Chris Adams

HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Send For The Barber!

Welcome everyone to episode 9 of the Scavenger Hunt with me, the guy on Twitter known as “HobosGhost” , as I “comb” through the world of the internet to find “hair raising” clips for you to perm-anently remember… as you may have picked up the awful references, I couldn’t help but notice all the hair in these five clips! Let’s get this party started!
WWE Heat
10th November 2002
Aaron Stevens vs Steven Richards

Kicking off this edition with Steven Richards taking on Aaron Stevens AKA Damien Sandow from 2002 in his WWE TV debut. Stevens wrestled a few matches on Heat against the likes of Maven, Raven, and Johnny Nitro in try-outs on Heat before being signed and assigned to Ohio Valley Wrestling where he remained between 2002-2006 before his debut on Smackdown as Idol Stevens. Trained by Killer Kowalski aged 16, Aaron Steven Haddad made his wrestling debut aged 19 starting out with Chaotic Wrestling. Here he is on WWE Heat! …. You’re Welcome!

WWE Velocity 21st January 2006
MNM vs Brad Taylor and Jon Moxley

Here’s a match from Velocity pitting the Tag Team Championships MNM (Nitro + Mercury) against Brad Taylor (video title is wrongly saying Dean Taylor) and a long haired blonde youngster named Jon Moxley (yes THAT Jon Moxley) the current chaotic fan favorite Dean Ambrose! Moxley started his career at Heartland Wrestling Association (a previous WWE developmental territory) in 2004. It was during his time in HWA that he got this chance alongside Brad Taylor (AKA Brad Attitude) who was a wrestler trained at CWF Mid-Atlantic who incidentally was signed by WWE and sent to FCW in October 2007. Ambrose would go on to appear for various indie promotions, particularly Insanity Pro, CZW and Dragon Gate USA amongst others before eventually signing with WWE in 2011.

Before the days of The Shield…Ambrose was rocking long blonde hair… enjoy!

1960s Wrestling
Killer Kowalski vs Ed Carpentier

Literally just found this while typing this edition up (yes I’m still hunting for stuff while typing) and I thought this was very interesting so it’s included! Here we have from the “Golden Age Of Wrestling” Killer Kowalski vs Ed Carpentier. Ed Carpentier was born in France to a Russian father and Polish mother. He was a member of the French Underground Resistance during German occupation during World War II, being rewarded with the Croix de Guerre and Croix du Combattant medals before moving to Canada in 1956. Edouard was one of the first wrestlers to jump off the top turnbuckle and use aerial maneuvers such as rope assisted headscissors. His controversial NWA title victory over Lou Thesz actually split the NWA as not all the territories recognized the title change, leading to the creation of the AWA with Eduoard being recognised as the first AWA Omaha’s version of the Heavyweight Championship. He fueded with Killer Kowalski in singles and tag matches and headlined Madison Square Garden with his tag partner Bobo Brazil. He was part of the French commentary team for WWE Superstars for a time until replaced by Raymond Rougeau in 1992.

Kowalski is in the WWE Hall Of Fame and had feuds with the likes of Bruno Sammartino and was the first man to pin Andre The Giant in North America in December 1972. After his career ended he started his wrestling school, some of his alumni include HHH, Chyna, Damien Sandow, Big John Studd, Tensai, Fandango and ECW’s John Kronus amongst others.

So let’s look back at the Golden Age of wrestling! Things sure were different back then!

USWA 25th May 1990 Barbed-Wire Match
“Gentleman” Chris Adams vs Steve Austin

I knew of the match but had never seen it until recently! Here we have Chris Adams versus a very green Steve Austin in not your typical kind of Barbed Wire match. First thing I noticed was Austin slides out of the ring three times as if he forgot the barbed wire is there! Chris Adams was an English wrestler who held a black belt in Judo. He started wrestling in the UK for the ITV World Of Sport programming with no real formal training, relying on his judo background to start with. He moved to Los Angeles in 1981 and became known for his judo kick (known now as a Superkick) as well as diving through the ropes and the enzuiguri. Having wrestled in WCCW and NWA winning titles along the way, Adams opened a wrestling school in Dallas and Steve Austin was one of his first pupils and feuded onscreen in various matches for the USWA.

Not your typical barbed wire match as I say as the threat of the wire was enough to get fans attracted to it, not like today’s bloodbath style.

The video is a bit grainy but the match is a good one, Steve Austin in a barbed wire match, it happened! And here it is!

And finally….

Portland Wrestling
1st March 1980

Hair vs Hair Match
Roddy Piper vs Luke Williams

During this time the Sheepherders Luke and Butch were feuding with Rick Martel and Roddy Piper over the tag team championships. This match during that feud between Piper and Luke, was a Hair vs Hair match! Buddy Rose is in the corner of the Sheepherders while Stan Stasiak is in Piper’s corner amongst others. The Sheepherders were predominantly a hardcore brawling tag team where the blood would run and chairs would swing, completely different to their comical Bushwhackers persona in WWE. Two months later the Sheepherders would turn face by coming to blows with Buddy Rose.

Roddy Piper would end up joining Georgia Championship Wrestling before being fired for turning up late. He went to Puerto Rico for a month after stopping by Mid-Atlantic a second time before joining Jim Crockett Promotions then joining WWE in 1984.

Luke Williams face after his hair is cut off is priceless!

And that ladies and gentlemen concludes episode 9 of the Scavenger Hunt! Thank you for stopping by! The previous 8 Scavenger Hunts are available to view by clicking here. Feel free to check them out plus all the other good things going on here on the Wrestling Chronicle! Feel free to RT, comment and share! Until next time wrestling fans!


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