Raw Results and Thoughts – 6/16/14

Here are the results for the 6/16/14 edition of Monday Night Raw which emanated from Cleveland, OH. Results conducted by Matt Boone of SEScoops.com

The Authority Addresses The WWE Roster
This week’s show opens up live inside the arena in Cleveland, Ohio where we see the entire roster standing at the top of the entrance way. We see the titles hanging above the ring and then Triple H’s “King of Kings” theme plays. Out he comes with Stephanie McMahon and the two walk past the roster and make their way to the ring. On commentary, Michael Cole explains the title situation with Daniel Bryan and the message from Dr. Joseph Maroon from last week airs.
The music fades and Stephanie welcomes everybody to Monday Night RAW. She says they called all of the Superstars and Divas out for a reason. Triple H talks about how everyone fights year-round to prove they are the best and to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Stephanie uses HHH as an example, calling him the greatest of all-time. Everyone in Cleveland boo’s. Stephanie says everyone on the roster has been represented by a B+ player like Daniel Bryan. The entire arena breaks out in a huge “Yes!” chant. HHH says Bryan’s problem isn’t his ability, it’s his heart. He says Bryan didn’t man-up and act like a fighting champion.
HHH says that standing on that stage right now may very well be the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Stephanie says that’s right and it’s because The Authority is all about opportunity. She questions who will join those who have qualified for the Money In The Bank ladder match for the title, as she runs down all of those who have qualified thus far. She says we’ll find out who joins those who have qualified as all of you will compete in a battle royal. HHH says not everyone will participate in the battle royal. He says certain Superstars have refused to evolve and they will not be in the battle royal. He says Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose will not get to be in the battle royal to fight for the opportunity.
He includes John Cena on that list as well, so Cena won’t be able to fight for the chance in the battle royal. He will get a chance to be in the ladder match for the title, but he has to win his match tonight — which is a stretcher match against Kane. Kane’s music plays as an ambulance backs onto the stage and a stretcher is shown being pulled out of the back of it and brought to the ring. Sheamus vs. Bray Wyatt is also announced for later tonight, but up next Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler will kick things off in the ring for tonight’s RAW. Before that happens, however, Kane’s music hits and he walks out to the top of the stage and stares at the stretcher and ambulance. The announcers hype the Kane vs. Cena stretcher match for later tonight as we head to our first commercial break of the evening.
Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins
When we return from commercial, Dolph Ziggler’s theme music hits and he makes his way to the ring. The announcers talk about WWE’s partnership with the Special Olympics. Out next is Ziggler’s opponent for tonight, former member of The Shield — Seth Rollins. Rollins has new theme music again, by the way. Highlights of Rollins original turn on The Shield are shown as he makes his way to the ring.
The bell sounds and here we go. Rollins’ ring gear is pretty much the same as when he was in The Shield, only he doesn’t have a vest on, he’s got a skin-tight Nike sleeveless black mesh shirt and black cargo-type pants. The crowd is hot for this one, as they are mixing up a bunch of different chants. Rollins takes the early offensive lead over Ziggler, but Ziggler quickly takes over. The fans unify on a loud “you sold out” chant directed at Rollins.
It isn’t long before Rollins takes over the offense of the match. He has Ziggler grounded as Cole recaps the announcements made by The Authority in the opening segment of tonight’s show. Ziggler lands a picture-perfect dropkick to change the tide of the match. We head to a mid-match commercial on that note.
We’re back from the break and we see Rollins covering Ziggler for a two-count. The announcers plug the action from the break that was available on the WWE App. Meanwhile, Rollins throws Ziggler out of the ring. He goes for a dive through the ropes but Ziggler catches him coming through with a big punch from the floor.
Back in the ring, Ziggler hits the ten-punch spot on Rollins in the corner. Rollins ends up slowing down Ziggler’s momentum with a kick to the back of the head.
Rollins is stalking Ziggler, but Ziggler blasts out of nowhere with a quick-DDT for a close near fall that the fans nearly bought into. Ziggler hits a standing cross-body on Rollins. He goes for the FameAsser but Rollins avoids it. Ziggler jumps on Rollins back with a sleeper-hold out of the blue but Rollins ends up getting him off of him. Ziggler catches Rollins out of nowhere with a FameAsser for a close near fall that the fans did buy into this time. Both guys are down.
