Raw Results and Thoughts – 7/28/14


John Cena opens Raw. He says “plan c” is what he hoped would never happen. Says the WWE Universe wants to see Brock beat the hell out of him. Crowd responds with a Yes chant. He knows he’s going to get his ass kicked but he’s not going to lie down for him. He calls Brock a mercenary, a hired gun no one can control. Out comes Paul Heyman. He says his client will conquer Cena and and take his title from him. He calls him courageous for understanding the beating that is coming his way but he doesn’t understand he will be the victim. Cena may have overcomes the odds before but he doesn’t know what it is like to be victimized. He brings up how absent Undertaker has been since WrestleMania. Says Lesnar is on the offensive and Lesnar will victimize John Cena ruthlessly. Heyman says the difference between Lesnar and Cena is Cena loves what he does, Lesnar loves beating people up. After SummerSlam Cena will be beaten, victimized, and conquered. Cena brings up the passion and how even Heyman shares that with Cena by bringing up ECW. Cena really cuts a passionate promo about his love for the business. Out comes Cesaro who says even though he and Heyman have parted ways no one will disrespect his friend like that. He calls Cena a jacked up overgrown billboard who gets his sneakers at K-Mart and can’t wrestle. Cesaro challenges Cena to a match and before it begins we go to commercial.

Cesaro vs. John Cena

Obviously with Cesaro calling out Cena’s wrestling ability the match starts off heavy with rest holds and counters. Cena holds his own even hitting a decent hurricanrana. After being dumped to the outside Cena comes in hot and starts to pound away on Cesaro. Cena looks to hit a running bulldog but Cesaro blocks it sending Cena crashing. We head to commercial. Back from break with tons of quick back and forh action. Cesaro attempts the swing but Cena counters into a roll up. He even throws in a decent power bomb. Moments later Cesaro hits a deadlift suplex from the apron to the ring. Cesaro hits the swing and flips it into a submission. Cena reverses and fights out. After a Five Knuckle Shuffle Cesaro blocks the AA. Both men climb the corner without Cesaro gaining position. He hits a cross body but Cena rolls through. He attempts an AA but Cesaro lands on his feet during the follow through. Cesaro hits the pop up uppercut and attempts a Neutralizer but Cena powers out however Cena lands on his feet. After back and forth boots both men end up again on the top rope. Cena hits a top rope AA for the win.

Post Match Notes: Really good match. Cena wasn’t technically crisp but good enough. What more can Cesaro do to put himself on WWE’s radar. He was seriously impressive in this match. A Cesaro/Lesnar match would be fun if it ever happens.

Backstage Stephanie talks about her experience being incarcerated and how embarrassing it was for her. Apparently they have a plan but before they can reveal it they are interrupted by Randy Orton who’s angry Lesnar got his spot. HHH says if Orton wants another shot he has to take out Roman Reigns which Orton says he would gladly do tonight. Only problem is Reigns is taking on Kane tonight. Orton says it looks like he has a problem with Kane, and now HHH too. Commercial break.

Back from break with Paige headed to the ring ho skips like AJ to the ring. She just wants to set the record straight. She’s young and sometimes lets her emotion gets the better of her. She apologizes and promises never to act like that again. Out comes Divas Champion AJ Lee. Paiges apologizes once again but AJ snips back. She sympathizes with Paige but if she wants to be like AJ then be that. She doesn’t play little girl games. If she doesn’t like someone she’ll let them know to their face. Paige says they’re friends for real and if Paige doesn’t believe her she’s crazy. Big no no. Paige says she would never make fun of AJ’s mental illness. Oh dear. AJ pounces on Paige and the fight is on. This isn’t a cat fight but more of a brawl. Paige breaks loose and we have a stalemate. Pretty good segment.

