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HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt #4

Is it that time of the week already? It’s week 4 of the Scavenger Hunt! Five more videos for your entertainment! Kick back, relax and see what the hunt has found this week!

King Kong Bundy vs. Jeff Hardy (12/11/1994)

Here we start with King Kong Bundy vs. a young Jeff Hardy from WWF Wrestling Challenge. King Kong Bundy was back as part of the Million Dollar Corporation which was lead by the Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase. Bundy was building to a match at Wrestlemania XI with Undertaker who was feuding with the Corporation over the mystical urn. In this match Jeff Hardy was only 17 years old, having made his tv debut against Razor Ramon on May 23rd 1994 and wrestling sporadically as an enhancement talent as late as 1997. The infamous 5 count Bundy had insisted on in his prime continues here, an interesting match albeit short!

Victoria vs. Mercedes Martinez (WWE Heat – 6/12/2006)

Here we have a match from WWE Heat between Victoria and independent wrestler Mercedes Martinez of SHIMMER and other promotions. It was around the time WWE were using indie talent as more competitive enhancement talent, almost like a live trial. A much rarer match, Mercedes was mainly used to make the heel Victoria look ruthless. This was the only televised appearance of Mercedes Martinez in WWE. She has achieved success on the indie scene with SHIMMER, WSU, NCW, Femme Fatales, IWA Mid-South and many others.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Big Boss Man (IWA Japan – 8/31/2004)

And now for a more sombre moment (for me anyway). Growing up the ‘Big Boss Man’ Ray Traylor was my favorite wrestler, something that has never really changed. This match may be the last recorded match the Boss Man had in Japan in the final of a tournament for the IWA Japan Heavyweight Championship. Six competitors were in the tournament including Barbarian, George Hines, Freddie Krueger and Bruiser Kong. Duggan wrestled three times this night while Boss Man had a bye to the semi final. So this is the last Big Boss Man match, Ray Traylor passed away on 22nd September 2004 after a heart attack at his home in Dallas at aged 41.

Mark Lewin vs. Abdullah the Butcher (WCW Australia – 1970’s)

Now here is a quirky video, Mark Lewin vs. a much more agile Abdullah The Butcher (Led by Big Bad John) from WCW Australia (No not THAT WCW). Old School black and white footage, the match is a typical Abdullah bloody brawl, with a run in from King Curtis and a suplex on the referee! Enjoy this old footage!

Kanyon vs. Shark Boy (WWE Velocity Dark Match – 3/11/2003)

I waited until now to put this on the list, I think it is worthy to close this weeks Scavenger Hunt. This is a dark match (non televised match if you will) before the WWE Velocity and Smackdown tapings. A match pitting Chris Kanyon (with Jackie Gayda) vs. the one and only Shark Boy who was working with TNA at the time. Shark Boy has been working with TNA as well as various indie promotions since then (he was in WCW briefly before WCW closed). This dark match is great! Despite no commentary, I don’t think I’ve really seen or heard a crowd get into a dark match to the point where there is a pretty loud Shark Boy chant! Sadly Shark Boy was never signed. Chris Kanyon was one of the WCW wrestlers who “invaded” WWE as part of the invasion storyline. He was mainly relegated to Velocity after a shoulder injury in 2002 and was released in 2004. He sadly died from an overdose on 2nd April 2010 after suffering from bipolar disorder age 40. A really enjoyable match between the two here.
Well,that is all from me this week!Thank you to all who have been checking this segment out so far. Special thanks to Wrestling Chronicle for the weekly slot, and to all the wrestling folk in the world who hide all this great stuff for people like me to find! From me, HobosGhost, catch ya next week!

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