A “Let’s go Ziggler” chant spreads throughout the arena in Cleveland as both guys get up. Ziggler rolls Rollins up but Rollins kicks out at two. Rollins does a throwing powerbomb into the turnbuckle on Ziggler. Rollins does another one of those and then hits the Curb Stomp.
Winner: No Contest
After The Match: Dean Ambrose Attacks, Bad News Barrett Arrives
Before he can pin him, however, Dean Ambrose hits the ring in jeans and a lethar jacket. Ambrose is all over Rollins like wildfire. Rollins ducks out the back door and heads up the ramp. Ambrose gets on the mic and says things between them won’t be over until he gets his hands on him for real.
Ambrose challenges Rollins to come down to the ring. As Rollins goes to head to the ring, Triple H appears on the titan tron. HHH tells Ambrose he’s afraid he’s got some bad news for him. With that said, Bad News Barrett’s theme hits and he makes his way to the ring for what I assume will be a one-on-one match against Ambrose. We head to commercial.
Dean Ambrose vs. Bad News Barrett
When we return from commercial, Ambrose, in blue jeans and a black sleeveless shirt, is pummeling Barrett in the center of the ring. It isn’t long, however, before Bad News is in control of the offense.
Barrett dominates for a couple of minutes until Ambrose fires up and starts making a comeback. Ambrose knocks Barrett out to the floor and then hits a dive on him over the ropes. Ambrose continues his attack on Barrett outside the ring as a “let’s go Ambrose” chant breaks out.
Back in the ring, Ambrose goes to the top rope. Barrett ends up knocking him off and out to the floor. Ambrose sells his shoulder on the ground as Barrett recovers in the ring.
Barrett goes out to the floor to work over Ambrose some more, as he focuses his attack on the injured arm of Ambrose. We head to a mid-match commercial on this note.
We’re back from the break and we see Barrett in control of Ambrose with ease. Barrett continues to work over Ambrose’s shoulder, which was first injured on SmackDown and has been “re-injured” here in this match tonight.
Ambrose starts firing up on offense, all-the-while selling the fact that he’s only got one arm to work with, until Barrett hits the Winds of Change to regain control of the offense.
Ambrose gets control of Barrett but from out of nowhere, Rollins shows up standing on top of the announce table. He hits the ring but Ambrose knocks him down to the flloor. Ambrose throws Barrett out to the floor. Ambrose goes after Rollins, knocking him into the crowd and following him in to keep beating him up. Barrett goes back in the ring and Ambrose gets counted out.
Winner: Bad News Barrett
After The Match: Dean Ambrose Attacks
After the match, Rollins finally gets away from Ambrose and runs through the crowd and to the back. Ambrose re-enters the ring and beats up Barrett some more. Ambrose’s new solo theme music plays.
Vickie Guerrero, Roman Reigns and Coffee
Backstage, we see Vickie Guerrero holding two drinks. Roman Reigns walks up and asks to be put into the battle royal. He calls her a beautiful woman and butters her up, trying to get her to add him to the battle royal. He tells her to get sweatner for the coffee. She sets them down and goes to get some. Reigns does something to the coffee while she’s gone. Vickie comes back and sneezes in the coffee and walks away.
The Wyatt Family Is Next
The Wyatt Family cut-in happens. Bray Wyatt holding a latern, along with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, appear on the titan tron. “Cleveland, we’re next,” says Wyatt, who blows out the latern. We head to commercial.
Bray Wyatt Talks About The WWE Title
When we return from commercial, The Wyatt Family come out to the ring. A ladder is set up inside the ring. Bray Wyatt cuts a promo and talks about power. He points to the titles and says they represent all the power he could ever need.
Bray goes on to discuss how his “brothers” — Harper and Rowan — are going to destroy The Usos and become the WWE Tag-Team Champions at Money In The Bank. He says he will stand on the top of this ladder and win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.
He says when he has the titles he’ll truly be able to say he’s got the whole world in his hands. He sings that song and the fans in Cleveland sing it with him. From there, Sheamus’ theme song plays.
Bray Wyatt vs. Sheamus
Sheamus stands at the top of the ramp on the mic and tells Bray it’s bad luck to walk under a ladder. The WWE United States Champion makes his way to the ring and concludes by saying, “it’s time to fight — fella!” He enters the ring and the bell sounds.
