HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Welcome

Welcome to the first of a weekly edition exclusively for The Wrestling Chronicle, HoboGhost’s Scavenger Hunt! Every week Simon “HobosGhost” Knowles searches high and low on the Internet for random wrestling videos, perhaps the debut of someone who went on to become a legend, or a match between two up and comers that would be considered a dream match by today’s standards. If you consider yourself a wrestling geek who loves to immerse him or her self in the history of pro-wrestling then you’ll enjoy HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt.

John Rechner (ECW’s Balls Mahoney) vs. Virgil – 12/26/1992 WWF Superstars
This match was 5 years after Rechner’s pro debut and 2 years before his debut in Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Rechner worked with WWF until 1996. In 1997 he signed with Extreme Championship Wrestling. He would then go on to be known as Balls Mahoney, where he found most of his success.

Kurt Angle vs. Roderick Strong – 1/13/2005 WWE SmackDown

This is from the Kurt Angle Invitational where wrestlers would try to beat Angle within a time limit (During Angle’s feud with JBL over WWE Heavyweight Championship). Not only is Strong in the match but MVP is 1 of the 2 cops guarding the gold medals. MVP was signed by WWE and sent to Deep South Wrestling for training in 2005. Strong currently wrestles for Ring of Honor where he is considered one of the best wrestlers currently on their roster.

Papa Shango vs. Jerry Lynn – 1993 USWA

During the WWE invasion so to speak (working agreement between WWE + USWA), Papa Shango was the USWA Champion in a feud with Jerry Lawler who was defending USWA. It was Charles Wright’s 2nd reign as USWA Champion. Having started his career there in 1989 while training with Larry Sharpe at the Monster Factory, (Larry trained Scotty “Raven” Flamengo  who acts as Shango’s manager in the clip) Shango would lose the belt to Owen Hart on June 21st 1993. Shango left WWE as did Raven in 1994.

Tiger Dalibar Singh vs. “Cowboy” Bret Hart – ITV World of Sport 12/19/1981

This match was on a prime time show showcasing British wrestling (William Regal, Fit Finlay, Chris Adams, Dynamite Kid and British Bulldog all plied their trade here) along with international talent (Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Jushin Liger were just some) from mid 1960s up to 1985 and then a stand alone televised production until 1988. This is old school British wrestling where matches were two fall matches (pinfall or submission) or 1 count out if wrestler couldn’t make the 10 count (i.e. a last man standing match).

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