HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – "Wake Up Shinzaki,You Got A Match To Fight!"

Hello wrestling fans,its that time once again for the Scavenger Hunt,where i bring to you random stuff from the world of wrestling for your viewing pleasure! 5 clips, lets get started!

Seth Rollins vs. Vance Archer [FCW 10/24/2010]
Kicking off today with the FCW debut of the former Tyler Black, the current WWE Money In The Bank briefcase holder, Seth Rollins taking on Vance Archer fomerly known as Lance Hoyt. Rollins had left Ring Of Honor after dropping the ROH Title to join WWE where he spent 3 years in developmental. A former FCW15 champion and was the very first NXT champion, defeating Jinder Mahal in the final of a tournament.
Vance Archer is better known as Lance Hoyt when he was in TNA between 2004-2009 before joining WWE. He was a member of WWE’S ECW brand, his only major feud was with Shelton Benjamin who ended Archer’s streak of not being pinned. Archer along with five other stars were released on November 19th 2010. Archer now wrestles as Lance Archer and has been tag team partners with Harry Smith AKA Davey Boy Smith Jr as The Killer Elite Squad. Since then,Archer has been enjoying success in NJPW and NWA winning the IWGP Tag Titles twice and holding the NWA Tag Titles at the same time as part of NJPW’s working relationship with NWA. Here is the start of Seth Rollins WWE journey!
Sgt. Slaughter vs. Nailz [WWE Primetime Wrestling 9/1992]
A great example of wrestling….will be featured a bit later on as before that we have this. Sgt. Slaughter taking on the ex-convict Nailz in a match that never gets started. For a PG show as WWE was back then it was pretty brutal. It would not have looked out of place in an early ECW show as it is just Nailz denting chairs over the back (and painfully the stomach) of the Hall of Famer .Nailz had the nightstick after attacking the Big Boss Man who was (in storyline) responsible for Nailz prison abuse. Nailz had come to seek revenge, debuting after the Boss Man had defeated Dave Roulette in a quick squash match.The feud between Nailz and Boss Man would end after the Nightstick On A Pole match at the Survivor Series 1992. Nailz would then briefly feud with the Undertaker before being fired for (allegedly) getting physical with Vince McMahon over money issues in December 1992.This was Sgt. Slaughter’s last match in WWE until 1997 when he became the on air commissioner and wrestled HHH in a Bootcamp match at the De-Generation X In Your House PPV.
Sting vs. Bruiser Mastino [WCW Saturday Night – 3/6/1993]

Having wrestled in CWA and then UWF teaming with Jim “Ultimate Warrior” Hellwig as the Blade Runners, Sting (Steve Borden) was being pushed as one of the top rising stars in WCW, spending the majority of 1993 feuding with Vader over the WCW Championship. During that time Sting had this match against the giant Bruiser Mastino AKA Glenn Jacobs AKA “The Big Red Machine” Kane. Jacobs started in CSWA in 1992 as Angus King before wrestling as Doomsday and Unabomb in USWA and Smoky Mountain Wrestling respectively. Jacobs was only very briefly in WCW as one of the many more competitive enhancement talent compared to WWE’s crash test dummy enhancement. Sting would remain in WCW right through to the end in 2001. Jacobs would go to WWE in 1995 as Isaac Yankem and Fake Diesel, before resurfacing as the Undertaker’s masked brother in October 1997 at the Badd Blood Pay Per View. Kane is the 8th Triple Crown champion in  WWE history (World,IC and Tag) and the 3rd Grand Slam member (WWE, IC, Tag Team and Hardcore title which is an acceptable substitute for the European title at the time). Two future WWE Hall Of Famers collide!
Miss Elizabeth vs. Dafney [WCW Nitro – 5/8/2000]
A little unexpected moment (having not been a WCW watcher when it was around),but this is the first ever match of Ms. Elizabeth who was in a storyline to win her freedom from the evil Vince Russo who claimed he owned her contract. Ms. Elizabeth was in a storyline (then real) relationship at the time with Lex Luger, and this was her first ever match. Having been known as the beautiful manager then wife of Randy Savage in WWE, she was not a wrestler by any means. Here she takes on the gothic Daffney who at one point was Co-Cruiserweight Champion with Crowbar in WCW. Daffney would go on to join TNA where her career pretty much ended in 2011 after suffering concussions and a bruised sternum. A lawsuit for unsafe working conditions against TNA soon followed which was settled out of court on March 8th 2013.

Ms Elizabeth had two more matches in WCW vs Rhonda Singh (AKA Bertha Faye) and Madusa (aka Alundra Blayze) who pops up in this match to interfere, only for Mona to come to the rescue (Mona would go on to be Molly Holly in WWE ). Ms. Elizabeth sadly passed away from an “Acute Toxicity” brought on by a mix of painkillers and vodka at Lex Lugers house.
Jinsei Shinzaki vs. The Undertaker [Michinoku Pro – 10/10/1997]

Last but not least here we have a curiosity from 1997 between Jinsei Shinzaki (who was Hakushi in WWE) and The Undertaker for Michinoku Pro Wrestling. Shinzaki was in the WWE in late 1994 until 1996 where a feud with Bret Hart was his only major success (being the second person to lose to Barry Horowitz probably not so fondly remembered). A brief stop in ECW was then followed by a return to Michinoku Pro where Shinzaki is President of the company and wrestles for other companies to promote his own. The WWE have loaned out talent for shows before to attract local markets (and to make money) but its rarely common now (apart from Los Matadores wrestling for WWC in Puerto Rico on occasion). Shinzaki has used a Monk persona as well as this almost zombie-like persona, creating a slow methodical match with The Deadman. Both Undertaker and Shinzaki use the top rope walk move as well. A really cool match here, Shinzaki looked beat up before the bell started!
That concludes this edition of The Scavenger Hunt! You can tweet me at my @HobosGhost or @WrestlingChron, feedback is always cool! Hope you all are now a little bit more educated on the random side to the wrestling world, here are the last five weeks!:
Thanks for checking it out,until next week folks, So long!

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