HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Liger vs. Macho man and Andre vs. Monsoon in a Boxing Match plus more!

Hello folks,welcome to week 3 of HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt! Five more videos to watch and dwell on for your personal enjoyment/bewilderment. Let’s get started!

Andre the Giant vs. Gorilla Monsoon in a Boxing Match (9/23/77)

First video is the unusual sight of Andre The Giant and Gorilla Monsoon in a worked boxing match in Puerto Rico that took place on September 23rd 1977. The two were feuding at the time (Andre as the face and Gorilla as the heel). The boxing match took place in Puerto Rico as Gorilla Monsoon had an investment in the territory. Lord Alfred Hayes does commentary on the video and it is cool hearing him as he seems to be watching it for the first time himself as he commentated! The little trivia at the start is an odd yet unique fact. Sit back and watch in amusement/bemusement of these two giants boxing in typical wrestling style!
Jerry Lynn vs. Christopher Daniels for the Lightheavyweight Championship (4/29/01)
From WWE Metal, Jerry Lynn (who made his WWE debut on 29th April 2001 defeating Crash Holly for the WWE Lightheavyweight championship on Sunday Night Heat) defended his championship against none other than Christopher Daniels(1/2 of Bad Influence who were a team in TNA and now are working with Ring Of Honor and independents) This is during a time where WWE seemed to be using young talent as competitive opponents to the WWE superstars as sort of a “live trial”, similar to Ryback’s character build up. A nice little match here. Jerry Lynn would go on to lose the Lightheavyweight title to Jeff Hardy before being released in February 2002. Jerry retired on March 23rd 2013 in a retirement match, 25 years after his wrestling debut.
“Macho Man” Randy Savage vs. Jushin Thunder Liger (7/17/96)
Now this is a personal “mark out moment” for myself, on 17th July 1996 the legendary Japanese superstar Jushin Thunder Liger went one on one with the legendary (and much missed) American superstar, the “Macho Man” Randy Savage in Japan during a two day WCW tour. Savage favours his leg in this one as this match took place 10 days after WCW Bash At The Beach (the infamous PPV remembered for the formation of the NWO). Jushin Liger would go into hospital to have brain surgery one month later in August 1996. A rare match up, thumbs up to both guys!
So WWE has a product to promote in the 1980s, A Hulkamania Workout Set, kid wants to know how to build up like the stars of the time (ahem)…only for Paul Orndorff to burst through the wall to sell the product to the masses! I imagine Orndorff wasn’t too keen to promote it. Not entirely sure why Hulk Hogan himself doesn’t advertise it.Anyway enjoy this little twenty-nine second advert!

Jerry Lawler vs. Master of Pain (4/8/89)

In my last Scavenger Hunt I posted the debut of Master Of Pain (AKA The Undertaker) from CWA on 12th February 1989. Well after defeating a few wrestlers since his debut, he squared off on 8th April 1989 against Jerry Lawler who was now the USWA Unified World Champion. At this time M.O.P was in association with the late Ronnie P. Gossett and Dirty Dutch Mantel (Zeb Colter). M.O.P was still learning the business it seems but this match extended the rivalry between Lawler and Mantel/Gossett and gave M.O.P his first title reign. It’s fascinating to think that Lawler, Mantel and Taker were involved in this years Wrestlemania in various roles. Enjoy this trip into the past, The Undertaker’s first title reign, and its from CWA!

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