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Be The Booker – The UK Invade WWE

Welcome to the first edition of Be the Booker, the column where wrestling fans use their creativity to come up with fantasy story lines.

Originally the format for Be the Booker was to be multiple submissions at once and have fans vote on which they thought was the best. While we may return to that format in the future, for now we’ll feature one submission at a time so fans get familiar with the format.
This week my good friend Bingus submitted what could the most extensive fantasy booking I have ever read. Bingus, the proud British chap he is, has booked UK based wrestling promotion This Is Progress to invade the WWE! Question is will the WWE and more importantly The Authority stand by and let this happen? Who rises to the top and puts the UK on their back?
In May of every year WWE takes its TV and live events to the UK for the so called Wrestlemania Revenge tour. We get a RAW and a Smackdown taping, a bunch of live events round the country and a couple of treats in form of WWE talent guest appearing on a couple of TV shows. This is great, but, what if we had a full month? A full WWE month with a PPV (or WWE Network Monthly, Sunday night special) n’all! That in its self is a dream book I know, so I guess this dream, is a dream in a dream in a dream, so on and so forth.

Before I go on with the big one, here’s the foundation and ground work to it.

• John Cena won the Championship at Wrestlemania 31 (No sh*t!) And he is now residing safely with the Authority as they have started to cover Cena and protect him. (Not full blown heel turn as the Authority kind of suck up to him)
• Orton is out to better Cena in everything he does. Like the jealous child of the Authority. 
• Cena treats Orton as his bitch due to history and his own ego, Orton is submissive because he wants to shine in the Authorities eyes.
• The Authority now consists of Triple H, Stephanie, Kane, Orton, Cena and Nikki Bella.
• Due to the popular demand of the likes of Barrett, Paige & Neville WWE is committing more to the UK audience.
• WWE have upped the revenge tour to a whole month on TV tapings and the Extreme Rules PPV.
May 4th 2015, RAW
This is the first RAW TV taping of the month from the UK. The night is pretty much a standard type of show. The real ongoing trends on social media seem to be that a bunch of This.Is.Progress roster are front row facing the hard camera.
Nothing at all is mentioned about them being there, just a buzz about it online.

Towards the end of the show, we get our first sighting of the night from the attitude adjusted Cena, his lady friend Bella and new run in buddy Orton.

On the way to the ring just before they walk up the stairs they stop for a second or two at the Progress guys. Just enough time for the Progress lot to get a bit vocal and get the attention of everyone watching. This little micro segment gets a nuts reaction online immediately. Cena and co. enter the ring and its business as usual. Nikki is boasting about beating Paige for the Divas title and Cena explains how he’s here to fight and defend his title…La-dee-daa… Orton says he’ll take on Cena’s opponent tonight. Triple H comes out on the stage and introduces Orton’s opponent, Wade Barrett.
Barrett goes ape shit crazy face with his countrymen behind him and starts to destroy Orton. In his destruction he goes after Cena, which results in Cena and Orton double teaming Barrett.
Barrett wins by DQ.

May 8th 2014, Smackdown

There has been continuous buzz about Progress being on RAW on social media through the week and Progress have made it known they will be at Smackdown.

Triple H opens the show with the whole Authority in the ring. He starts with his sucking up to Cena telling him he doesn’t need to come out and defend his title or get into unnecessary matches and to let the Authority look after him.

His next point is aimed at Barrett, saying that all wrestlers from the UK are cheats, liars and basic thugs. He then goes on to the people in attendance, pointing at individuals accusing them of being a liar, cheat, thug, slob, stupid, ugly, fat and so on.

Barrett comes out defends the UK and challenges Cena again, no substitutes, for the title. Tonight!
Triple H stops Barrett and announces if he can beat Orton tonight he’ll get his wish at Extreme Rules. To which Barrett winks at Triple H and tells him “Finally, I got some…Progress!”. The crowd and the internet goes nuts but still no reference from WWE that This Is Progress is in attendance.

Barrett VS Orton goes on with no screwyness, until Orton starts getting distracted by the super vocal UK crowd.

