HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Enter Muta!

As unpredictable as JBL making a reference to The Great Kabuki on this weeks WWE Raw, It’s time again for the Scavenger Hunt with me HobosGhost from Twitter! Every week I compile 5 clips from the wrestling world for you to check out for your viewing pleasure!
Are You Ready? Let’s begin!

WWE Heat
17th November 2003 (Broadcast 23rd November 2003)
Maven vs Masada

Kicking things off with a real curiosity here as from 2003 Maven goes one on one with….deathmatch specialist Masada?!? It’s true! Masada is best known for his death matches both in USA and Japan for companies such as CZW and BJW. It’s the second time on the Scavenger Hunt that Masada has made the list (previously in episode 11). Around this time Masada had made a couple of appearances for ROH and TNA but was working mostly for NWA Wildside, a company where many TNA talents were picked up from (Abyss, Eric Young, Hernandez to name a few). Masada worked a dark match the following night on WWE Velocity but never signed. Two years after this match Masada started picking up tour bookings for BJW in Japan where he started doing variations of death matches which he is now infamous for (his battles with the crazy Jun Kasai are NOT for the squeamish).

Maven was the co-winner of the first WWE Tough Enough (along with Nidia) in 2001 and was sent to Heartland Wrestling Association for training. Maven started on the main roster that same year on Smackdown on October 4th with a brief feud with Tazz. Maven caused a big upset at the 2002 Royal Rumble by dropkicking Undertaker over the top rope and eliminating him (at the cost of a beatdown afterwards). Maven would go on to defeat the Undertaker for the WWE Hardcore Championship thanks to assistance from The Rock and Al Snow. Other than a push in 2004 where he found himself siding with Randy Orton, Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho against Triple H, Batista, Snitsky and Edge at Survivor Series 2004, Maven’s WWE run slowly faded out until he was released in 2005.

WWC Puerto Rico
Steve Blackman vs Abdullah The Butcher

Apologies for lack of date or full match (ending is missing) but I thought I would include this anyway. I always find WWC info hard to come by. Here we have Abdullah The Butcher taking on Steve Blackman… yes the “Lethal Weapon” Steve Blackman from back in 1987! Steve Blackman started his wrestling career with 1986 training in Connecticut. After this stop in WWC Blackman actually went on a month long tour in January 1988 with NJPW before joining Stu Hart’s Stampede Wrestling. Before joining Stampede he made one appearance for WWE on their Superstars show, teaming with Brady Boone and Outback Jack in a losing effort to The Islanders Haku, Tama and High Chief Afi. Steve Blackman was close to signing a contract with WWE when he was struck down with Malaria and Dysentery which left him close to death and practically bed ridden for two years. After losing a lot of muscle mass following his recovery, Blackman spent four years in physical therapy and started martial arts training. After contacting his friends Owen Hart and Brian Pillman about a trial with WWE, Steve Blackman made his second debut in WWE in 1997 by jumping the guard rail to save Vader from an attack by the Hart Foundation.

Steve Blackman stayed with WWE until October 2002 when his contract expired. During that time he is recognized as one of the best WWE Hardcore Champions and formed a tag team with Al Snow called “Head Cheese” amongst other storylines. Enjoy this clip of Steve Blackman before he battled and defeated malaria!

USWA Texas
3rd October 1989
The Punisher vs Steve Williams

In an earlier Scavenger Hunt I posted The Undertaker in his Master Of Pain persona in CWA. In this match for USWA (formed after WCCW and CWA merged under the ownership of Jerry Jarrett) Mark Calaway is performing as The Punisher in the Texas branch of USWA (where WCCW was based before the merger). A masked wrestler under the managerial guidance of the heelish Skandor Akbar, Calaway would go on to win the WCWA Texas Heavyweight Championship after Eric Embry forfeited the title. Before that though here he is taking on Steve Williams who was fresh out of Chris Adams’ training school. A fresh faced blonde haired rookie who would go to battle Mark Calaway many times in the WWE and headlining PPV’s as Steve Austin and The Undertaker. Back in 1989 both were rookies making their way in the business. Both would make a stop in WCW where neither were rated highly enough to be main eventers before both ended up in the WWE where Austin is a Hall Of Famer and The Undertaker will soon follow the same footsteps. The early days of the Steve Austin – Undertaker feud!

