Chris Jericho

Who Says Funny Don’t Make Money?

Comedy in wrestling is a time honored tradition. Used to cool down an audience when the drama quota of a show hits its peak or to help bring out the natural charisma of a wrestler, comedy has been a vital part of wrestling. I’m going to take a look at some of the best wrestlers who delivered the laughs and some moments that made us remember why wrestling is so awesome.

My personal favorite Jericho moments came at the expense of poor Stephanie McMahon. Jericho’s verbal character assassination of the “Billion Dollar Princess” was harsh enough to make men blush.
 Jericho knew he could use his smart-ass remarks to bait Triple H into a title match. Smart and funny.
Now you may be thinking, “What does Ric Flair know about comedy?” but allow me to open your mind for a minute here:
This next clip is arguably one of the funniest exchanges in wrestling history and definitely the funniest in TNA history:
If you didn’t think it could get any funnier think again thanks to Bo Dallas. This past Thursday’s edition of NXT featured a match between Sami Zayn and a masked luchador by the name of Mr. NXT. One odd thing about Mr. NXT was, he had a lot of the mannerisms of former NXT Champion Bo Dallas, who was now banned from NXT. What transpired is this week’s most talked about moment:
Lets shine a light on some more talent who know how to have fun in the ring:

Colt Cabana
Chuck Taylor

The most popular answer given in response to my tweet should come as no surprise. After all he’s know as the eyebrow raisin’, trailblazin’, jabroni beatin, pie eatin’ Brahma Bull The Rock.
@WrestlingChron I’d probably go with @TheRock The back & forth he use to have with @TheCoachESPN always had me cracking up

— Michael Simpson (@Mike_W_Simpson) June 14, 2014

@WrestlingChron Rock has gotta take this one. Closely followed by Angle, Jericho and Regal.
The Rock is a prime example of natural god given charisma.

In closing whoever came up with the mantra, “funny don’t make money” obviously didn’t take into account names like Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero and The Rock. In today’s day and age sometimes we forget that wrestling, at it’s core, is supposed to be fun. Just ask The Rock, funny makes money. Lots of money.


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