Harper and Rowan head outside the ring but stay at ringside.. Wyatt and Sheamus collide in the ring and Wyatt gains the early advantage. Sheamus quickly changes things around by firing back with big punches and kicks.
Wyatt regains control of the offense now as he is stalking Sheamus, taking his time and methodically taking him apart piece by piece. Wyatt goes for a suplex but Sheamus blocks it and hits him with one of his own. Sheamus is fighting his way back into this match.
The action spills out to the floor. Just as it looks as though Harper and Rowan are going to join Wyatt in a three-on-one beatdown of Sheamus, The Usos theme music plays and the WWE Tag-Team Champions make their way to ringside. We head to a commercial on that note.
When we return from commercial, Wyatt is working over Sheamus in the ring as we hear what appears to be a defeaning, random “CM Punk” chant. The Usos and the duo of Harper and Rowan are still at ringside on opposite sides of the ring. Meanwhile, Sheamus starts making a comeback on Wyatt.
Sheamus ends up beating down Wyatt for a minute or so, and just as he was going to hit him with the Brogue Kick and finish him off, Harper and Rowan grab him from the ring apron and yank him out to the floor.
Winner via DQ: Sheamus
After The Match: The Action Continues
The Usos hit the scene and now a full melee breaks loose outside the ring with all six guys. They build to a spot where Sheamus lays down and holds the ladder and The Usos run up it and dive onto The Wyatt Family on the floor. Sheamus’ music plays as the three stand tall in the ring.
Backstage: The Authority, Vickie Guerrero and Coffee
Backstage, we see Triple H and Stephanie arguing or talking passionately about something. HHH flails his arms and knocks coffee out of Vickie Guerrero’s hands, spilling it all over her. He demands she go get him some more. They mock her some to end the segment. We head to commercial.
Renee Young Interviews Stephanie McMahon & Paul Heyman
When we return from commercial, Renee Young is with a coffee-drinkin’ Stephanie McMahon. She asks Steph for her prediction on tonight’s battle royal. Steph gets choked up and says “may the best man win.” As she walks off, we see Paul Heyman.
Heyman introduces himself to Renee Young and talks about the Money In The Bank ladder match being for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Heyman talks about some of the guys who could leave the match as the new champion. He says Cesaro winning the MITB isn’t just a prediction, much like Brock Lesnar ending Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania — it’s a spoiler.
Heath Slater vs. Rusev (with Lana)
Heath Slater is shown standing in the ring by himself. “The Ravishing Russian” Lana is introduced, along with Rusev. The two come out together and head to the ring without Lana cutting her typical promo.
Once the two get into the ring, then Lana grabs a mic. The fans break out in “U.S.A.” chants and Lana simply yells at them to “shut up.” She then cuts a typical Lana-style promo.
Rusev says a couple of words and then Slater gets on the mic and tells them that if they like Russia so much they should go back there. He informs him that tonight he’s going against “The American Rock Star” Heath Slater.
The bell rings and Slater punches away at Rusev. Within seconds, Rusev floors Slater with a big kick. He stomps on his back and locks him in the Accolade. Slater taps out. Rusev wins within seconds.
Winner: Rusev
Stephanie McMahon Pukes All Over Vickie Guerrero
Backstage, Triple H is standing outside of a bathroom. Stephanie is in it and she’s sick. Vickie walks up with coffee. He tells her to go in and check on Steph. Steph ends up puking in Vickie’s face. Twice. I mean all over her face, too. Big time. HHH helps a sick Steph out of there as Vickie stands there covered in puke. HHH tells Vickie she’s in charge and to make sure nothing goes wrong in the battle royal. Vickie — covered in puke — screams at the top of her lungs. We head to commercial.
Backstage: Vickie Guerrero Adds Roman Reigns To Battle Royal
When we return from commercial, we see Roman Reigns. He knocks on Vickie Guerrero’s door. She comes out covered in puke. He tells her she’ll probably get fired next week for getting Stephanie sick. He tells her to leave her mark and to put him in the battle royal tonight. She says fine and screams, still pissed about being covered in puke.
Renee Young Interviews Kevin Hart, Adam Rose Interupts
We see Renee Young and she introduces Kevin Hart. Young asks Hart about his new movie. He talks about it but is interupted by Adam Rose and the Rosebuds, who party their way into the scene humming Rose’s theme song. He tells Hart not to be a lemon, but to be a rosebud. Young wishes Hart good luck on commentary tonight. We head to commercial.