Back from commercial and The Authority comes down to the ring. After a replay of Stephanie’s arrest the couple and mainly Stephanie look embarrassed. HHH doesn’t take it lightly that the crowd enjoyed seeing his wife get arrested. The crowd is way hot. HHH says the ordeal deeply hurt Stephanie, all over a simple misunderstanding. Stephanie was just defending herself according to HHH. He says all of the charges have been dropped all accept the assault charge. The couple would like to reconcile with Brie who is in attendance. Stephanie has a really hard time calling Brie out to the ring. But wait! Out comes a grinning Chris Jericho! He wants to offer his sympathies to Stephanie with a song. He sings the classic Bad Boys song of Cops fame and the whole crowd joins in. We even get a sweet Orange is the New Black pun. Jericho brings up the fact that HHH didn’t even leave with his wife when she was arrested. HHH angrily says Jericho should focus on Bray Wyatt whom Y2J wants to face tonight. HHH says that isn’t happening until SummerSlam but he will be facing Seth Rollins who attacks Jericho from behind  with the MITB briefcase. We go to replays of tonight’s opening to Raw then commercial break.

Back from break to the theme of The Miz and with RybAxel in the ring. Dolph Ziggler comes down to the ring followed by The Usos.

Dolph Ziggler and The Usos vs.The Miz and RybAxel

Pretty decent match. Dolph Ziggler was super over with the crowd. Pretty soon WWE is going to have to give this guy a push just based on his natural popularity. As always a match with The Usos is going to get my full attention. A lot of back and forth to close the match which kept the crowd hot for the finish. Dolph hits the Zig Zag on Ryback for the win. We go to commercial.

Back from break with R-Truth coming down to the ring for his match with Bo Dallas. Bo says Truth will never be undefeated like him. In fact he’s lost a ton of matches.

Bo Dallas vs. R-Truth

This is a quick one folks. R-Truth wins on a quick roll up. Bo Dallas’ undefeated streak is shockingly over. Bo is just as shocked as I but congratulates Truth as being the first man to ever defeat him. What seemed to be an act of sportsmanship quickly turned into an attack on Truth from Bo. He does his victory lap and we head to commercial.

Post Match Notes: This may be biased but WWE really missed an opportunity to have Bo Dallas and his streak take on Goldberg at WrestleMania 31. Oh boo.

Back from commercial with Rusev and Lana in the ring. More USA is bad stuff. Bottom line is Lana knows how to make people hate her and Rusev. She’s so good at it you almost have to like her because she understands how to make people hate her during a time in wrestling where the bad guy is cool. WWE really pushing the boundaries by criticizing Obama and former President Bush. Out comes Zeb and Swagger to a thunderous pop and they put over the American Flag. Swagger charges the ring and the brawl is under way. Crowd is extra hot for Swagger. Rusev attempts The Accolade but Swagger picks his ankle and goes for The Patriot Lock. Rusev fights out but Rusev follows up with a big boot. Rusev attempts to re-enter the ring but Swagger blocks him and stands guard in the ring. Swagger and America are over like rover ladies and gentlemen.

Post Segment Thoughts: We were all under the assumption the feud got the ax because it garnered too much negative press but I guess not. Either way I’m still a huge fan of it. Partly because some old school tactics to develop feuds from the old days of wrestling still work today.

Back from commercial with Damien Sandow dressed as astronaut. This man can do anything. Out come Adam Rose and his Rosebud entourage. Rose calls Sandow a sour little space man who should be a rosebud. Sandow rebuttals and the match is under way.

Adam Rose vs. Damien Sandow

The match starts and ends with Rose hitting The Party Foul. Yep.

The main event for…WWE Main Event on the WWE Network is announced and it is Dean Ambrose taking on Alberto Del Rio. Should be a good one.

Kane vs. Roman Reigns

As Reigns was making his way to the ring Randy Orton attacks Reigns from behind in the crowd. Reigns ends up getting the upper hand on both Orton and Kane with a Superman Punch. Kane gets the offense in and rolls Reigns back into the ring. Reigns hits a Samoan Drop on Kane but Orton is there to stop the momentum. Reigns hits Orton with a Superman Punch then Kane chokeslams Reigns. Kane leaves the ring and leaves Reigns for Orton to beat down. He lays a vicious beating into Reigns. Everything from a vicious guillotine DDT from the guardrail to face smashes into steel steps. Orton is angry and says Reigns cost him his title shot. Orton lays Reigns across the announcer table then lays him out with an RKO. The table does not break! He hits another RKO and the table crashes to pieces. Randy poses and we go to break.