Barrett wins. New number one contender.
May 11th,  RAW
Carrying over from the first RAW and since Smackdown the web and the IWC are going nuts over This Is Progress roster and Barrett’s kind of mention of their name. The usual rumor mill is spinning quicker than a washing machine on coke.

Barrett is out to open the show, huge ovation. He gives his “BAAAAD NEWS!” to Cena letting him know Extreme Rules his time is up.

Cena makes his way down gets on the mic but before he can get a word out he’s cut off by the arrival of the Authority. Triple H and Orton take turns on taking pops on the UK crowd and gets in Barrett’s face.
In the chest bumping and shouting Barrett shouts about making progress again. Triple H goes crazy and shuts the fighting down and asks what progress he thinks he’s making. He carries on verbally attacking Barrett and asks if his progress included stealing tickets for his little Mary Poppins Brit wrestlers and points out the This Is Progress roster in attendance.

Triple H tells the world he’s seen the tweets, the blogs and vlogs and he knows who they are. He invites them to ringside and asks what they’re doing there. The Progress lads don’t hold back and aren’t being the shy, humble, plucked from the crowd, wide eyed usual type. They get in Triple H’s face, shouting and ooze intimidation.

After a short burst Jim Smallman gets the mic and tells Triple H “We are here because. This. Is. PROGRESS!” To which the internet breaks and Triple H sends them packing.

No mention, replay or photo of the whole thing is officially released.

Later in the night a pissed Triple H books Barrett against the whole Authority and a team of his choosing.

Barrett is in the ring as Triple H, Cena, Orton and Kane make their way down. Mark Henry and Big Show are the Authorities hired guns for this match.  Cena makes his reluctance clear as he just stands by as Triple H directs traffic and completely decimates Barrett on his home turf.

Barrett loses.
May 15th, Smackdown
Since being ejected from the arena on RAW there has been zero (Punk/Benoit treatment) mention, photo, video or flash of This Is Progress at all. The buzz and speculation is still running rampant online.

A regular type of Smackdown, almost a copy and paste of RAW. To the point where Triple H “buries” or “punishes” Barrett for his supporters behavior and to soften him up for Cena.

Tonight Wade Barrett will be in a gauntlet match against the Authority and The Big Strong Men (Show and Henry).

Barrett beats Kane, Orton and just scrapes past Henry. When it looks like he is about to beat Big Show the Authority all jump in and beat down on Barrett.  Among the beating Triple H grabs a mic and announces that Barrett VS Cena at Extreme Rules will be Cena’s best game, Last Man Standing. Anything goes.

Soon as he’s done speaking he gets jumped, Haskins, Scrull and Rampage from This Is Progress have attacked. Security and the #SuitsToAsses (Finlay, Noble and Mercury) get the three attackers out of the ring and out of the arena.

Barrett wins by DQ.

May 18th, RAW 
The Authority with Cena and Show & Henry start the show in the ring, surrounded by security and the #SuitsToAsses.

Triple H calls Barrett out and threatens his termination if he doesn’t accept the punishment for his friends and calls out the Progress guys. Smallman, Rampage, Haskins and Scrull come out and stand side by side with Barrett.

After Smallman explains their intentions to make a difference in WWE and show them that the fans are the most important thing and the same old [stuff] needs to stop!
The fans don’t need Cena parading around as the unstoppable champion and the Authority calling the shots when it should be the fans. Instead of reheating the mixture of old [stuff] and regurgitated bile that the fans deserve to see what we have home grown. Talent from Progress and the UK are some of the best in the world and the fans worldwide deserve to see what else is out there.

Triple H gives Extreme Rules a rundown.

Devitt VS Swagger (Cage Match)…(on the WWE Network kick off pre show!)
Adrian Neville VS Cesaro for the IC Championship 2 out 3 falls (Normal, Submission, No DQ)
Paige VS Nikki Bella for the Divas Championship (Lumberjill)
Barrett VS Cena for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship (Last Man Standing)

Triple H goes on, and asks what else could British fans want for a PPV? It’s best for business right? Tells the Progress lot to stop wasting his time and gives Barrett his bad news about Extreme Rules. If anyone who doesn’t work for WWE interferes in any of his matches from now they will be arrested and Barrett will be fired.