Fandango & Layla vs. Adam Rose & Summer Rae
When we return from the break, Kevin Hart is introduced. He joins Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and JBL on commentary for the next match. After he gets seated at ringside, Fandango’s theme music hits and he comes out with Layla. Out next is Summer Rae, followed by Adam Rose and his Rosebuds.
The bell rings and Rose and Fandango start things off for their respective teams. The whole building in Cleveland is humming Rose’s theme song as Rose takes an early lead over his dancing opposition. Fandango takes Layla, so Summer Rae tags in.
Summer immediately goes after Layla. Layla exits the ring and sprints to the back. Summer runs after her. Back in the ring, Rose and Fandango mix it up in the ring. Rose quickly hits his Party Foul finisher on Fandango for the 1-2-3.
Winner: Adam Rose & Summer Rae
After The Match: Kevin Hart Becomes A Rosebud
After the match, Kevin Hart leaves the announce table and enters the ring. He dances around as Adam Rose’s theme song plays. The two stand outside of the ropes on the apron and crowd-surf backwards onto all of the Rosebuds. They are carried to the back. We head to commercial.
Battle Royal To Advance To Money In The Bank
The battle royal to determine the next qualifier for the Money In The Bank ladder match for the vacant WWE World Heavyweight Championship is next as we return from the break.
The guys are already in the ring for the battle royal except for Roman Reigns, who is introduced last. Early on, Damien Sandow, Santino and Los Matadores are eliminated. Sandow was dressed up like LeBron James this week. Xavier Woods is eliminated.
A couple of other guys get eliminated, as we’re starting to dwindle down to about the last 8-10 guys. We head to a mid-match commercial break on that note.
When we return from commercial all the guys are still going at it. Some guys were eliminated during the break, but many still remain. They fight back-and-forth until it comes down to just Rusev and Roman Reigns. In the end, Reigns blasts Rusev with a Superman Punch to eliminate him. Reigns wins and advances to the Money In The Bank ladder match for the vacant WWE World Heavyweight Championship.
Winner and ADVANCING to Money In The Bank: Roman Reigns
Renee Young Interviews John Cena
Backstage, Renee Young asks for John Cena’s reaction to Roman Reigns advancing to the Money In The Bank ladder match. Cena says he digs it. She asks him about his stretcher match tonight with Kane. Cena talks about lending The Authority a helping-hand tonight by doing the match. He makes some bad comedy jokes, etc. We head to commercial.
Cameron vs. Paige
When we return from commercial, The Funkadactyls make their way to the ring, as Cameron will be in one-on-one Divas action next up here on RAW. Out next is her opponent, the WWE Divas Champion Paige.
Paige dominates the Funkadactyl early on in this one. Paige is screaming and screeching as she beats down Cameron. Cameron runs away from Paige at one point and begs her off, only to back-stab her with a cheap shot when she shook her hand.
Cameron takes control of the offense in the match now, talking trash to the Divas Champion all-the-while. Paige ends up taking over again moments later and is screaming again while beating down Cameron. She locks her up in her submission finisher and Cameron taps out.
Winner: Paige
Byron Saxton Interviews Goldust
Backstage, Byron Saxton is with Goldust. Saxton says he understands Goldust has met the latest partner that Cody Rhodes has picked for him, who he promised last week would magnify Goldust’s magnificence. He says he has and it’s going to be super. We head to commercial.
Ryback & Curtis Axel vs. Goldust & Stardust
When we return from commercial, we see highlights of Cody Rhodes hyping up Goldust’s next mystery partner from RAW last week. Live in the ring, we see Ryback and Curtis Axel. Goldust’s theme music hits and out he comes. Out next, to some mysterious theme music, is none other than Stardust, Cody Rhodes dressed up like Goldust with gold and black and a black star on his face in paint.
The bell rings and Gold and Stardust go after RybAxel early on. Goldust and Stardust are working well on the same page thus far, dominating the early goings of this match with ease.
Stardust, complete with new in-ring antics and more character, much like a mini-Goldust, takes over the action in the ring, dominating Ryback and Axel by himself. Seconds later, he scores the pin and gets the win for his team.
