HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – A Few More Moves of Doom

Hello everyone! It’s Time! It’s Time! It’s Scavenger Hunt Time!
 As this is number 10 of the weekly Scavenger Hunt with me, HobosGhost from Twitter! I thought I would include a bonus clip today so instead of five clips you will get six! I search across the internet for the fascinating, the bizarre and the curious clips from the world of wrestling!
Are You Ready?  Let’s get going!

27th November 2002
Briscoe Brothers vs Devine Storm

Kicking off this week’s edition with a match from 2002 between Jay and Mark Briscoe vs Johnny Devine and Quiet Storm from TNA in their NWA days. TNA when they started would do weekly Pay Per Views hiring talent from all over to perform. While hiring well known talent like Ken Shamrock, Sabu and Jerry Lynn to start with, they also gave less well known talent at the time airtime. In this match the commentators said Jay and Mark were twins when in fact Jay is 1 year older than Mark, making Jay 18 years old in this clip while Mark was 17. The Briscoe’s started wrestling for ECWA while still in high school in May 2000 and have gone on to be one of the best indie tag teams, wrestling for Ring Of Honor, CZW, PWG, NOAH in Japan among others. They did have a trial with WWE in 2009 but where allegedly deemed “not cosmetically pleasing” enough for WWE tv. Jay is currently the ROH Champion in his 2nd reign.

Quiet Storm currently wrestles for NOAH in Japan having been a regular for Osaka Pro Wrestling also in Japan while Johnny Devine went on to have two stints in TNA in various story lines involving Team Canada, being a member of Raven’s Serotonin stable and aligning with Team 3D after surviving a stabbing to the stomach in a bar in Nashville in 2004.

CWI Wrestling
17th November 2011
Brodie Lee (Luke Harper) vs Tatanka

Credit to the amateur camera person as he did a pretty good job at capturing this little oddity from the independent scene pitting Brodie Lee against the Native American Tatanka. Brodie Lee started his career in 2003 wrestling for the Rochester Pro Wrestling organization before eventually wrestling all over North America for such promotions as CHIKARA, ROH, 2CW, Evolve and Dragon Gate, before being signed by the WWE on March 12th 2012, making his FCW debut ( pre- NXT days) at a house show on May 18th. Lee made his TV debut on NXT TV on November 7th, being introduced as the “First Son” of Bray Wyatt before Erick Rowan also aligned with Wyatt.

Chris Chavis took on the character of Tatanka (a Lakota word meaning Bull Buffalo) and debuted on WWE Superstars in February 1992 defeating Pat Tanaka before going on an undefeated streak that lasted over a year. He was eventually defeated via pinfall in October 1993 on an episode of Superstars against Ludvig Borga. Tatanka had two stints in WWE and continues to wrestle on the independent scene doing regular tours in Europe especially. Maybe Brodie should have followed the Eagle rather than the Buzzard! Enjoy this little oddity!

WAR Promotion
17th July 1994
Chris Jericho, The Warlord and Vampiro vs Genichiru Tenryu, Atsushi Onita and Bam Bam Bigelow

What a random assemble of talent here from Japan in 1994! the WAR organization was set up by Genichiru Tenryu in 1992 and continued until 2000 when Tenryu returned permanently to AJPW. Most of the talent were either freelance or from other companies allowing the company to run many supercards. Here we have Chris Jericho teaming with Vampiro and The Warlord (a very odd assemble) against Tenryu, the hardcore wrestler Onita and Bam Bam Bigelow. Jericho and Vampiro both came over from CMLL while Warlord had left WWE in 1992. It was The Warlord who helped Jericho with food issues while on tour in Japan. Onita was the boss of FMW which was a hardcore promotion known for it’s deathmatches (usually involving Onita) while Bigelow was actually under contract with WWE and was likely allowed to appear as WAR helped promote the WWE’s tour of Japan in 1994 which unfortunately didn’t sell out any nights of the tour. Chris Jericho said he did legitimately knock out Onita briefly with the Lionsault after landing his knee on Onita’s face while Vampiro seems to screw up the ending by accident. Overall an interesting encounter!

14th March 2001
Prototype (John Cena) vs C W Anderson

This match appeared on the “Before They Were Famous” DVD and a documentary was made following the UPW with John Cena getting most of the focus. John Cena started wrestling in 1999 for UPW before signing a developmental deal with WWE in 2001 and being assigned to OVW for training. Here he takes on the former ECW wrestler C W Anderson from the UPW When Worlds Collide event. After the last ECW PPV in 2001 C W Anderson worked on the independent scene appearing for Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling, ROH as well as Pro-Wrestling Zero-One in Japan on several occasions. He was signed by WWE to be a part of the ECW relaunch but only appeared once on ECW TV losing to CM Punk before being released in 2007.

Who says John Cena only has five moves? Here he does quite a few including an interesting side slam variation as a finisher. John Cena in the early days!

And finally….

CWA (Memphis Wrestling)
25th June 1984
Rock N Roll Express vs Lanny Poffo and Randy Savage

Here we have a great tag team match from the CWA in the Memphis territory. The Poffo family had come to Memphis after Angelo Poffo’s International Championship Wrestling promotion had closed. Randy Savage had been suggested his name by Ole Anderson while working in Georgia Championship Wrestling. This match was a major talking point at the time as Ricky Morton took a piledriver through a table supposedly injuring him. The Poffo family are all here as Angelo stands outside watching his two sons wrestle. The WWE never acknowledged that Savage and Poffo (best known as the Genius in WWE) were brothers but they are acknowledged as brothers in Memphis here. Savage would feud with Lawler over the AWA Southern Heavyweight Championship and continued to feud (including briefly forming an alliance) until 1985 when Savage debuted in WWE. Lanny Poffo joined Savage in WWE at the same time but was a singles wrestler but didn’t achieve the success Savage achieved. The Rock N Roll Express still wrestle occasionally to this day and having been formed by Jerry Lawler in 1983 in Memphis, Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson went on to appear and have success in AWA, NWA, SMW, WCW, WWE and briefly in TNA. Ricky Morton won the NWA Jr Heavyweight Championship in January 2014 defeating Chase Owens before losing the title back to Owens one month later.

A classic match up and a great way to end this weeks Scavenger Hunt!
or is it?……Normally it would be but…..

As it’s the 10th episode of the Scavenger Hunt, as a thank you for checking these out each week I’m going to add a bonus clip this week!

It’s Cordell Walker vs Whitelaw Lundren!

As a British guy I hadn’t heard of this show but it was a nice little clip to see. Chuck Norris was the star in the TV series “Walker Texas Ranger” playing the lead character Cordell Walker who was a member of the Texas Ranger Division. The show ran over 8 seasons between September 25th 1993 to May 19th 2001. This clip is from the episode “Fight Or Die” from 1999 with guest appearances from UFC legend Frank Shamrock…and Randy Savage as Whitelaw Lundren. The sound effects make me chuckle! They reminded me of Street Fighter rather randomly!

So there you go folks! Number 10 complete! Thanks to you all who have a look each week, whether you are a regular or an occasional reader I appreciate it. I do this for fun, I hope you continue to check this segment out each week!

Until next time folks!

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