Night of Champions 2014 Review

Here is a recap and analysis of the 2014 Night of Champions event.

Night of Champions
Date: 9/21/2014
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Venue: Bridgestone Arena
Commentary: Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and JBL


The Usos (c) vs. Gold and Stardust – Tag Team Championship Match

I was looking forward to this match as I do most matches involving The Usos. Their strength is their ability to make the viewers at home and in the crowd pay attention. Their matches usually have a great flow of high paced action but also knowing when to slow things down and make moves count. When the Usos get rolling you are going to see tons of dives and well placed superkicks sure to bring the excitement.

Gold and Stardust are a bit of an enigma to say the least. Stardust the character is relatively new and fresh and the more aggressive nature of the duo is a great compliment. What I like about Stardust is his ability to be comical outside of the ring with his ramblings about the cosmic key and the blowing of little stars but in the ring it is almost as if he undergoes a transformation. His repertoire of moves in the ring are constantly changing which again keeps things fresh. Goldust in my opinion can be considered an “iron man” in the pro wrestling world. One of few superstars from the precious Attitude Era still active on the WWE roster. He is a veteran ring master who can be funny and entertaining when you need him to be, and he can be just as dark an ominous. Gold and Stardust may be hokey and goofy to some, but they know how to get the job done in the ring.

The Match: New Goldust face paint gets love from me. Creepier than the Darth Maul paint which adds to his heel attitude. The early stages of the match saw both teams matching each other move for move for the most part. Goldust gets the upper hand for his team when the action spills outside. Jimmy Uso (I’m pretty sure it’s Jimmy) tight ropes the barricade and leaps off to take out Goldust who ducks out of the way. With Goldust ducking, Stardust standing directly behind gets the damage. Jimmy switches his attention to Goldust. He runs in for the attack but Goldust takes the momentum and uses it for a vicious slam on the outside. This allows for Gold and Stardust to get the upper hand. Team Dust does a good job of keeping Jimmy Uso grounded in their corner. Jimmy tries to fight out but to no avail after a spinebuster from Goldust. Jimmy goes for a Samoan Drop but Stardust reverses it into a neckbreaker, something I’ve never seen done before but it only gets a two count.

Gold and Stardust ready to do battle. Photo source: Tumblr

Gold and Stardust using veteran tag team tactics by baiting Jey Uso in to distract the referee. Stardust runs to the corner shoulder first but Jimmy is able to move out of the way avoiding the damage. Unfortunately this was not enough to get the tag to his brother however Stardust gets the tag for his team. Goldust catches a kick from Jimmy who then tries to hit a spin kick which Goldust ducks but gets hit with another spin kick on the go around. At this point Jimmy desperately needs to make the tag to his brother Jey. He finally does and Jimmy comes in like he is on fire not allowing Stardust to get any offense. Jey starts targeting the knee in the corner much like what was done to him three weeks prior at the hands of Gold and Stardust. At the same time Jimmy comes flying in over the top rope crashing into Stardust. My favorite parts of Uso matches are much like what happens next. One of the Usos set Stardust up for a hip smash in the corner. As he is running in Goldust slides in the ring looking to stop Uso with a clothesline. Uso ducks the clothesline, still hits the face smash, and rebounds catching Goldust with a superkick. He switches his attention back to Stardust but Stardust counters his attack and hits Uso with a reverse DDT he calls “Dark Matter”. Uso kicks out at two and the crowd goes crazy. Interesting spot I have not seen in a while. To halt his opponent’s offense Stardust traps his opponent’s arms in the ropes. Stardust removes his black gloves and starts paint brush slapping Uso. Stardust runs off the ropes for an attack but Jimmy frees his brother from the ropes just in time. The daring attempt would be a sacrifice as Stardust knocks Jey off the apron. Jimmy tries to roll Stardust up for a surprise pin but only gets a two count. Stardust goes in for another attack but Jimmy low bridges the rope sending him outside the ring. Goldust hits a running senton off the apron to Jey meanwhile Jimmy flies over the top crashing into Stardust. There are bodies everywhere and if you blinked you surely missed something. (Editor’s Note: I asked my Twitter followers if they enjoy long or short recaps. All who replied said short, focused on key spots. With the Usos everything is a key spot which is why this section is so long.) One of the Usos rolls Stardust back into the ring. Uso goes for the big splash off the top but Stardust pulls his knees up just in time. This allows Stardust to roll Uso up with a schoolboy pin and Stardust gets the victory! We have new tag team champions!

