Introducing Be the Booker

A new feature coming to The Wrestling Chronicle where YOU come up with hypothetical angles putting all control in your hands.

What is one thing ever hardcore professional wrestling fan believes? They believe that they have seen enough wrestling to know what other wrestling fans would like to see. Well here is your chance to show off your creativity. Introducing Be the Booker, a weekly column where wrestling fans have their chance to show off their wrestling knowledge and creative genius. You are the one in control so whether you want to book an invasion angle, a WrestleMania main event, or a debut for your favorite independent wrestler debuting on TV the choice is up to you. Every week I will chose one angle to post on the site. On the last Saturday of each month wrestling fans will vote on the best angle of the month to be chosen as the angle we’d love to see headline a Pay Per View.
So what does it take to have your angle chosen for the week and possibly voted by fans as the best angle of the month? The creativity is in your hands, it’s all about knowing if fans want to see your ideas. The best angles have a logical reason for happening, a buildup that would make fans want to see the final essential part, the payoff, the end to your angle.
Now all that is left is how to submit. All entries must be submitted via email and only email ( Make sure to the write “be the booker” in the subject line. Deadline to submit will be every Friday 8pm EST. Not a writer? Neither am I! This is all out of love for wrestling. I only proofread and correct grammar and spelling the best I can. If that does not sway you then I most certainly can use the help spreading the word. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on everything happening with the site and more! Hope to read your ideas. 


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