HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt

Here we go then, week two of HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt, looking for random bits of wrestling for the wrestling geek in all of us! Here’s 5 videos for you to watch!

I had heard about it and did not think it would be around, but here it is! Ric Flair vs. Antonio Inoki in the main event of a two day show in North Korea in 1995. The show was put together in a joint effort by WCW and NJPW. The attendance is a world record attendance of 190,000 people (some who say it was close to 160,000 still a huge crowd either way). This was a time where North Korea was not as open as it is now in terms of travel restrictions. This video is fascinating by the backstage footage before and after the show (did you spot the Steiner Brothers?). A unique match in a very unique environment.
This video is a 30 second advert for a line of ECW action figures and ring from late 90’s. Featuring Joey Styles, RVD, Taz, Tommy Dreamer, Justin Credible, and Lance Storm. Sit back and enjoy. I laughed at the table spot between Dreamer and Credible!
This is a match many of us hope will headline Wrestlemania or go close to headlining. Pre-Shield days from Florida Championship Wrestling on February 5th 2012 Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Leakee (Roman Reigns) squared off in a triple threat number 1 contenders match for an FCW title shot against Leo Kruger (Adam Rose). A rather fascinating match. Make a particular note on Reigns strength at the end. I imagine sooner rather than later he will be demonstrating that power in the ring. All three show good chemistry, a match between the three would be more intense now.

In 1996 Chris Jericho joined WCW from ECW and made his first appearance on the 26th of August. As NJPW and WCW had a talent agreement, Jericho joined NJPW in January 1997. Debuted as the masked Super Liger, the January 4th Wrestling World show at the Tokyo Dome drew 62,500 spectators. The Super Liger character was meant to be a rival to Jushin Thunder Liger similar to the Tiger Mask vs Black Tiger feud. However the match and gimmick were panned by supporters and subsequently abandoned after this match. Jericho said he couldn’t see out of the mask causing some errors. Jericho then spent the next 6 months wrestling unmasked before heading back to WCW to win his first Cruiserweight Championship. This could have been an interesting story feud.
I had about twenty different videos I was deciding on posting and I settled on this clip as I only saw it Tuesday night by accident. Here we have the debut of Master Of Pain who spent “5 years in the Atlanta State penitentiary” for CWA on 02/12/1989. He was sent by Ricky Morton to hunt down Jerry Lawler. Clearly a little nervous on the mic, Master Of Pain of course embraced the dark side and became the much respected The Undertaker. Enjoy him beating up Rodney Napper!
And that concludes the second Scavenger Hunt! Much more where that came from! It may be a top 10 next week at this rate! From me HobosGhost, thank you and see you next week! Follow HobosGhost on Twitter!

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