The Final Say on NXT – 7/4/14

Here’s this week’s Final Say on NXT brought to you by The Wrestling Chronicle’s own, AJ Say.

written by: AJ Say
OK, little bit of an abbreviated NXT Final Say due to the July 4 holiday. Please grill responsibly!
What worked for me this week:

Tyson Kidd: I can’t believe I’m typing this. Kidd has never connected with me, whether as a tag specialist or well, he hasn’t done much else. His appearances on Total Divas have wrecked his credibility as a tough guy wrestler, and instead make him look like a numbskull. But this week, his heel turn worked for me. His mannerisms, his explanations, his annoyed looks, all worked for me. What didn’t work for me was Renee questioning his “marital” woes. Come one, I don’t care about that. I want a guy who can wrestle (which Kidd can) who is also a dick. Kidd is starting to show that side.

Sami Zayn: I’m a Zayn fanboy. His moveset is impressive, his facials are classic (honed by having to emote through a mask for years) and he is just a likeable guy. His match against 
Justin Gabriel was fun, highlighted for me by the Koji clutch finish.
Colin Cassady and Enzo Amore: OK, Cassady can’t wrestle much yet, but these guys are fun. I was remiss in mentioning them last week when Enzo returned, and I wanted to mention how mic potential these guys have. Enzo especially.
What didn’t work for me:
The women’s tag match: OK, I’m not bashing on the women because it was a well-wrestled match, but the angle with Charlotte and Sasha leaves me cold. Are they turning Charlotte face already? Not a good idea in my book, her dad was always best as a heel and that’s her forte. Hopefully Bayley wins against Summer Rae because I have no interest in a Rae-Charlotte match.
CJ Parker: If the WWE is cutting talent, can they start with this guy? Send him an email, it will save some paper and maybe the planet.

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