The Authority cost Paige her match against Lana which allows Nikki and Stephanie to beat her down. Then Kane sets Paige up for a Tombstone and Progress makes the save. Paige and Nikki fight to the back as Haskins, Rampage and Scrull attack Triple H, Orton and Kane.

The brawl quickly gets separated by security and a livid Triple H makes The Authority VS Progress at Extreme Rules to shame them and send them crying on their own turf.

Cena effortlessly & reluctantly beats a local jobber. Orton does the beating for Cena. 

Barrett loses to Big Show after interference from Henry.
May 22nd, Smackdown
Triple H opens the show alone. Which he makes a big point of, and goes on to say he’s afraid of no man and will stand alone against any man. He reminds us he’s stood toe to toe with the biggest and baddest men on the planet. On that note he calls out Jim.

Jim shows his passion and promises that come Sunday, the fans will see just a drop of the ocean of talent out there and his lads will do fans worldwide justice and make WWE take notice. He begs Triple H to stop treating fans like idiots, ignoring what the people want and pre-packaging could be legends into Cenalites and Ortonites.

Triple H says he’s not waiting until Extreme Rules to embarrass his little basement company. Next week on RAW there will be a series of Beat the Clock matches.

Scrull VS Neville
Haskins VS Henry
Rampage VS Kane
If a Progress guy gets the quickest time of all three they choose the Extreme Stipulation, if a WWE guy gets the quickest time Triple H chooses the Extreme Stipulation.

Later in the show Cena cuts a promo on Barrett, saying he hopes Barrett doesn’t take a cheap route and use a Progress guy to try and win their match at Extreme Rules. Barrett comes out says he has no intention of using help to beat Cena. He wants to beat Cena in England for the biggest prize in the business by himself. He wants to beat Cena to be Champion, he wants to beat Cena in the main event of a PPV, he wants to beat Cena to end the same old shit. Enough of the t-shirts, hats, wrist bands, shoulder shrugging, hand shakey, smiley cartoon character he has become. He wants to beat the man out of Cena and turn Cena into human and not the Authority’s puppet. Cena promises he doesn’t want or need the Authority as much as Barrett doesn’t want Progress to interfere in their match and may the best… Man…Win.

Barrett & Roman Reigns VS The Worlds Strongest Men non-contest after it breaks down into a brawl.

Cena & Orton lose to the Wyatts after Cena & Orton can’t get on the same page.
May 25th, RAW
Triple H opens the show and dishes out ideas for his stipulation, Hell In A Cell, Inferno, Boiler Room, Buried Alive….He points out he does it regularly so that’ll be no fun. He calls Jim down and asks what stipulation he wants.

Jim explains he doesn’t need a huge fancy gimmick match. But if Progress win the match at Extreme Rules the winner of the match gets a WWE contract effective immediately and good for one year. Triple H agrees but disagrees. Yeah Progress can have that stip, only if WWE wins then This Is Progress shuts its doors, and crawls away into its garage. And he gets to name any in match stipulation or “gimmick” on Smackdown. Jim agrees and the Beat the clock matches start now with 

Haskins VS Henry.
Henry beats Haskins in 13:22

Later in the night
Kane beats Rampage in 2:41 due Orton interference

Last up is Scrull VS Neville. The bell goes Neville runs across the ring takes a phantom bump and lays down for Scrull.
Scrull beats Neville in 0:07.

The Authority storm the ring and beat Scrull and Neville. Rampage, Haskins and Paige even the numbers. Paige goes after Bella, Cena makes the save for her which brings out Barrett. Big Show and Henry come out to help the Authority. Sheamus, Devitt, (a previously returned) McIntyre, Regal and Finlay make run ins which empties out the locker room for a mass brawl for the ages!

The show closes with Jim, Rampage, Haskins, Scrull, Devitt, Sheamus, McIntyre, Paige, Regal and Finlay standing tall in the ring celebrating and having a true RAW moment.
May 29th, Smackdown
The show starts with Jim and the Progress/UK stable celebrating and their win. Triple H interrupts and says there is no need to celebrate anymore because the in match stipulation is Extreme Rules Elimination match and he always has a Plan B. Jim retaliates saying Progress/UK isn’t scared of Plan B, C, D X, Y or Z if Triple H and the Authority need Plan B, their A game isn’t good enough in the first place.

