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HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Ladies Fight Night

Hello wrestling fans, it’s time once again for the Scavenger Hunt with me, Simon “HobosGhost” Knowles! This week’s Hunt is a compilation of five clips involving the various women’s wrestling stars that have graced the indie scene and the big leagues.

No cat fights here, just proper wrestling!

Let’s begin!

WWE Sunday Night Heat
26th May 2006
Victoria vs Cheerleader Melissa

Back on a previous Scavenger Hunt there was a match between Victoria and indie star Mercedes Martinez, well kicking off this week’s episode it’s Victoria vs. Cheerleader Melissa! Cheerleader Melissa is the current Shimmer Champion (her second run with the title). She has held the title for a year and a half after defeating Saraya Knight for the title in a steel cage match at the Volume 53 Internet Pay-Per-View on April 6th 2013. Melissa wrestled in TNA between 2008-2010 as a mysterious member of Awesome Kong’s entourage named Raisha Saeed, wearing a niqab ( a Muslim veil) and being billed from Syria. After that gimmick ended she wrestled as “Future Legend” Alissa Flash before asking for her release on January 21, 2010. She has made two One Night Only appearances since for TNA in 2011 and 2013.
Cheerleader Melissa made an appearance for TNA’s Ring Ka King organization in India in 2011 and wrestled in what was billed as the first ever women’s match in Taiwan when she appeared for AJPW where she wrestled Makoto. She has been over in Japan wrestling for World Wonder Ring Stardom this year and was appointed the President of Stardom’s newly created American branch. She is in charge of booking foreign talent for future Stardom shows going forward. Highly respected, here’s Melissa’s appearance in the WWE!

GCW W.I.L.D Tournament
19th November 2006
Finals for newly created GCW WILD Championship
Nattie Neidhart vs Sirelda

GCW is the Great Canadian Wrestling promotion based in Oshawa, Ontario. Here we have from the one night tournament show the finals to crown the first GCW WILD champion. WWE’s Natalya facing fellow Canadian, the rather tall and strong Sirelda. Sirelda debuted for Border City Wrestling in 2004 having started her wrestling training in 2002. Sirelda had won the female part of TNA’S Gut Check in 2004 and wrestled on 3 TNA Pay-Per-Views in 2006 while also appearing in a fourth PPV, interfering in a tag team match for the NWA Tag Team Championships. In this tournament she defeated Cherry Bomb in the semi-final while Nattie defeated Aurora in the other semi-final.
Nattie would be 2 months away from being signed by WWE at this point, officially signing a deal with WWE on 5th January 2007 and wrestling her last match on the indie scene on 26 January 2007 for Stampede Wrestling, defeating Veronika Vice. What I find intriguing about the match is the end move, a strange thing to see given the Hart family history and Nattie still using the move today! You can see for yourself, Natalya vs Sirelda in Canada!

Pro Wrestling EVE
14th July 2012
The Owen Twins vs The Blossom Twins

Billed as the first time ever in British and European wrestling (can’t imagine many tag teams like these), two sets of twins do battle as Northern Ireland’s Kasey and Leah Owens do battle with Hannah and Holly Blossom. Kasey and Leah Owens (real names Kelly and Leigh Robinson) were born on 26th June 1989 and are based in Scotland. They are currently participating in TNA’s British Boot Camp 2 and wrestle all round the UK. Kasey Owens spent three months training with Ice Ribbon in Japan in 2013 while Leah joined her at Ice Ribbon right near the end. Leah Owens is a singles champion as she is currently the Women’s Champion for Spanish company RCW, last defending in a triple threat match on October 2nd vs Audrey Bride and Hikaru Shida. They have even wrestled against each other on numerous occasions!
The Blossom Twins were born on 18th February 1988. They took part in the first TNA British Boot Camp and were assigned after the contest to OVW who were TNA’s feeder company for a period of time. Hannah Blossom won the OVW Women’s Championship on 7th October 2009 in her debut match and won it two more times (the last in a fatal four way ladder match). On January 7th 2014 both Hannah and Holly announced they were taking a break from wrestling and having their TNA contract terminated as a result.
Twins vs Twins, welcome to British wrestling!

1st March 2008
Gail Kim vs Candice LeRae

While these two did wrestle each other on TNA Turning Point in 2013, here’s Gail Kim vs Candice LeRae from Big Time Wrestling in 2008. Gail Kim is regarded as one of the best womens wrestlers around today. She is a one time WWE Women’s Champion, winning a seven woman Battle Royal in her debut TV match on 30th June 2003. She had two separate runs in the WWE, between 2002-2004 and 2008-2011 (where in her last appearance she eliminated herself within the first minute of a Battle Royal then announced she quit via Twitter soon afterwards). She is a four time TNA Knockouts Champion and a one time TNA Knockouts Tag Champion with Madison Rayne.
Candice LeRae is a popular indie wrestler who gains more and more support on social media. Candice was born in Winnipeg, Canada on September 29th 1985. Since making her wrestling debut in 2002, Candice has appeared for Chikara, BTW, NWA, ROH and PWG where she is currently one half of the PWG Tag Champs with her “World’s Cutest Tag Team” tag partner Joey Ryan. They defeated The Young Bucks in a Guerilla Warfare rules match in which Candice was bloodied in a match involving thumbtacks on 27th July 2014. Candice has since defeated Ivelisse Velez to win the FWE Women’s Championship on 4th October 2014.

Two great talents collide!

And Finally……

10th October 2008
Jana vs Miss April (AJ Lee)

After being trained by Jay Lethal and debuting in wrestling in 2007, here we have in the opening match of the Women Superstars Uncensored event “Push It To The Limit”. This is the debut of AJ Lee as Miss April for the company! With Gorgeous George of WCW fame in her corner, AJ shows off her developing skills against Jana who is a former WSU Champion and WSU Tag Champion. During her seven months in WSU, AJ would go on to win the WSU Tag Team Championship with Brooke Carter and also the WSU/NWS King and Queen Of The Ring tournament with Jay Lethal. AJ vacated her half of the WSU Tag Championship after signing with WWE in May 2009. AJ Lee in the early pre-WWE days!

And that is the end of this week’s women’s wrestling themed episode of the Scavenger Hunt! I hope you’ve enjoyed it! A random collection of some of the great female talent in the wrestling world! Thanks to all of you who have been checking these episodes out, feel free to share but most of all I hope you enjoy! Check out the other Hunts here.

Until next time grapple fans!


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