Winners and NEW WWE Tag Team Champions: Gold and Stardust

Gold and Stardust celebrate as the new WWE Tag Team Champions. Source:

Post Match Thoughts: I really enjoyed this match. As I said above I’m rarely ever dissatisfied after watching the Usos. They’re fun, exciting, and know how to grab and keep the audience’s attention. That is the reason many of their matches get the most reactions from the crowd. Gold and Stardust are an excellent team which should be expected since they are brothers. They were aggressive in the ring and used some old school tag team tactics which I thought were excellent. Sad that the Usos first run as champs has to end but it was a solid run featured with a ton of must see matches. I would not skip this match if I were you.

After the match Byron Saxton is with Dolph Ziggler and his new sidekick R-Ziggler. Dolph says that after tonight The Miz, who looks at himself as a fancy movie star, will never work in this town again. To which R-Ziggler adds, “SHIZZOW…IZZOFF”.

Definitely separated at birth.

Sheamus (c) vs. Cesaro – United States Championship Match

It’s no secret who I am a fan of (Cesaro) and who I’m not too big on (Sheamus) however when you put both these men in a match together it would be hard to find a wrestling fan who would not enjoy this match. This match is for the throwback fan. The fan that loves to see two big guys beat the hell out of each other. Each man can dish out punishment and take punishment just the same. Last time Cesaro held the United States Championship he did so for 239 days, a feat almost unheard of in modern WWE. Sheamus is starting to grow on me. He has taken the idea that he is just a man who loves to beat people up and it has actually made him interesting, more so than he was before.

The Match: Another fantastic match from both these men that offered what their feud is good for with it’s smash mouth brawler style action yet it still offered something different most notably the amount of mat wrestling that took place for most of the beginning stages of the contest. The whole match each man was matching the other move for move. The flow was great as the slower parts of the match in the beginning actually built up an end that had the audience both live and at home on the edge of their seat. We saw Cesaro pull of amazing feats of by dead lifting Sheamus twice for devastating moves.

You have to give credit to Sheamus as well, he took everything Cesaro threw at him and gave it back to him just as bad. In the end after a vile straight boot to the face of Sheamus from Cesaro, Sheamus proves he has a jaw made of stone as he retaliates with a Brogue Kick to get the victory and retain his title. I wanted Cesaro to win but what was better and more important is both men had an excellent match.
Winner and still the United States Champion: Sheamus
Backstage Mark Henry is getting ready for his match. Big Show comes in and gives him some sweet new red, white, and blue gear complete with American flag and a matching scarf. Big Show says Henry needs to go out there and rip Rusev’s head off. Henry says he will “BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT I DO!”
Joining the commentary team is country music group Florida Georgia Line. They make the announcement that they will be apart of WWE’s Tribute to the Troops event in December. Not much of a country music fan but hey, Tribute to the Troops is good stuff.

Dolph Ziggler (c) (w/ R-Ziggler) vs. The Miz (w/ Damien Mizdow) – Intercontinental Championship Match

This was the only header image I could find for the match. R-Ziggler is creeping me out man.

