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HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Terra Ryzing Brian

Hello! Once again…it’s time…for everyone to come aboard the Scavenger Hunt train with me, the person known as HobosGhost on Twitter!  I wad through the murky waters of the internet to bring five more random clips from the magical world of wrestling! This is number eight in the series so welcome to all, new and regular!
Are you ready?  Then let’s begin!

WWE Superstars
Aired October 6, 1996
The Jinx Bros  vs The Grimm Twins
We kick off with a tag team match from 1996 between The Jinx Bros (Ingus in red, Wildo in green) against Jared and Jason Grimm. A short match but why is it first on this weeks Scavenger Hunt? Well…The Grimm Twins have had several gimmicks, most notably The Bruise Brothers in ECW, Smokey Mountain Wrestling, as D.O.A, The Blu Brothers in WWE, and as Creative Control in WCW. On this particular night they are The Harris Brothers Ron and Don, but who are those wacky looking opponents of theirs? Well, having been used as singles enhancement talent since 1994, this was one of the first tag team matches Matt and Jeff Hardy had as a team. Matt is in red as Ingus, Jeff in the green as Wildo, based on his Willow persona from Omega (and now in TNA). Before their extreme attitude and ladder match fame, The Hardy Boys were The Jinx Brothers. It is a short match with Jeff taking the punishment the most, but it was the start of The Hardy Boys tag team career in the WWE. Two short term gimmicks for two regular tag teams, sit back and enjoy!

September 5, 1987 
Ron Simmons vs. Samoan Coquine
Watched this last night at time of writing) so immediately I thought “This is going in”. Here we have from the NWA/UWF TV taping Ron Simmons making his UWF debut vs. Samoan Coquine which is in fact another name Yokozuna wrestled under (Check a previous Scavenger Hunt for another example). A typical short TV match. Ron Simmons had left his previous career as an American Football player having played both college football as well as an NFL Daft pick in 1981. Simmons went on to play for  Cleveland Browns before stints in the Canadian Football League with Ottawa Rough Riders and in the USFL with Tampa Bay Bandits. Simmons debuted in wrestling in 1986 and this match was his debut in UWF, who had been sold to Jim Crockett Promotions by it’s owner Bill Watts due to financial difficulties and ran as it’s own promotion until December 1987. Simmons would go on to become the first African American WCW Champion defeating Vader. This was Simmons first real big TV appearance in a Hall Of Fame worthy career.

WCW Worldwide 1993
Terra Ryzing vs Brian Armstrong
Here’s a match from WCW which I did chuckle to myself while watching it! Way before Degeneration-X drove a tank to a WCW show to declare war, two members were doing battle in that very WCW ring. Terra Ryzing was the first character of the “Cerebral Assassin” and current COO of WWE Triple H while Brian Armstrong is the D-O-Double G himself, The Road Dogg Jesse James. Road Dogg started his wrestling career in 1986 but after joining the United States Marine Corps in 1987 he didn’t wrestle again until 1991 with tours of duty keeping him away from the ring for long periods. This match is strange to see for a few reasons, most notably both men’s hair and HHH using the Indian Deathlock which is a move he pulls out very rarely since the start of his WWE days. A little curiosity here!

Invader #3  vs “Raging Bull”  Manny Fernandez
WWC Puerto Rico
May 11, 1988

It is well known still to this day some 16 years on, still incredibly disturbing, and still one of the “Is it a work or legit?” debates amongst the IWC. It is of course the match pitting Invader #3 vs. Manny Fernandez. In one of the most shocking moments in wrestling history, the sight of Invader #3 vomiting a huge amount of blood is horrific. The debate spews out all sorts of nonsense and wrong bits of information. The biggest one is the date and time of the match to link this match with the death of Bruiser Brody who was allegedly stabbed to death by Invader #1 before Brody’s match with Dan Spivey. This match took place 2 months before Brody’s murder.
How Invader #3 spewed blood is still debated although the general accepted explanation is he swallowed pig’s blood mixed with vodka and puked it up on cue having wrestled for five minutes prior. The ability to puke the blood on cue is impressive and very disturbing. The “fake blood in a condom” technique has been used before in the old days of wrestling (biting the condom to produce the fake blood from mouth) but there is too much blood here for that to be right. Invader #3 did come back four months later but never reached any high spot in WWC, Fernandez stayed with WWC until 1991 before finishing on the indie scene having experienced success teaming with Dusty Rhodes then Rick Rude to win the Mid-Atlantic version of the NWA Tag Team titles between 1984 and 1987. Watch if you dare, must have been alot of pig’s blood or maybe too much vodka…

WWE Event in Paris, France

October 7, 1988
WWE Womens Championship Match – Sherri Martel vs Rockin Robin
Personally I am a fan of women’s wrestling as there are still many fans who look down on that section of the business. This match is a personal joy to watch, as it pits Sherri Martel defending her Women’s Championship against Rockin Robin. Robin is the sister of Sam Houston and the half sister of Jake “The Snake” Roberts (all 3 were in WWE at the same time but their family links were never mentioned on screen at Robin’s request) and debuted in the WWE in late 1987. Sherri Martel wrestled for the AWA between 1985 and 1987 before debuting in WWE on July 24, 1987, defeating Fabulous Moolah (who initially trained Martel) to win the WWE Women’s Title. Martel held the title for fifteen months before this match in Paris. A really great match between two of the great female wrestlers from days gone by. A year long feud ended with this match with commentary from Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan.
And that does it from me for another week! Thank you for checking out number eight in the Scavenger Hunt series! Feel free to visit the other editions by clicking here and please leave any feedback! Until next time folks….Have a nice day!

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