Winners: Goldust & Stardust
Stretcher Match

– John Cena vs. Kane

We go to commercial with Lawler hyping up the stretcher match between John Cena and Kane. Remember, if Cena wins, he qualifies for the Money In The Bank ladder match for the vacant WWE World Heavyweight Championship.
When we return from commercial, Justin Roberts announces the rules of a stretcher match. Next, John Cena, to a mixed-bag reaction from the Cleveland fans, makes his way to the ring. Finally, the fire pyro explodes and Kane makes his way to the ring.
The bell sounds and our stretcher match main event, where the winner advances to the Money In The Bank ladder match for the vacant WWE World Heavyweight Championship on pay-per-view is officially underway.
Cena and Kane immediately go at it, with Cena firing away at the big man with punches. Kane gets Cena down and is putting the boots to him early on. The fans are coming alive in Cleveland with dueling chants for Cena, some for him and some against him.
The action heads outside the ring where Kane already has Cena laid out on the stretcher. Cena fights his way off of it and is taking over the match now, bashing Kane with the stretcher in the mid-section.
Kane starts to gain the upper-hand again as the action heats up outside the ring. Kane lays Cena out on the stretcher again, but again Cena fights his way off of it. We head to a mid-match commercial, likely our last break of the evening. RAW concludes when we return.
When we return from commercial, Kane is dominating Cena as the fans erupt in the background with dueling “let’s go Cena” and “Cena sucks” chants. Kane continues to demolish Cena outside the ring, beating him down with a steel chair.
A random “CM Punk” chant breaks out and spreads across the entire arena as Kane and Cena re-enter the ring. Kane goes to slam Cena’s head into a chair wedged into the corner, however Cena reverses and sends Kane in head-first.
Cena goes to the top-rope, but when he comes flying off, Kane catches him throat-first and blasts him with a chokeslam. Kane goes outside the ring and grabs the steel steps.
Kane re-enters the ring with the steps while Cena is still laid out from the chokeslam. Cena ends up drop toe-holding Kane and Kane’s face went right into the steps with force.
Both guys get back to their feet and Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment on Kane on the steps. Kane, however, reverses and DDT’s Cena face-first into the steps. Kane drags Cena out of the ring and lays him across the stretcher.
As Kane rolls the stretcher up the ramp, Cena rolls himself off of it. Kane and Cena fight back to ringside where Kane quickly gains the upper-hand. Kane clears off the announce table. Cena ends up grabbing him from behind and puts him through the announce table with an Attitude Adjustment.
Cena hoists Kane up and fireman carries him across his back up the ramp. He puts him on the stretcher but Kane’s momentum knocks the stretcher over. Cena grabs a second stretcher and puts Kane on that one. As Cena goes to roll it up the ramp, Seth Rollins and Randy Orton hit the ring and attack Cena.
Rollins and Orton take Cena to the ring. Orton hits Cena with an RKO. Rollins grabs a chair and enters the ring. Dean Ambrose hits the ring out of nowhere and spears Rollins. He clotheslines him out of the ring, but turns around into a chokeslam from Kane. Kane runs at Cena but Cena pulls the top rope down, so Kane crashes out to the floor.
Cena grabs the steel steps from inside the ring, runs and launches them at Kane’s face outside the ring. He nails him and knocks Kane flat on his ass. Cena picks Kane up and puts him on the stretcher. He pushes the stretcher up to the line he needs to cross, but Kane sits up at the last second. Cena grabs Kane and hits an Attitude Adjustment on him onto the stretcher. He then rolls it past the line to win.
Winner and ADVANCING to Money In The Bank: John Cena
Erik’s Thoughts: Overall I thought this was a pretty strong Raw. 
  • A lot of action and it’s cool that they started with Dolph Ziggler and Seth Rollins, easily the match of the night. 
  • As a huge fan of stand up comedy I thoroughly enjoyed the Kevin Hart segment.
  • Dean and Roman going off on their own? I dig it.
  • The closing moments of the battle royal was good stuff. It’s easy to see WWE wants Roman to be their next star.
  • Stardust was….wow. I don’t really know what that was. But I don’t hate it.
  •  I enjoy the fact that WWE went against the norm with a stretcher match but John Cena wins…again. I don’t hate Cena and never will. However there’s no fun in knowing who’s gonna win the match as soon as you announce it. And it’s been that way for the past 10 years.
What did you think of Raw? Comment below, on our Facebook, or send us a tweet on Twitter.


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