Much like Sheamus it is no secret that I am not a fan of The Miz. Sure he’s been around for a while more than enough to prove he belongs on the main roster, I just can’t put a finger on what it is that makes me want to do anything except watch one of his matches. The only bright spot with The Miz is this new “A List celebrity” gimmick and that he has Damien Sandow now known as Damien Mizdow in his corner to mime everything The Miz does. I mean everything. If Miz points, Damien points. When Miz raises his hand in victory so does Damien. The absolute absurdity of having Damien do these things is what makes it entertaining. He truly mimics every move Miz makes. Character commitment people.

Just bringing up the name Dolph Ziggler is enough to spark any sort of debate amongst wrestling fans. We all agree Dolph is talented, has the look and charisma of a main eventer, and the desire to be the number one guy in the company. Many speculate he has had an up and down career which is partly his own fault. Dolph’s offense is very fast paced and hard hitting if you are not expecting it. His defense is equally as good from a wrestling psychology perspective as he is able to make his opponent look like he is inflicting major damage. It is rumored that Dolph’s in ring style is looked at as a bit reckless to WWE officials as Dolph has had his fair share of concussions. Another claim on the rumor mill is Dolph’s inability or unwillingness to slow down and slow the pace down to make certain moves count. Whatever the case both Dolph and The Miz have great chemistry in the ring so I’m sure this is a great match.

The Match: Both men lock up with each offensive attack being ducked or met with a counter strike. Dolph gets the upper hand and hits Miz with rapid fire elbows which have now been deemed the reason Jerry Lawler had a heart attack. Miz switches the pace after a huge boot to the face. Miz keeps Dolph grounded in the center of the ring. They both get to their feet but Dolph catches a knee to the gut. Miz starts to get cocky dancing around the ring like a boxer. He goes for the attack in the corner but Dolph hits Miz with a clothesline. When both men get to their feet Dolph quickens the pace coming off the ropes with clotheslines, a splash in the corner, and a neckbreaker off the rebound. He attempts the Fameasser but Miz catches Dolph and Dolph switches it into a sunset flip. After an unsuccessful pin attempt the action spills outside. Dolph rolls Miz back inside when Miz-dow interferes knocking Dolph off the apron. R-Ziggler looks to come to Dolph’s aide but Miz-dow drops him then begins talking trash to Florida Georgia Line sitting at the commentary desk. The duo take exception to Miz-dow’s words and drop him. Miz is in the ring looking on with confusion but turns right around into a superkick. Dolph goes for another Fameasser but Miz blocks it and attempts a Skull Crushing Finale to which Dolph rolls out of. Dolph goes for a dropkick but Miz catches him and locks in a Figure Four leg lock. He fights out of it and catches Miz on the rebound with a Fameasser. He only gets a two count! While both men are making it back to their feet Miz-dow comes running down the ramp and hops up on the apron. Dolph is right there waiting and hits Damien with a beautiful superkick. Unfortunately Miz takes advantage of the distraction and rolls Dolph up while grabbing and handful of Dolph tights. Referee doesn’t see and counts to three and we have a new Intercontinental Champion.

Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion The Miz

Post Match Thoughts: Solid match from these two. I’m one of many who would have rather seen Dolph win but essentially that is what WWE wants. Miz is the heel and him winning the match  by cheating only infuriates fans who in turn can not wait to see The Miz lose to Ziggler or someone else.

After the match we get a recap of the weekend’s event most notably Roman Reigns being rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery to remove an incarcerated hernia. The procedure obviously prevented Roman from competing at Night of Champions and could see him out of action for at least 6-8 weeks. Roman said he was relaxing when he felt a strong pain below his belly button. The pain got so bad he had no choice but to be rushed to the hospital. If a man as big and as strong as Roman Reigns succumbs to the pain, you know it’s bad. Get well soon Roman.

Seth Rollins comes down to the ring with his Money in the Bank briefcase in tow. Rollins tries to pull the chump card on Roman. He makes the referee count to ten to signify a forfeit in the record books. Seth goes on to offer an open challenge to anyone in the back. The big screen shows a taxi pulling up to the arena and out comes “the Lunatic Fringe” himself Dean Ambrose!