Post Segment Thoughts: I really like the angle they are going with this. Orton driven by rage blames Reigns.

Back from break with Reigns still laid out at ringside. After a replay Fandango is in the ring for his match against Francisco…or Diego…one of The Matadores with Layla, Summer Rae, and Torito.

Fandango vs. Diego

Sort of a pee break match with Fandango being distracted by Torito and the ladies. This leads to Diego winning on a rollup.

Backstage Stephanie knocks on the Divas locker room door and Nikki Bella answers. Stephanie hopes that Nikki’s sister Brie can be “reasonable”. Nikki says there aren’t many times where people like Stephanie eat a plate of crap. We head to commercial break.

Back from break with Stardust and Goldust. Something about a cosmic key and uh yeah I don’t know.

Naomi and Natalya vs. Cameron and Alicia Fox

This wasn’t a bad match by any means just wasn’t one I was too interested in. Naomi may be one of those girls meant for eye candy that turned into decent wrestlers. Naomi wins the match for her team with a sick submission lock on her former partner Cameron.

Chris Jericho vs. Seth Rollins
Jericho really doing a great job controlling the pace of the match early on. Really no ring rust whatsoever. Jericho takes Rollins out with a shoulder block to the apron from the top rope. We go to commercial break. Back from break with Rollins on offense with a rest hold that Jericho fights out of. Off a splash Rollins gets a two count. Rollins looks for another splash but misses. Jericho fires up after coming off the top rope but Rollins counters back into his favor. Rollins trash talks which wakes Jericho up but Rollins sends him into the corner. Jericho counters Rollins on the top rope and attempts a super-plex. Rollins blocks but Y2J back body drops him off the top. He comes off with a cross body but only gets a two count.Back and forth blows leads to a missed Lionsault. Buckle Bomb from Rollins but misses with the Curbstomp. Jericho goes for Walls of Jericho but Rollins fights out and hits a big dropkick. Crowd hot for Y2J. Rollins springboards into the ring but gets caught with a Codebreaker. Lights go out then on with the Wyatt Family in the ring. They beat Jericho then Bray hits Sister Abigail. Wyatt screams “Follow the buzzards” and we cut to The Authority walking to the ring. Commercial break.

Back from break and Stephanie makes the humbled walk of shame to the ring. She is embarrassed for the company, her family, and the family legacy. Brie Bella walks through the crowd and into the ring. Brie really likes calling Stephanie a bitch. Stephanie asks Brie to drop all the charges because to her no one deserves this. Brie says Stephanie can go to hell. Stephanie offers to be fair to Nikki and give her a raise. Brie says that sounds great but she would also like her job back. Stephanie asks to be reasonable as she thinks one Bella is enough. Brie begins to walk out but Stephanie caves so long as Brie drops the charges. The deal is done…pending a requested match by Brie at SummerSlam…against Stephanie McMahon! Stephanie looks to coward out but Brie won’t drop the charges. Another threatening of court trials and Stephanie caves in and  it looks like we will have Brie Bella versus Stephanie McMahon at SummerSlam! Stephanie looks to be weeping but smacks Brie so hard she goes flying off the apron. Stephanie says at SummerSlam she is going to make Brie her bitch. She holds a mock “Yes!” chant but Brie re-enters the ring and the two ladies commence in a major cat fight. We end the the show with Stephanie being held off on the stage by her husband repeating she is going to make Brie her bitch.

Final Thoughts:
I thought this was a great episode of Raw. Cena/Cesaro was pretty good and showed yes Cena can actually wrestle. Dolph Ziggler continues to gain popularity with the time he is given, maximizing his minutes as they say. And who would have ever thought Brie Bella vs. Stephanie McMahon would be can’t miss TV? What did you think of Raw? Comment below, on Facebook, or on Twitter!

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