Kane, Orton, Henry & Big Show defeat Neville, Devitt, Scrull & Haskins

Finlay & Regal defeat Rollins and Cesaro

Alpha Female defeats Paige

Cena & Triple H defeat Barrett and Rampage.

Triple H takes out Rampage early on in the match with the sledgehammer behind the refs back and Barrett is left to fend for himself. He makes a small come back and Cena shakes off his usual reluctance to take advantage and just storms Barrett. The match is quick and when Cena hits the AA Triple H makes the egotistical pin without breaking a sweat.

Soon as the match is over the huge Progress/UK stable and the Authority plus heels pour out and end the show with a huge brawl.

May 31st, Extreme Rules

Devitt VS Swagger – Cage Match

Devitt and Swagger have a hard hitting match. – Devitt Wins

Adrian Neville VS Cesaro Intercontinental Championship – 2 out 3 Falls

(1st fall- Normal match, 2nd fall – Submission, 3rd fall – NO DQ)
Neville takes the 1st fall, Cesaro takes the 2nd and the 3rd with help from Henry and Show. – Cesaro Wins and retains IC Championship.

Paige VS Nikki Bella – Lumberjill Match

Usual type of lumberjill match, lots of cat fighting and scraps. – Paige Wins and new Divas Champion

Scrull, Haskins, Rampage VS The Authority – Extreme Elimination Match

(If Progress wins the winner gets a one year WWE contract, If WWE wins Progress will shut down.)
The match starts and breaks down into an all out brawl with Triple H taking out Rampage early on with the sledgehammer. The match simmers down and turns into more of a 2 on 3 match with Rampage making limited appearances in the match.
A stiff, momentum shifting battle that sees Haskins making the first elimination by pinning Kane.
Scrull then takes out Orton leaving Triple H to fend off Haskins and Scrull with Rampage still outside.
Triple H finds his opening and takes out Scrull. After a short back and forth and close falls Triple H finally pins Haskins. Triple H clears the ring and starts to relax and celebrate when Rampage sneaks in and rolls up Triple H for the win! – Rampage wins and is contracted to WWE for one year.
Wade Barrett VS John Cena WWE World Heavyweight Championship – Last Man Standing
(If a member of Progress interferes they will be arrested and Wade Barrett will fired)
This is a hot match and the crowd is absolutely bezerk. Every step Barrett takes is received with biblical sized pops and the boos for Cena almost start an earthquake. Barrett is unstoppable, taking it to Cena for most of the match. Cena makes his usual BS comeback, Barrett manages to get out of the AA and hit a Bullhammer. Ref starts to count Cena out then Triple H runs in and takes out Barrett with a sledgehammer. Rampage (now a WWE Superstar) runs out, scares off Triple H and bumps the ref to stop the count. Rampage then pulls a prone Cena out of the ring, gets in and helps Barrett to his feet and wake him up in the corner. As he’s helping Barrett they notice Cena back in the ring getting to his feet. Rampage pats Barrett on the chest shouts “We have Progress” picks up a chair laying in the ring, walks towards Cena then turns around and attacks Barrett with the chair. Rampage hugs it out and smiles with a very approving Cena as they stir the ref awake and start counting Barrett down.
As the ref gets to 7 a returning Daniel Bryan hits the ring and dishes out a pair of violent flying knees to Rampage then Cena. Bryan leaves through the crowd as the ref now counts Cena down in a Last Man Standing match! – Wade Barrett Wins and New WWE World Heavyweight Champion!

There you have it folks, four weeks of booking that led to England getting it’s first true world champion. What did you think of the angle? Do you find any plot holes? Would you change anything? Share your thoughts by commenting below, on Facebook, and on Twitter!

Would you like to be featured on the next Be The Booker? Email your storyline here. Make sure you are creative and as you can see above, you have to dive deep to make sure all the bases are covered. You can even re-write a previously done angle the way you wanted it to go down! The possibilities are endless! Next submissions must be emailed to me by Friday August 22nd 8PM EST.

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