Rollins be like: “FUUUUDGE WHY DID I DO THAT.” Source:

Ambrose makes his way down to the ring to a thunderous reception but he wastes little time getting his hands on Rollins. The two men brawl everywhere. And I mean everywhere. It got to the point where security, The Authority, and WWE Officials had to come down to the ring to separate the men. That didn’t work out like they planned!

Poor Jamie Noble. Source:

Finally order is restored but it is safe to say we didn’t see the last of the blows when it comes to these two. I’m hoping for a Hell in a Cell match between these two at next month’s PPV. It is the only feasible way to keep them in the ring.

Mark Henry vs. Rusev

Rusev has definitely grown on me. I like the idea of Mark Henry and Rusev feuding with each other and the whole USA vs. Russia thing is great…except they just did it with Jack Swagger who’s entire gimmick is centered around Swagger being “a real American”. So Swagger can’t defeat Rusev so you essentially do the same exact thing just with Mark Henry? I’m not catching on.

The Match: If you thought Cesaro and Sheamus were two dudes who beat the hell out of each other then you’ll love this one. No technical mat wrestling here, just both men throwing haymakers. Rusev however struggles to get the upper hand retreating twice to the outside. The second time he was able to drive Henry into the steel steps. Rusev rolls Henry back in the ring and hits Henry with two splashes in the corner. Rusev keeps Henry grounded in the middle of the ring. Both men get to their feet and the offense switches to Henry. He tries to lift Rusev but there was too much damage done to the back of Henry and he can’t lift him. Rusev comes running off the ropes and hits Henry with a great spin kick. He sets up for “The Accolade” but Henry won’t let him lock it in. Rusev gives him a bit of a breather which gives him enough time to hit Rusev with the “World’s Strongest Slam”. Rusev intelligently rolls to the outside not giving Henry and chance to go for the cover. Henry tries to bring Rusev back in the ring but when Rusev gets to his feet he hits Henry with a vicious jumping side kick. Rusev re-enters the ring and waits for the wobbly Henry to get back to his feet. He runs off the ropes and hits Henry with another kick. He locks in The Accolade this time all the way and Henry taps.

Winner: Rusev

Post Match Thoughts: Really surprised Rusev got the victory. Not mad just very surprised. Good match nonetheless. You have to wonder if there is another Olympic Gold Medalist and now a free agent waiting to defend Old Glory…

Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton

This is apparently the last time we will be seeing Jericho in the ring as he is taking his usual sabbatical to work on his other projects outside of wrestling. No serious buildup for the match, I’m guessing this is just giving both men something to do.

The Match: The beginning sees both men feeling each other out. The action spills outside and when both men re-enter the ring Orton has the upper hand but only for a short time. Jericho goes to the top but Orton trips him putting him in a seated position at the top rope. Orton hits Jericho with a super-plex that had to hurt Orton as much as it hurt Jericho. He has Jericho grounded in the middle of the ring. Jericho fights free and goes to land a corner splash but Orton moves out of the way at the last second and Jericho’s momentum sends him flying over the turnbuckle. Orton rolls Jericho back in the ring just to send him right back outside. Orton kindly removes JBL’s hat from the announcer’s table and sends Jericho back first into the top of the table. As the action gets back into the ring both men are on their feet with Orton on offense. He telegraphs a move which gives Jericho time to get the upper hand. Things seem to be going Jericho’s way until Jericho gets hit with a great spinning powerslam from Orton. This isn’t enough to keep Jericho off his feet. He hits Orton with a running bulldog but before he could hit a Lionsault, Orton is back on his feet and catches Jericho with a backbreaker. Orton looks to land an RKO but Jericho blocks it and hits a Lionsault but only for a two count. Jericho kicks Orton in the gut which sends him to the apron. Jericho attempts his springboard dropkick but Orton ducked back into the ring. With Orton in the ring he traps Jericho between the ropes for a guillotine DDT. Jericho gets his feet in just in time and sweeps Orton’s legs out from under him and attempts to put Orton in the Walls of Jericho but Orton’s leg strength allows him to fight out. Jericho runs in for an attack but Orton sidesteps him sending him shoulder first into the corner post. With Jericho laying lifeless in the corner Orton transforms and goes into a dark place, a place where his punts people’s head off. Jericho ducks with just a split second away from impact and rolls Orton up for only a two count. Before Orton gets time to breathe Jericho has the Walls of Jericho locked in. Orton is just fingertips away from the bottom rope but Jericho pulls him back to the center. Orton rolls under to break to pressure and pounds away on Jericho’s skull. Using his leg strength again Orton sends Jericho to the outside but Jericho lands on his feet. He goes to get back in the ring but a waiting Orton is there and hits Jericho with a vintage guillotine DDT. Orton takes a considerable amount of time posing and setting up the RKO. Before Orton can strike Jericho catches Orton with a Codebreaker but it only gets a two count! Jericho climbs to the rope and yells for Orton to get up. When a shaky Orton gets to his feet Jericho takes a leap off the top. With Jericho coming down, arms spread like an eagle, Randy Orton hits Jericho with an RKO! Orton rolls Jericho up, the referee counts to three and this one is over folks.

