DVD.


As you can see this match was the only match that received more than one vote and for good reason. This match is my all time favorite match because it illustrates the science behind wrestling in genius fashion. The back and forth action, throwing caution to the wind, and showing a never say die spirit when either man looked as though they had the match won. A true classic that will live on through the ages.


Leave a comment below, on our Facebook wall, or send us a tweet on Twitter and let us know what would be your go to match if you were going to introduce someone to pro wrestling!


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