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Indy Power Rankings for the Week of 7/21/14

  1. Chase Owens (@nwachaseowens)-The former People’s Champ now has a #1 to add to his collection of accolades. It was an INSANE week for the NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion. He travelled up to Canada and came away with a record of 9-0…in ONE week. This is certainly not his first ranking, but it is his first time at #1. He’s having a fantastic year, picking up victories where ever he goes, most often at NWA Smoky Mountain. When we updated the IPR 100 last week, Chase was sitting at #35. A #1 ranking will certainly help his standing. #3 in the online poll with 44 votes.
  1. Michael Elgin (@ROHMichaelElgin)-Being the ROH World Champion has a lot of advantages, ESPECIALLY when you go 2-0 with two successful title defenses in one weekend. The Unbreakable World Champion went into Cincinnati and Dearborn as champ and left as champ after laying waste to Roderick Strong and Kyle O’Reilly. It was his 3rd successful title defense in the last 2 weeks and was just enough to slot him at #2 this week, despite heavy competition. While he is still AIW Absolute and ½ of the AAW Tag Champs, his title collecting days may be over, but his ROH World Title run is just beginning. Tied for #6 in the online poll.
  1. Ricochet (@KingRicochet)-The DGUSA Open the Freedom Gate Champion rarely goes more than a week or two without being ranked in the Top 10 this year. Last week he was #5 and this week he moves up two spots to #3. First he picked up a victory on 7/17 and then scored a win on Dragon Gate’s biggest stage as he teamed with Masato Yoshino to defeat Matt Sydal and CIMA in a Dream Match. The only thing holding him back from a historic 8th #1 right now is his lack of singles victories the last few weeks. With his success rate lately, one would think that will come in the very near future.
  1. Kongo Kong/Osyris (@RealKongoKong)-Last week’s #1 did absolutely nothing to halt his own momentum, but with very, very strong competition this week, he dropped a few spots. He did, however, score another strong victory as he defeated Shane Mercer to retain his IWA Mid-South World Title on 7/17. Mercer was able to throw the big man around, but in the end it was Kong who came out on top. The dominant monster has been having a fantastic June and July and it looks like nothing, not even the power of a challenger like Mercer, is going to stand in his way from another #1 ranking. #5 in the online poll with 22 votes.
  1. Rhett Giddins-The Florida Heavyweight Champion apparently knows nothing but winning. Once again he did just that as he defeated JD Amazing on 7/19 to add another title to his collection as he won the vacant USCW Heavyweight Title. Despite his winning ways, he continues to slip a bit in the Top 10, but that was true of several people this week due to all of the big shows and competition all over the Top 10. He’s still chasing that elusive #1, but if he keeps winning, it’s going to be impossible for him to miss out on it. Most voters feel that if he can knock off a big name in the near future, that could be what it takes to lock him in at #1.
  1. Chasyn Rance (@ChasynRance)-The FIP Florida Hertiage Champion and USCW Cruiserweight Champion scored not one but two wins on 7/19 as he teamed with Brittany (from TNA) and defeated Joey Mayberry & Ashleigh Lynn Ford and then defeated DJ Chino to retain his USCW Cruiserweight Title later in the night. He jumps up 4 spots after yet another solid week, whether some of his detractors like it or not. Much like Rhett Giddins, a couple more big wins and you may be seeing him at the very top of the Top 10. Tied for #10 in the online poll.
  1. Kevin Steen (@FightSteenFight)-Maybe an emotional pick on the part of the voters, but at the end of the day, he still had a successful weekend as he defeated Steve Corino in his final match at ROH on 7/19 and then knocked off Tyson Dux at Smash Wrestling on 7/20. His only loss was vs. Silas Young at ROH in a No DQ match on 7/18. He finishes ranked #7 after having been ranked 5 times at #1 (a record at that time) last year. Thanks Steen Thanks, indeed. Tied for #10 in the online poll.
  1. Drolix (@Drolix1)-While he may have had a poor showing in the online poll, the official voters came to his defense as they understood the prestige of the MCW Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup. This year he was the winner after defeating Shaun Cannon and then defeating Bolt Brady, Bo Nekoda, Bu Ku Dao, Papadon, and Shane Strickland in the Finals. This is his first ranking and if the 2014 Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup was any indication, it won’t be his last.
  1. Mickie Knuckles (@MickieLKnuckles)-She’s back! “The Walking Episode of Cops” returns to the Indy Power Rankings after a leg injury sidelined her from active competition. On May 12th, 2014, she was ranked #3. This week, she’s back in the pack, which considering where she came from is damn impressive. On 7/17 she defeated Mistress Burgandi in a hard-hitting war at IWA Mid-South and then retained her UIW Women’s Title on 7/19 with a victory vs. Pandora. With her back in the ring again, expect to start seeing her name pop up more and more as we head towards the end of the year. Tied for #8 in the online poll.
  1. Michael Monsoon (@MichaelMonsoon)-Monsoon drowned the competition this week! OK, bad pun. In all seriousness, first he picked up a HUGE win in the Lou Thesz Cup Battle Royal on 7/18 at IPW and then he followed that up with another impressive victory. He absolutely DOMINATED the online voting competition from start to finish to become this week’s People’s Champ with 151 votes. At the start of the day he just wanted to prove he belonged, but by the end, he proved that he can be a major player given the right circumstances. We hope to see more of him in the near future.
Honorable Mention-Brian Cage-FSP Champion defeated Chris Masters on 7/18 to retain the title and came just a vote or two away from cracking the Top 10.
Just missing out/Others Receiving Votes:
Cedric Alexander- Tied for #6 in the online poll.
Josh Bodom- Tied for #10 in the online poll.
James Anthony -#2 in the online poll with 47 votes
Marty Scurll-#4 in the online poll with 32 votes
Marcus Anthony
Oliver Grey
Puerto Rican Hound Dog
Christian Rose
Ricky Love
AJ Steele
Matt Cage
Shane Hollister
Mallaki Matthews
Matt Tremont
Danny Duggan
Eric Emanon- Tied for #8 in the online poll.
Kellan Thomas
Arik Royal
Charlie Weston
Matt Hardy
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Our Twitter: @IndyPowerRankin

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