*singing* I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the…NOPE. Source:

Winner: Randy Orton

Post Match Thoughts: Decent match between both men. Jericho continues to prove that age is a non factor if you know when to give your body some time off from the ring but continue to keep yourself in top shape. There are times when I’m a fan of Randy Orton and then there are times when I am not. Right now I’m a fan. There’s elements of the strange and sadistic Orton that I enjoy and his ring work is solid. Even though the direction WWE is going with Orton is questionable, he isn’t being forced into the main event scene. Like him or not Randy Orton is the anchor of WWE.

Paige (c) vs. AJ Lee vs. Nikki Bella – Divas Championship Match

This whole deal has been strange. The whole “frienemy” thing doesn’t work. People want to root for someone and root against someone at the same time. Yes if WWE made more of an attempt to push the friend aspect of this feud rather than accentuate the grey area tension between the two, it could be more interesting.

Nikki Bella is well, Nikki Bella. She is the pawn that makes WWE believe that Total Divas is a vital aspect to their in ring product. I’m not telling WWE how to do business but the people who tune in to Total Divas will watch no matter what is happening in the WWE ring. Wrestling fans however really just don’t care for it. They don’t. That is why other than Brie vs. Stephanie at SummerSlam no one really cares for the Divas and your Bella segments fall flat every single time.

