The Final Say on NXT – 6/26/14

Here’s the latest edition of The Final Say on NXT, reviewing the June 26th episode of NXT. The Final Say is written by AJ Say brought to exclusively on The Wrestling Chronicle

What worked for me this week:

The VaudeVillains – A nice way to kick off this week’s episode – with my new favorite tag team in wrestling. After their debut, the Internet was mixed on the VaudeVillians. Some loved them, like myself, some were ambivalent and others thought the gimmick was a waste. This week was more of the same, but I still loved it. One of my knocks on other talents is that their gimmick won’t translate to the main roster, but with Simon Gotch and Aiden English I don’t have that concern. Why? Maybe it’s because the nostalgia clouds my mind, but these two men buy into their gimmick so completely that it makes me believe. Gotch’s headscissors into pushups is marvelous and I like English’s evolution as a wrestler. Give them a few more squash matches and then send them straight to the top of the tag division.

Adrian Neville vs. RVD – This wasn’t an instant classic, but it was a good match with two acrobatic wrestlers. RVD hasn’t evolved much in the past eight years, but he did bust a new maneuver at NXT. Neville again shows he can sell well and that he flies with the best of them. Tyler Breeze made this bout on commentary, constantly talking about himself and admiring himself in his phone the whole time. Speaking of talents who get their gimmick, Breeze leads the pack.

What didn’t work for me:

Becky Lynch – OK, this has really nothing to do with the wrestler and more with my overall pet peeve with the WWE and stereotypes. Whenever an African American wrestler debuts on WWE TV, it seems that half the time they’re given 70s funk music and are asked to dance or rap. Because Vince McMahon. So when Lynch debuted last night, of course she came out to Irish music, danced a jig and put up her dukes to fight. What’s next, is she going to bring out a sack of potatoes and a fifth of Irish whiskey? Maybe I’m judging her too soon, but if she doesn’t get any character development past “I’m Irish and I like to fight,” then I’m going to rename her SHEamus. 

Bull Dempsey – Another debut and another thumbs down from me. I feel like you can be a “big hoss” and have a personality. Dempsey, obviously a throwback, didn’t connect with me. Maybe I’ve become accustomed to “flippy” guys but Dempsey’s moveset, selling ability and personality fell flat with me. Plus, if you feel the need to pump “Bull” over and over again to try to get a chant going — that’s cheap heat.

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