WWE Superstars
25th February 1989
Andre The Giant vs Tito Santana and Jim Powers

Here we have a more unusual handicapped match as it’s normally a face vs two heels, but here we have a heel vs two faces! Andre The Giant was in a feud with Jake Roberts with Jake playing mind games over Andre’s fear of snakes (resulting in Andre eliminating himself at the 1989 Royal Rumble when Jake threw Damien the snake in the ring). Their feud culminated at Wrestlemania V. Jake plays mind games at the end of this match.

Having made his WWE debut in 1979, Tito Santana was a two time former Tag Team Champion and a two time former Intercontinental Champion. He has the wrestling fact of not only being in the first match at Wrestlemania but also being in the first nine Wrestlemania events (Hulk Hogan is the only other) although officially only recognized for the first eight as at Wrestlemania IX he appeared in the dark match vs Papa Shango. At this time Rick Martel was returning from a storyline injury but would go on as his Strike Force tag partner at WM V in their match against The Brain Busters.

Jim Powers was mainly an enhancement talent although appeared on some PPV’s and special shows with Paul Roma as the Young Stallions.

This match is the kind of match WWE booked in late 80’s and early 90’s where a regular talent of the time would team with an enhancement/younger talent (Koko B.Ware and Virgil were two other talents booked in similar fashion). I guess it gives the opponents victory a bit more meaning than squashing two enhancement talent! But as this is Andre The Giant it didn’t matter anyway! The first WWE Hall of Fame inductee shows his dominance despite his health problems.

And Finally…….

Hustle Aid 2007
17th June 2007
Tajiri + Yinling vs RG + Great Muta

Remember the time Great Muta appeared out of a genie lamp and ended up impregnating Yinling by spewing his green mist at her lady parts? Of course you do! If you don’t…then welcome to the wacky world of Hustle!

Hustle was a Japanese organization that ran shows between 2004-2010 with such strange characters like Yinling who was the “Erotic Terrorist”, Steve Corino as “Monster C” and both HG and RG who were homosexual characters (also known as “Hard Gay Razor Ramon” and “Razor Ramon Real Gay”). Then there was this storyline. After the genie lamp had before produced Abdullah The Butcher, this time RG stole the lamp in the hope Great Muta would appear for the tag match against Tajiri and Yinling. Of course he did appear in dramatic fashion (Muta looks AWESOME in this costume design) and Muta ends up spraying the green mist at Yinling. The story line went on to reveal Yinling wqas pregnant and gave birth to a 500lb egg which in turn produced the Great Bono who was in fact Akebono in his Hustle debut. Yinling, Muta and Bono did team a couple of times as a family before Muta departed for good and Bono turned on his “mother”. In Yinling’s final match she faced her “son” and lost via the big splash which (strictly in storyline, not real life) Bono accidentally crushed his mum to death. Thankfully in real life it was Yinling’s retirement match and she is still alive and a mother in real life now.

For a company that was as barmy as Chikara can be, a six year run wasn’t bad going! With wrestlers such as Tyson Tomko, Rene Dupree, Abdullah The Butcher, Steve Corino, Tiger Jeet Singh, Jushin Liger and Genichiro Tenryu all turning out for the company (and seemingly having fun doing so), it’s stuff like this that makes me like wrestling!

So there you have it folks! Number 13 in the bag! Thanks to all the folks who have these videos lying about to upload on the internet and to you the readers for checking it out! I enjoy doing these Scavenger Hunts, I hope you like what you see! You can check out previous Hunts here and follow me on twitter here!

Until next week, so long grapple fans!


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