The Match: Paige starts the match talking trash to Nikki Bella. Both Paige and Nikki switch their attention to AJ who quickly disposes of Paige to the outside. AJ executes a beautiful flying head-scissor take down, gets up on her feet and rolls Nikki for a unsuccessful pin attempt. AJ hits Nikki with a side kick to the gut then runs off the ropes where Nikki catches her in a sleeper hold. Nikki begins to swing her like a rag doll around the ring. AJ escapes using a jawbreaker maneuver then rolls out of the ring for a breather. Paige re-enters the fold and runs in but catches an elbow then a jumping side kick from Nikki but only gets a two count.Nikki rolls the arm of Paige and locks in a pretty nice cross-armbreaker. Paige fights free and goes running off the ropes. AJ pulls Paige from the outside where she drives both Nikki and Paige into the barricade. AJ rolls Paige into the ring and Paige asks AJ to kiss her boo boo. The gesture doesn’t work to Paige’s advantage as AJ begins the attack. AJ catches Paige with a picture perfect spin kick. AJ allows Paige a quick breather and Paige takes advantage kicking AJ in the gut. AJ rolls to the outside apron and when Paige comes running in AJ catches her with a kick to the side of the temple. AJ climbs to the top but Nikki Bella knocks her down. She gets in the ring and pins AJ for a two count. She mounts AJ and begins pounding her skull into the mat. Paige comes back in and launches Nikki to the outside where she hung on for a moment but gets kicked off the apron. Paige picks up the limp body of AJ and begins to hug and caress her. AJ comes to and pushes her off. Paige doesn’t take to kindly and kicks AJ in the gut. She mounts AJ and begins dropping some vicious headbutts. Paige laying in some heavy shots on AJ. Nikki comes in and knocks Paige off the ring apron. AJ rolls Nikki up for a two count. Nikki counters an AJ attack with a facebuster to the knee that only grants her a two count. Nikki showing off some serious wrestling during the match. AJ tries to mount some offense but she gets caught by Nikki coming off the top rope. Looks like Nikki attempts some sort of slide slam but AJ holds on to lock in the Black Widow submission. Before Nikki could submit Paige runs in and kicks AJ on the side of her head. Paige kicks Nikki and goes for a pin but only gets a two count. She goes to pin AJ but gets the same result. Paige picks AJ up and places her on the top turnbuckle and begins to pound on her back. Paige looks to be locking in for a super-plex but just before she can pull it off Nikki comes in and powerbombs Paige who super-plexes AJ. Great spot as all three ladies are sprawled out in the ring. AJ rolls out of the ring while Nikki puts Paige in a torture rack into a back breaker. Nikki goes for the pin but AJ breaks it up. Nikki takes exception to AJ breaking up the pin and begins attacking AJ on the apron. AJ yanks Nikki down sending her crashing into the mat. AJ rolls back in the ring and locks in the Black Widow on Paige. Paige almost fights out but AJ locks it in tighter and Paige has no choice but to tap. AJ is your new Divas Champion!

Winner and NEW Divas Champion: AJ Lee

Post Match Thoughts: I ended up enjoying this match a lot more than I thought I would. There was a ton of pin break ups which add to the chaotic nature of a triple threat match and the ladies were not afraid to go all out. Nikki Bella certainly surprised the heck out of me pulling off some impressive wrestling. I myself wouldn’t have taken the title off Paige as her wrestling abilities far surpass any Diva on the main roster. However Paige seems to be falling into the same scripted nature of the in ring main roster product. Paige was literally kick, kick, kick, strike, kick, kick kick. Paige can wrestle and wrestle well. In this new age of female empowerment wouldn’t you want to show that the women are as good as the men?
Brock Lesnar (c) vs. John Cena – WWE World Heavyweight Championship

I’ll be honest I’m not looking forward to this match. The beating John Cena suffered at SummerSlam was so bad I don’t even know if now would have been a good time have Cena come back. But then again who steps in at least for the months Cena is gone? John Cena is the ultimate catch 22. As a wrestling fan I don’t care for him anymore. I respect him and the career he has made for himself and realize that no one works harder than Cena for the WWE. With all that said we have been watching the same exact John Cena for over ten years and NOTHING has changed. The same moves, the same promos, the same hit or miss cheesy humor, everything is the same. It is so driven into the ground that the only time things change in the eyes of the fans is when Cena has a new shirt. Is Cena valuable to the product? Yes. But how does WWE know or see the other valuables when they’re too busy milking the cash cow? Again, I respect Cena, I’m just really really really bored with him being the end all be all in the WWE.

Crazy how the mundane of John Cena takes the focus away from Brock Lesnar being a part time champion. I like most am not a fan of the part time based superstar much less a champion however with Lesnar it works. Lesnar doesn’t have to speak to be a spectacle. He could be gone for two months and when that music hits an electricity sweeps through the audience. Viewers are not afraid of his devastation, they are in awe. That is a champion.

