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HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Kitao’s Finger Poke Of Doom

Hello everyone and welcome to Monday Night Raw…oh no wait, that’s wrong…Welcome to number 7 of my Scavenger Hunt, where I search through the murky world of the Internet to find random wrestling clips for your entertainment!

Tony Atlas vs. Marty Lunde (Arn Anderson)

Mid-South TV 18th November 1982

We start off with a little TV match from Mid-South in 1982 between two WWE Hall Of Famers,Tony Atlas and Arn Anderson. Anderson’s real name is Martin Lunde hence wrestling under this name. He began his training in early 1982 and was wrestling around the USA for various independent promotions. It was at a Mid-South TV taping in 1984 when Lunde’s contract was ending that Junkyard Dog said to the promoter Bill Watts that Lunde looked like an Anderson. Watts then contacted Jim Crockett and Lunde was booked. He started teaming with Ole Anderson in Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling. He remained Arn Anderson for the rest of his career.

Tony Atlas started wrestling for the NWA in the World Wide/Mid-Atlantic area in 1974 before appearing for various promotions such as Mid-South, WCW, WCCW, WWC, AWA and WWE. He was the first guy to press slam and pin Hulk Hogan (although his foot was on the ropes) and won numerous titles along the way. He still wrestles to this day at the age of 60.

WWE Superstars December 22nd 1996
Pierroth Jr vs Matt Hardy
Here is a quirky and rather random match up between a young Matt Hardy and Mexican wrestler Pierroth Jr. WWE had a working agreement with the Mexican promotion AAA to use some of their talent on WWE programming. This was due to WWE’s roster being a little thin of stars after various WWE talent had jumped ship to WCW. Various AAA talent appeared in late 1996 through to 1998 including Cibernetico, Heavy Metal, Latin Lover and even Mexican legend/WWE HOF’er Mil Mascaras at the 1997 Royal Rumble (who eliminated himself). Matt Hardy (along with Jeff) were used as enhancement talent between 1994-1997 (Matt debuted on Raw vs Nikolai Volkoff in May 1994) before they signed full time terms and went on to enjoy both Tag Team and various singles titles. Pierroth Jr debuted in wrestling on July 1st 1984 and wrestled for AAA, CMLL, IWRG and WWC. He lost his mask in a match vs L.A Park (La Parka of WCW) and retired in 2008 due to ill health.

Traditional Championship Wrestling January 4th 2013
Tommy Dreamer vs Matt “Doink The Clown” Osborne 

Here is a web exclusive from TCW between Tommy Dreamer and Matt “Doink The Clown” Osborne from 2013. It was a first round match of a tournament to crown the TCW International Championship and took place five months before Matt Borne passed away at the age of 55. Matt mentions his Wrestlemania 1 match versus Ricky Steamboat in his pre-match promo. Dreamer reminds him of his extreme background by grabbing a chair and ring bell. A pretty decent presentation by the company, the match is what you may expect but nice to watch nonetheless. Sit back and watch two legends having a little fun! Osbourne’s reaction after the match was typical Doink!

SWS Wrestle Dream April 1st 1991
Earthquake vs Koji Kitao

This is a rather bizarre encounter at a SWS/WWF joint production from Kobe, Japan. The story seems to be that Kitao, who was legitimately a Yokozuna in the Sumo world, was unhappy putting over Earthquake who was only in sumo back in the day for a year or so. Why that would have anything to do with wrestling is lost on me personally. Koji Kitao started in Sumo but was expelled in 1987 after several disappointing results after being promoted to Yokozuna status. He got into an argument with his stable master (and allegedly struck his stable master’s wife on the way out the door).He was also fired from NJPW five months for disrespectful conduct after using a racial slur towards Riki Choshu who was born in Korea. This match was meant to be a wrestling match but Kitao stopped co-operating almost immediately and when Earthquake (John Tenta) realized, was actually professional in not proper hurting Kitao. This is all while Kitao tries to poke Tenta’s eyes with Tenta shouting “This Is Pro Wrestling!”. Truly bizarre, what is not in the footage (after Kitao kicked the official) is Kitao going on the mic declaring wrestling is fake before walking off (and being fired by SWS as a result). Very awkward to watch, but interesting nonetheless!

Liberty City Wrestling 30th September 2006
Ring Of Honor Championship Match
Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan) vs Kamala 

The Ring Of Honor championship has been held by the likes of Tyler Black (Seth Rollins), Samoa Joe, Low Ki (the first champion), CM Punk, Nigel McGuiness, Kevin Steen and current champion Michael Elgin. Bryan Danielson defends the belt in this bizarre match versus the “Ugandan Giant” Kamala….yes the real Kamala himself with Kim Chee at ringside and Prince Nana as special referee. No handshake or code of conduct here, it is just a weird contest between to different eras of wrestling. 

Danielson only held the ROH title once for 462 days after winning the title at Glory By Honor IV.
He made thirty eight title defenses before losing the title to Homicide at Final Battle 2006. 
James Harris (Kamala) wrestled for many promotions including WWE, WCW, USWA (where he won the USWA Unified World Heavyweight Championship four times) as well as in Japan. In 2011 he had his leg amputated due to complications of high blood pressure and diabetes. In April 2012 he had his right foot amputated. Relive the moment Kamala challenged for the ROH Championship against Daniel Bryan! YES! YES! YES! 
And that ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, concludes episode 7 of my Scavenger Hunt! Hope you liked this edition! Feel free to check out the previous 6 here on Wrestling Chronicle, also check out the charity event being arranged and details of “Be The Booker” where you can be the boss in a dream scenario! Thanks a lot, see you next week!

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