The Match: Right off the jump this match is completely different than the SummerSlam bout. Lesnar tries to go for the same blitzkrieg offense but Cena stands strong. Lesnar looks to rev up the suplex machine but Cena won’t let him. Cena actually gets some offense going and drops Brock with an AA. It only warrants a one count but the crowd is electric. A shocked Cena looks to get back on offense but gets caught in a Kimora Lock, he gets to the ropes. The down time allows Brock to breathe and get the upper hand. HERE COME THE SUPLEXES. But Cena fights back only for a short while. Lesnar is a predator. He stalks Cena and locks in another Kimora, Cena gets to the ropes. Cena gets to his feet and fights with a flurry of strikes but coming off the ropes Lesnar ducks under a clothesline and drops Cena with suplex number two. Lesnar still in predator mode drops Cena with three vertical suplexes in succession. It wasn’t a proper pin so the official can’t count which makes Lesnar irate. Few strikes from Cena get squashed again. Every single time Cena gets a burst of offense it goes nowhere. Interesting work from Lesnar. SummerSlam was all about focusing on the head and neck of Cena. Tonight it seems as if Lesnar is focusing more on the arm, looking to rip it from the socket. Lesnar with an absolutely vile belly to back suplex. This man is literally giving Cena fifteen second breathers and smashes him again. Cena catches Lesnar running in with an elbow to the face. Cena with another flurry of strikes that backs Lesnar into the ropes. Cena wisely looks to drop Lesnar with a second AA but Lesnar switches position and drops Cena with a third German suplex. Lesnar picks Cena up and drives him to the opposite corner. This time giving Cena so much time to breathe in between clubbings bites Lesnar back as Cena hits Lesnar with an adrenaline filled AA. He goes for the pin but only gets a two count. Lesnar gets to his feet and looks to drop Cena with an F-5 but Cena fights out and puts Lesnar in an STF. Lesnar shows off his MMA skills by escaping and putting Cena in another Kimora and this one is locked in good. Cena musters up all of his strength to lift Lesnar and drive him into the corner with the Kimora still locked on. He drives him in for a second time finally breaking the hold. Within a split second John Cena hoists Lesnar up for a third AA. Instead of going for a pin Cena rolls Lesnar over and locks in the STF again. Lesnar almost gets to the ropes but Cena pulls him to the center. Lesnar gets to the ropes again this time actually making it but Cena breaks the hold only to drag him back to the center again! Realizing Lesnar won’t quit Cena hoists Lesnar up again for an unprecedented fourth AA! One…Two…SETH ROLLINS COMES RUNNING IN AND SMASHES CENA IN THE BACK WITH THE MONEY IN THE BANK BRIEFCASE! The referee signals for the bell and the match is over via DQ.

Winner via disqualification: John Cena

Since the title cannot change hands via a disqualification Brock Lesnar is still champion.

Rollins cracks Cena in the head with the briefcase sending him to the outside. Rollins realizes now would be a great time to cash in and become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He hits Brock Lesnar with a curbstomp before informing the official he would like to cash in his Money in the Bank Contract right now! Rollins climbs up on the apron before the bell rings to make sure Brock stays down. It looks as though he was attempting a springboard curbstomp but before he could launch himself Cena blocks him. Cena drags him down and both men begin to brawl. Rollins escapes Cena’s attacks and hightails it out of the arena. Remember the bell never rang so the match and cash in were never official. A dejected Cena watches Rollins escape knowing he cost him a world title victory. As soon as Cena turns Lesnar is there and hits Cena with a thunderous F-5! The show closes with Cena realizing his chance at redemption was spoiled.

Match Thoughts: Much of the same here as it was at SummerSlam just with not as many suplexes and F-5’s. I guessed Rollins would’ve made his presence known and figured if he did there was a good chance he would be walking away as champ. I was half right and glad for it as his attempt made some good talking points. Was Lesnar about to tap? Could he have been pinned by Rollins? Is a third rematch in place?


Overall Thoughts: This show was a lot better than I thought it would be. The buildup for this particular event was probably one of the worst buildups in quite some time. It was so bad I haven’t covered Raw in three weeks. Glad to see they delivered somewhat of a decent PPV. It wasn’t the best show and nothing really sticks out, I’m just happy it was better than I thought it would be.

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